Elisha Cuthbert in a retro look
Elisha Cuthbert in a retro look

Elisha Cuthbert mocks Kiefer Sutherland over ’24′ film rumors

The “Yahoo! omg! Canada” blog reports on an interview in which Elisha Cuthbert teased Kiefer Sutherland for constantly promising the 24 movie.

“He always says it when he’s got something coming out, have you ever noticed that?” Cuthbert quipped. “He has a Broadway show, the movie’s coming. He has a new TV show, the movie’s coming.”

She said that the film was a go last summer, but then Sutherland got his new TV show, “Touch.” Meanwhile, Cuthbert’s series, “Happy Endings,” just got picked up for a third season in May.

“It just has to be the right timing, and it’ll be there, and the fans will be there, it’ll be all right,” she said.

Source Yahoo OMG! Canada