Kiefer Sutherland’s message to fans at 24 Marathon event

Although Kiefer Sutherland was not in Los Angeles, he taped a message for 24 fans participating in the Marathon Fanfest Challenge apologizing for his absence and wishing them luck.

“I’m Kiefer Sutherland and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how sorry I am that I couldn’t be with you at Hollywood and Highland for the 24 Marathon Challenge. Now I understand that the Guinness World Record is 84 hours. And if there’s one group of people I know that can break that, it is you, the 24 fans, and you’ve proven yourselves to be that. I want to wish you luck and again tell you how sorry I am that I couldn’t be there. So please, try and get cozy, and go get ’em! Good luck.”

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Challenge – Kiefer Sutherland intro


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[..YouTube..] Wish I could’ve been there to see you Keifer, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t follow my instincts, I woulda came down all the way from Seattle -_-

[..YouTube..] How can anyone watch the whole series in 48 Hours, when there is 8 season, it;s about 18 hrs approx to watch commercial free, if you watch it contentiously. Unless I’m mistaken.

[..YouTube..] Wish they had the challenge in Florida.

[..YouTube..] I’m still stumped about watching it contentiously. Does that add time? I imagine you have to hit pause so you can rant and rave about injustice and such. Sorry, Lonely. Feeling snarky. If the challenge is to watch all seasons in 48 hours, it can’t be done on one screen. They must be using multiples.

[..YouTube..] the challenge is to continueously watch the same thing for more than 84hrs straight. IE minimum 5 seaaons in one go

[..YouTube..] Its sad to see this show go but now we get it on the big screen I can’t wait for the movie and I wish I could have done this challenge cake walk for me all I need is a hd led tv 52 inch with a booming surround sound some coca cola or dr pepper and a lot of snacks plus an occasional meal yea I could do this with all the seasons back to back!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer cant go because he’s too busy working with CTU to stop another terrorist attack :P

[..YouTube..] Hi Jack u rock.
“Dammit George, we don’t have time!”

[..YouTube..] He’s got some scary voice when she shouts!

[..YouTube..] Jack we miss you

[..YouTube..] I don’t know where they’re getting 84 hours from! It takes 17 hours to watch one season, so it will take 136 hours to watch all 8 seasons, plus another 90 minutes to watch Redemption!

[..YouTube..] @Ultrabeat24 84 hrs is a goal to beat , not the total time :)

[..YouTube..] @wwjoong oh right. cool. I was wondering how they expected to get people to sit down and stay awake for that long! :)

[..YouTube..] I got like 19 hours in… Fuckin sick!!!!! I love 24 damn it!!! (:

[..YouTube..] I got 29 hours! Kiefer Sutherland is the perfect role for the most awesome character.

[..YouTube..] the reason there are currently 0 dislikes is because jack bauer killed them all before they pressed the button

[..YouTube..] @InfamousShogun haha very nice 1

[..YouTube..] @CovertRipper12 LMAO…. THATS SOOO TRUE!!!

[..YouTube..] I love that he had to introduce himself like the people watching a video about 24 wouldn’t know who he was. :)

[..YouTube..] “Jack, would you like to watch 84 hours of 24?”

[..YouTube..] I lasted 52 hours in the marathon… … stupid judge thought I was sleeping. SO MAD cause I could’ve lasted till the end!! *sigh*… … season 1-8 boxset will have to suffice.

24 FTW!!!

[..YouTube..] @Ultrabeat24

We were only watching seasons 1 through 7… and it totals to 112 hours. I would’ve definitely been down to watch all 8 plus the Redemption

[..YouTube..] @Lebofilms

There were people there from South Carolina, Georgia, New York, and even a couple from Puerto Rico (I think)… … some hardcore fans!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer can watch the entire marathon in 24 hours.

[..YouTube..] we want 24 back we miss you jack bauer !!!!!!!!!!!
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I love jack.

[..YouTube..] When I read this I thought some dude was gonna run 24 marathons… fail

[..YouTube..] how can anyone dislike this video… i hope someone jack bauer’s his ass!

[..YouTube..] @Ultrabeat24 yeah but 84 hours is how the longest person lasted i think :P

[..YouTube..] True hardcore fan would watch: seasons 1-8 + redemption + documents and prequels. :)