24 Marathon video interviews Day 2

Here are several videos and interviews from some 24 Marathon Challenge contestants, many of them travelling from far away to participate in the challenge.

Jon Cassar chats with fans who flew out from Puerto Rico:

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Challenge Day 2 – Jon Cassar

CTU Couple (she was eliminated for coming back just a few seconds late from the bathroom – ouch!):

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Day 2 – CTU couple

Natasha, Contestant #68:

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Challenge – Day 2, Contestant #68

Contestant from Cleveland:

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Day 2 – Fan from Cleveland

Here’s a video from inside the tent in Day 2 of the 24 Marathon. The contestants are currently in the second half of Season 2 and painfully suffering through Kim Bauer’s cougar storyline. Only half the participants remain.

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Day 2 – A glimpse inside the tent


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[..YouTube..] Sweet, Jon is handing out dime bags to the fans! What a guy!

[..YouTube..] BORICUA!!!!

[..YouTube..] LOL are they watching all 8 seasons start to finish?

[..YouTube..] dam it… i would have done the marathon…. dam it… should hold one in australia!

[..YouTube..] @Stefernie2 They watch until there’s only one left awake

[..YouTube..] @Stefernie2 Yes they do, but i think they don’t make it to the 8th season.

[..YouTube..] You kinda go in there to win, not to fall asleep :P

[..YouTube..] Agggh…..
They keep talking over the top of eachother expecially her! sounds like russian… real bad manners

[..YouTube..] why do they keep talking at the same time :s

[..YouTube..] Omg intense!

[..YouTube..] Flew in all the way from Cleveland and quit relatively quickly…must be a lot harder than it sounds like it would be.

[..YouTube..] You’re in the second video on my channel at the 0:30 second mark taking this video. You just missed I’m Gonna Need a Hacksaw

[..YouTube..] @bartdordrecht because they had a chance to win 10,000 dollars and they are just a little bit upset. wouldn’t you be?

[..YouTube..] Respond to this video…

[..YouTube..] yep coke will definitely do that …

[..YouTube..] This girl is annoying…oh, god

[..YouTube..] nice cupple , she is so cute

[..YouTube..] 10 secs thats some strict bullshit! I love you guys! two of the most entertaining people i know! lol even when emotional lol

[..YouTube..] is it coincidence that this is 24 sec long???

[..YouTube..] This guy is awesome. Cleveland rocks
I am pretty sure he was DQ’d

[..YouTube..] why is he saying 80 hours all together its about 140 hours ?!

[..YouTube..] His $ was on the wrong guy. Guess he didn’t see me in the background. Lol


[..YouTube..] it’s the music when kim is @ the mathesons house in e1 s2