24 Movie to Film in 2013, Script Being Reworked

TheWrap is reporting that there’s no chance of the 24 film being shot this year, and that the script will be reworked yet again.

Kiefer Sutherland has made peace with Twentieth Century Fox over his “24” movie, but the project has been pushed until next year, TheWrap has learned.

The movie production was set to start shooting next month after Sutherland wraps the season for his television series, “Touch,” but a dispute over budget and the star’s fees put the project off schedule and means it has to be pushed until next year.

“It didn’t work out right now. Everyone is trying to figure out how to do it next year,” an individual close to the project told TheWrap.

A Fox spokesman did not respond to several requests for comment.

The plan now is for a new writer to rework the script, which Billy Ray wrote.

Source The Wrap


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The 2013 push back is no surprise. But really? Re-working Billy Ray’s script that Mark Bomback already re-worked? I smell studio meddling there.

1st and foremost, I hope the studio “officially” greenlights it and then hires a director to start pre-production.

DAMMIT!!! I pretty much was okay with it being pushed back to next year, but now it’s official, well… DAMMIT (just once more for emphasis)!!!

Don J, I agree with your concern about the studio bringing in a new writer to “rework” the script – I too smell studio meddling (probably with the intent to get the budget down) – if the current Billy Ray/Mark Bomback draft is so good (which the Kief’ seems to think it is), then why mess with it, just concentrate on getting a great director, working out the money disagreements (without which, we would have had a ’24’ movie THIS YEAR), and getting the movie fully prepped for production next spring as soon as the Kief’ becomes available… and if you absolutely, positively, simply have to “rework” the script, then I’ve got the perfect person(s) to do it; Joel Surnow and Robert Cochrane!

The push back to 2013 is disappointing, but hopefully it gives FOX and Imagine one year to settle their differences and bring in the right people to make the movie, and if the studio needs to hire a new writer to rework the script, I suggest they get Jonathan Nolan who created the CBS drama “Person Of Interest” which is a great show in my opinion and fills the void that 24 left. My other suggestions are David Guggenheim (Safe House) or Paul Haggis (Casino Royale).

Paul Haggis would be a tremendous choice, but he’s probably way too busy, but Jonathan Nolan would be one heck of a choice for the ’24’ movie script polish, maybe he can persuade his brother to direct (no chance I know, but one can dream)…