24 Segment from FOX’s 25th Anniversary Special

Here is the segment which covered 24 during FOX’s 25th Anniversary Special. They call Jack Bauer the coolest character in all twenty five years of FOX’s drama history!

Enjoy this look back with Kiefer Sutherland, who called Jack Bauer “the character that changed my life”.


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It was great to see 24 get the tribute it deserved. Anyone have any ideas why the movie wasn’t hinted or mentioned. Just askin?

That was amazing. It’s good to know that FOX remembers about 24 and Jack Bauer.

An entire legacy… beautifully summed up in just over 3 minutes. Amazing!

That was SO cool, nine years of ’24’ summed up in three short minutes, I still get chills watching those clips… so, if ’24’ is so important to FOX, how about they give the Kief’ a fair salary for the movie – I think he’s earned it – not to mention a decent budget, and let them work their magic on the big screen in the same way as they did for nine years on the small screen!

still miss him something awful! Get this movie going quickly!

Welcome Back Jack see you soon! can’t wait I’m shocked they all agreed to bring 24 back even for 12 episodes. Can’t wait!