24 Marathon Challenge Video – Day 1

Here’s a video from FOX of the 24 Marathon challenge. Lots of 24 cast members showed up to support the fans including Carlos Bernard, Gregory Itzin, Necar Zadegan, Jon Cassar, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Michael Rodrick.

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Challenge – Day 1 (tcfoxconnect)


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[..YouTube..] their eyes are gonna huuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrt.

[..YouTube..] thanks!

[..YouTube..] I’m so jealous, I’d have loved to have participated in this marathon and met Carlos Bernard rather than be stuck here in England. Good luck to all the insomniac fans though!!

[..YouTube..] One word: Badass.

[..YouTube..] Oh my God i love 24 its best tv Show everrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!

[..YouTube..] The 100 people that got into this are the luckiest fans ever. Watching the best show on TV, meeting the cast members, and potentially winning $10,000. I’m jealous!

[..YouTube..] Damn, I really should of been a part of this.

[..YouTube..] Oh god I’d love to do that. WHY DO I LIVE IN THE UK!?!??!?! Oh yeah the awesome health care hahaha

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer could watch the whole 8 seasons in 24 hours!

[..YouTube..] I love how Carlos Bernard was there, high fiving the crowd.

[..YouTube..] that rocks!

[..YouTube..] So awesome, that’s the way to watch the best show ever created.

[..YouTube..] how cool good luck to you all

[..YouTube..] Some Korean guy died after gaming for 72 hours straight. Do these people realize 80 hours of watching TV might kill them?

[..YouTube..] That screen they were watching was ugly. I don’t think I could do it with a grid across the episodes

[..YouTube..] last tweet less then 30 min ago 15 hrs in over 50 out of 100 has left /quit

[..YouTube..] @TimothyParadox1That korean guy got dehydrated or something like that. I’m assuming these people do get the chance to hydrate themselves, and if they don’t, well…

[..YouTube..] Just got back from checking this out..the scene is super lame now…just the tent and no other fanfare. I got there at the very beginning of Season 2 and it was already down to 53 people.

[..YouTube..] so wish I could have been there. such a great experience for fans. will miss the show immensely!

[..YouTube..] @TimothyParadox1 worth dying for :D

[..YouTube..] WHY WASN’T I THERE!??!!? I would have made it through, LOL

[..YouTube..] Will the 24 Complete Series come out on Blu-ray too?

[..YouTube..] *thx* for sharing !

[..YouTube..] I wish I would’ve been there! Why don’t they organize such things in Holland? :-(

[..YouTube..] omg i wish i would have gone! i didnt even know about it until today!

[..YouTube..] lol for the guy at the end.

[..YouTube..] Any 24 fan should be able to make it through the marathon no problem. lol. The only way people should watch a season of 24 is to take a day out of your life and watch all 24 episodes in real time.

ortalfrom israel
December 7, 2010 at 10:09 am
carlos bernard the love of my life….
why?why?why? I’m so jealous
i am the no.1 fan!!! i wish i just be there i also would give the money i dont want it i just want them to know that i am their no.1 fan in the whole world…{ i’n not making that up}
and to have the change to meet carlos and tell him that he dont know how much i love hum an i will love him all my life…
i know i must sound crazy but i’m not!
i just love him too much ,i wish i didnt but i cant help myself

[..YouTube..] I lived in Califorina I would have been apart of this. I may not have made it through, but I would have goten the DVDs and meet some of the cast members.