24 Marathon

24 Marathon Challenge – Event Recap

Here’s a recap of the 24 Marathon Challenge event where fans broke the Guinness World Record for longest consecutive television at over 86 hours. Luckily for the three final contestants, the event came to a close just a few minutes into the terrible Season 6. Saved by the bell! YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Event Recap

24 Marathon winner Kevin Coon

LA Times interviews 24 Marathon winners

LA Times has interviewed the three 24 Marathon winners (Victor Lopez, Kevin Coon, and Farris Hodo) on video along with Guinness World Record adjudicator Kimberly Partrick who said “These guys are really amazing. They look like they could go much longer.” Source: LA Times

24 Marathon

24 fans break Guinness World Record

Congratulations to 24 fans Kevin Coon, Victor Lopez, and Farris Hodo for breaking the Guinness World Record for longest television. All three contestants surpassed the previous record of 86 hours of consecutive television watching held by Efraïm van Oeveren of the Netherlands. These hardcore fans managed to watch a whopping five seasons of 24 back-to-back… View Article

24 Marathon Challenge Video – Day 1

Here’s a video from FOX of the 24 Marathon challenge. Lots of 24 cast members showed up to support the fans including Carlos Bernard, Gregory Itzin, Necar Zadegan, Jon Cassar, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Michael Rodrick. YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Challenge – Day 1 (tcfoxconnect)

24 Marathon Fanfest Poster

Details on the 24 Marathon Fanfest event

LA Times has some more details on the 24 Marathon fanfest event starting tonight. One hundred participants who signed up for The “24” Marathon Fanfest will be put inside of a glass cube measuring 60-by-40 feet at the Hollywood and Highland complex in Hollywood starting Dec. 2, and will compete against one another by watching… View Article

24 Marathon Fanfest event in Hollywood

Watching the best television show of all time and potentially getting paid thousands of dollars for doing so? It doesn’t get any better than this, folks. 24 cast members will be there too if you needed any more incentive. CTU is recruiting the most die-hard “24” fans! To celebrate the DVD release of “24” The… View Article