24 Movie Update – Mark Bomback writing, Tony Scott out

Deadline gives us an update on the 24 movie which is beginning to sound a lot more concrete.

Mark Bomback writer
Mark Bomback

The clock has started on 24, the feature version of the Imagine Entertainment/Fox series. The project, which brings back Kiefer Sutherland’s tireless government operative Jack Bauer. Mark Bomback–a favorite writer at 20th Century Fox writing The Wolverine and Shadow Divers–will turn in the latest script draft by year’s end. Imagine and the studio have about five directors in mind–no, Tony Scott is not attached anymore–and it will all begin happening very quickly in the early part of next year. The goal is to get the film into production to match Sutherland’s availability, which begins in April. That should give producer Brian Grazer something to do after he completes producing the Academy Awards and it is certainly good news for fans of the show who were beginning to fear the project wouldn’t happen.

UPDATE: If you needed any more confirmation, the official 24 Facebook page and former 24 showrunner Howard Gordon (via Twitter) have both acknowledged this report. Screenwriter Mark Bomback had actually worked with Howard Gordon before on the pilot for NBC’s “Legends”.

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So what’s this mean for a release date?

I read something where Brian Grazer is hoping to get it released in the last quarter of 2012. Probably late Fall or Early Winter is my guess. With a 3-4 month shoot, it doesn’t leave alot of time for post production. If Touch gets renewed for a 2nd season and slated to premiere in Fall 2012, then Kiefer would literally have to jump right into it as soon as 24 wraps. If Touch comes back midseason 2013, then he can take an extended break. Touch just started production for it’s March premiere last week.

Interesting that I was just wondering on this site a couple days ago whether Tony Scott was still involved in the ’24’ movie- guess this answers my question pretty definitively!

For my two cents, I think Martin Campbell would be a strong choice for the movie, ‘Casino Royale’ was far and away the best Bond movie yet, AND the best action movie since the original ‘Die Hard’ in 1988, so he would be an excellent choice, but if not him, what about bringing back regular series director Jon Cassar, no-one can direct a ’24’ story like Cassar could, and he would bring a wealth of experience from years of television onto the movie, and could put out a tremendous movie with a relatively tight production/post-production schedule, considering he did it many times on the series… but I hope they choose a strong and distinctive director, whoever ends up getting the job, and not a stooge for the studio!

As far as the release date goes, Kiefer Sutherland has said summer 2012 – which is obviously not realistic now – whilst Brian Grazer has said the first quarter of 2012, but I presume that was a slip of the tongue and he really meant 2013, so it’s anyone’s guess at this point, but it all depends on how long they get to shoot the movie, whether ‘Touch’ is renewed for a second season, and when filming on that second season would be scheduled to begin, which would in turn depend on when Fox have it scheduled to premiere on U.S. television.

I hope they begin production on the movie by late April as planned, have AT LEAST fourteen weeks of production time (giving them around 84 days of filming, which is pretty solid for a two-hour action movie), and wrap by late July or early August, leaving them about three-and-a-half months of post-production time (about the same time every Bond movie has, and they always turn out just fine), with a release date of late November to capitalise on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, how’s that sound everyone…?

That’s great news! I hope they film it soon! It’s hard and I miss 24 so much!

I like to see either Steven Soderbergh or Antoine Fuqua to direct the 24 movie. The film needs a director that can elevate the 24 franchise so it won’t feel like a tv episode on the big screen.

Kiefer should do everything he can to get 24’s original ace Stephen Hopkins to direct this! Awesome way to come full circle….

December 6, 2011 at 11:06 am
Most important question:
When will they announce that Sean Callery is doing the soundtrack?

@WouldntYouLikeToKnow That almost goes without saying hombre! Sean has scored everything that Joel Surnow has produced…