Mark Bomback

Mark Bomback is a Hollywood screenwriter who was hired in late 2011 to perform rewrites on the 24 movie script.

Jack Bauer with Gun

24 Movie Delayed – Not Happening This Year

Disappointing news today, but not entirely surprising – the 24 movie is not happening anytime soon. EXCLUSIVE: I’m hearing that fans of the Fox series 24 are going to have to continue waiting for the long-awaited 24 feature film. 20th Century Fox isn’t going forward with the film this year. It hadn’t been greenlit, but… View Article

Howard Gordon 24 Season 7 Finale Screening

Howard Gordon “involved intimately” with 24 movie

DEADLINE: What is your involvement with the 24 movie? GORDON: I’m involved intimately with all of the drafts and with all of the people, including Mark Bomback on the rewrites and with Kiefer (Sutherland). There are a lot of people involved from Imagine and 20th. I’ve kind of been enlisted as the keeper of the… View Article