Howard Gordon “involved intimately” with 24 movie

Howard Gordon 24 Season 7 Finale Screening

DEADLINE: What is your involvement with the 24 movie?
I’m involved intimately with all of the drafts and with all of the people, including Mark Bomback on the rewrites and with Kiefer (Sutherland). There are a lot of people involved from Imagine and 20th. I’ve kind of been enlisted as the keeper of the flame from the TV show and representing it in its next iteration. I’m not sure what kind of credit I’ll be having on it yet.

DEADLINE: How worried are you about the box office slump and how it could impact the 24 movie, particularly given how few TV shows wind up making the successful transition to the big screen — Mission: Impossible being a notable exception?
You know, Tom Rothman is a very smart guy. He wouldn’t do a 24 movie just to do it but only if he honestly believed it could stand on its own. So I’ll leave that part of it in his capable hands.

The full interview contains a little more talk on 24, the Gideon’s War / Hard Target novels, his hit cable series Homeland, and NBC’s Awake which premieres tonight.

Source Deadline