Elisha Cuthbert has fingers crossed for ’24’ movie

While promoting her new ABC comedy series Happy Endings on Good Morning America, the inevitable “24 movie” question came up and Elisha Cuthbert said she hopes to be a part of it. You know, the same thing she said four years ago and the dozens of times she’s been asked in the years since. Nothing new here, but posting for the sake of completeness.


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thanks for post!
her new tv show is nice..very different ..
hope she will be in the movie

Wow!! It’s wonderful news!! Yes, I also hope Elisha will be in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without her, the movie doesn’t makes sense.. Jack and Kim are so amazing together.. I love this father-daughter relationship that they had from the beginning, in every season the scenes with them are very emotional and certainly, there will also be in the movie!! Happy Endings is a good show and i hope that in the 2nd season, Alex and Dave get together in the wedding or return love between them! <3