24 Marathon Challenge – Event Recap

Here’s a recap of the 24 Marathon Challenge event where fans broke the Guinness World Record for longest consecutive television at over 86 hours. Luckily for the three final contestants, the event came to a close just a few minutes into the terrible Season 6. Saved by the bell!

YouTube Link: 24 Marathon Event Recap


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[..YouTube..] Dude, is Victor Lopez from Wisconsin?! I am in Wisconsin and I hope he is a Wisconsin resident.

[..YouTube..] so they stand for 3 seasons??!!! cooooolll!!!

[..YouTube..] EPIC!!!!!!!! :) Soooo wish I could have been there

[..YouTube..] @shafty They were halfway into season 4 :D

[..YouTube..] @ Plastonick : actually they had watched the first 5 seasons of 24. At 1:20 you can see Jack choking a pilot, that’s a scene from the first minutes of episode 5.24, when Jack is about to get into Charles Logan’s chopper. At that moment, the countdown says 85h17min, so they had to watch the first 16 minutes of episode 6.01 to beat the record (86h07min). Congrats to them!

[..YouTube..] lol I knew Kevin Coon would win. He looks just crazy enough (in a good way). And Victor wanted to buy a new guitar with the prize money. I still say Kiefer should give him that custom made Gibson guitar. You guys are awesome. Way to go :)

[..YouTube..] Seems like a fail that they stopped as soon as the record was beaten. They should have continued to A) establish who the winner was and B) set a benchmark for future world records.
Health depending of course.

[..YouTube..] Oh, I thought this was a competition to see who could get the closest to watching all 8 seasons. I didn’t realize anyone who watched up to 86 hours would automatically win…nice!

[..YouTube..] “…almost like you’re interrogating someone…”
“…when things got crazy, you just had to ask yourself what would Jack do…”
Kevin Coon (a.k.a. Alex Hewitt)

Damn it! he needs some sleep! he’ll end up killing someone if he stays awake!

[..YouTube..] really worth it to get the fake badge

[..YouTube..] lol that was pretty funny.

[..YouTube..] how far did they go in the series cause surely they didn’t finish all 8 seasons

[..YouTube..] I was thinkin the same thing sevens2… they only watched into the 4th season… they should have watched the whole series. (including the 2 hour redemption)

[..YouTube..] Number 1 was on something, everyone who was there knew it. If they had drug tested like they said they could do. He would not have won.

The other two winners definately deserve it but, You could tell when you talked to him on the days we were there that he was on something. Number 1 cheated.

[..YouTube..] @umftrmpt3 u know i would be awake over 100h u can die… most ppl dont realize that

[..YouTube..] @ Conservative608 I’m from Los Angeles CA, but now that I think about it (Watching [email protected]) I’m gonna go to GB for a game if not this season, next season (Hopefully no lock out)

@MattofDoom1 they pulled us out for health reasons. Monday morning is a blur 2 me.

@Evry1 else. We got to episode1 of season 6.

[..YouTube..] Kevin Coon is my cousin!

[..YouTube..] Not only number 1 cheated, he is a nigger.

[..YouTube..] what if they needed to go to the toilet?