Billy Ray

Billy Ray is a Hollywood screenwriter that was hired to write the first draft of the 24 movie script in early 2010.

Jack Bauer with Gun

24 Movie Delayed – Not Happening This Year

Disappointing news today, but not entirely surprising – the 24 movie is not happening anytime soon. EXCLUSIVE: I’m hearing that fans of the Fox series 24 are going to have to continue waiting for the long-awaited 24 feature film. 20th Century Fox isn’t going forward with the film this year. It hadn’t been greenlit, but… View Article

Billy Ray

Billy Ray still writing the 24 movie?

Deadline reports that screenwriter Billy Ray is still penning the script to the 24 movie. Last we heard roughly ten months ago, his initial script was turned down by the studio. Ray is scripting the revisionist Peter Pan pic Pan for Channing Tatum and Joe Roth, adapted A Captain’s Duty with Paul Greengrass directing Tom… View Article

Howard Gordon at the TCA 2009

Howard Gordon on the scrapped “24” movie script

Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice talked to Howard Gordon about the 24 movie being in limbo (which he first revealed to AssignmentX two weeks ago). “As far as I know, it is in suspended animation,” Howard Gordon, the longtime executive producer of 24 who is also expected to produce the big screen version, told EW exclusively…. View Article

Jack Bauer uzi 24 Season 8

’24’ movie inching closer to reality

Jack Bauer may finally hit the big screen. Though Fox has yet to decide whether to pick up a ninth season of 24, an insider confirmed that the film side is in talks with Billy Ray (State of Play) to write a screenplay for the franchise. Word is the scribe came in and pitched his… View Article