Elisha Cuthbert waiting patiently
Elisha Cuthbert waiting patiently

Elisha Cuthbert on standby, “confident” 24 movie will happen

Elisha Cuthbert has revealed she was called and approached about being in the 24 movie (finally!) and was told to “be on standby”. Although it’s been delayed since then, she remains confident that it will happen which is sure to be good news for 24 fans.

Looking toward the hiatus, Cuthbert says her plans are currently on hold after the recently announced filming delay for the 24 movie.

“I thought we were going to do the 24 movie but it looks like we’re sort of on hold right now,” she says. “That doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, it’s just having things all come together to have it work.”

24 was Cuthbert’s breakout role. She played Kiefer Sutherland’s character’s daughter Kim as a regular during the first three seasons of the Fox series, later recurring until its end in 2010.

“I know Kiefer is busy working on his show,” she says. “I think it’s all pretty much there and ready to go, it’s just a matter of when he wants to do it. I’m confident that it will happen because, for a long time, I heard nothing about it and then got a call. They basically said be on standby, and of course I’d be thrilled to do it. We’ll see.”

Source The Hollywood Reporter


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So Kim Bauer will indeed be in the ’24’ movie, interesting, I hope she won’t be held hostage AGAIN, though…

I hope that she’s not in the movie. She was always was the weakest link in the 24 show. Kim Bauer storyline in season two and three were dumb in my opinion. I know that’s not Elisha Cuthbert fault and the writers should take a lot of the blame about the direction that Kim Bauer took, but the damage is already done. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate from fans on this one, but that’s how I feel.

No argument there. But my gut feeling is givin the fact that Jack is on the run from the Russian Government & the U.S & the fact that the story takes place 6 months after day 8 if it serves the story to have her in it then I’m sure it’ll be good.I would be all for it. Remember Jack wanted Chloe to protect Kim from the Russians Givin that they might use her has leverage to get to Jack. Kim is the only person Jack has left as family. I’m sure they won’t make the same mistake twice. Kim was a little smarter in season 7. So givin the fact that she could be exposed I can see why she would be in the movie.

I agree that the Kim Bauer narrative was the weak point of Season Two, but I thought they corrected that effectively by bringing her in to CTU for Season Three, and you’ll get no hate from me here, BMAN dude…

Personally I’d be happy to see Elisha in the movie, even if it was only a small cameo. I felt it was a missed opportunity to not have Kim appear in the series finale or any of the final episodes.

Although I wasn’t a fan of Kim in the second and third seasons, I felt that the writers went a long way in redeeming her character and making her likable in the seventh and eighth seasons.

And one of my favorite scenes of the entire series was in Season 2 Episode 15 where Jack is flying the plane with the bomb in the desert and says his goodbyes to Kim. Hopefully they can get a high quality emotional scene like that in the movie.

I always thought she WAS likable, but I agree with the resolution of her character arc in the seventh and eight seasons; she went from being an immature and wide-eyed innocent girl to a mature young woman/wife/mother, and her emotional reconciliation with Jack in the FBI building in Season 7 was easily one of the most affecting and genuinely moving scenes in the entire series…