Billy Ray’s script for “24” movie turned down

Billy Ray
Billy Ray

Rather unfortunate news about the 24 movie from Howard Gordon. In an interview with Assignment X he reveals that Billy Ray’s script for the 24 movie was turned down by the studio with the reason being that it “wasn’t strong enough or compelling enough” for the studio to move forward with it.

Gordon also mentions that he isn’t involved with the movie right now and doesn’t know the status of it, but repeats the rumor of Tony Scott being interested. This is an unfortunate setback for the 24 movie, but at least it shows they are trying to make a quality movie rather than cash in on the shows success and make a quick buck.

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Well that sucks… Hopefully they write a more compelling one soon! With Tony Scott directing it of course!

I know it would never happen, but wouldn’t it be cool if Quentin Tarentino directed the 24 movie? Can you imagine how violent and awesome that would be? *sigh* that’s my little pipe dream…

it would be nice if tony scott direct the 24 movie >i think the 24 movie will be so strong >and imdb rating would likely be more than 7 from 10.

This sounds like great news. It shows they care. I don’t see why they don’t have the actual people that wrote the series, write the movie.

I really don’t care about a movie anyway, because 24 should be 24 hours not 2. Although Redemption was great. Keep it in real-time, just like Redemption. The most important thing is to keep the character work from the series; I really don’t care about stunts or explosions. I want a character drama. The American (with George Clooney) is what a 24 film should be like.

Wtf, why does it say that there’s 32 articles for feature film when there hasn’t been any new ones since this, when it said 25?

@Spencer Nice catch. I have been going through older posts and adding additional tags and categorization where appropriate so that things are organized better. So the article count has went up, but they’re older posts from months/years ago. Now they’re just easier to find since they’ve been properly categorized.

Ok, that’s cool.

Tony Scott directing the 24 movie is a bad idea in my opinion. His MTV stylized of filming, which is overdone, wouldn’t be a good fit for 24. Antoine Fuqua is a better choice to direct the movie IMO. Training Day, Tears Of The Sun, Shooter, and Brooklyn’s Finest are all good films. He can bring the gritty realism and action that 24 needs, and not over the top action sequences and eye candy gloss that you get with a Tony Scott movie. Fox should hire Stephen Gaghan (Syriana) or Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor) to help write the screenplay. FOX better hurry, because Kiefer Sutherland is 44 years old and not getting any younger.