Elisha Cuthbert interviewed about 24 movie

Elisha Cuthbert says she won’t appear in the sixth season of 24, but would love to be in the upcoming 24 feature film.

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[..YouTube..] Definately, Kim is the most pain in the ass on the “24” set. Jack should just shoot her and put her out of her misery while relieving all the pain that the viewers are suffering because of her.

[..YouTube..] é muito lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[..YouTube..] i hope she will be in the movie along with James ( Chase) cuz they are soo cute :D

[..YouTube..] You obviously have NEVER watched the show >_>
Kim is the only one who CAN’T die on the show.

[..YouTube..] I LOVE ELISHA SO MUCH!!! Anyway… I’m hoping that Elisha will be in the 24 movie as I would love to see her in 24 again.

[..YouTube..] ke troiaaaa!

[..YouTube..] I really hope she comes back to 24 and they kill off that ugly Chloe o brien

[..YouTube..] Shame that, Chloe O’Brien’s one of my favourite characters, a much stronger character than Kim Bauer I felt.

[..YouTube..] chloe is awesome but kim is better cuz she is way hotter and cooler but chloe is still awesome so they should have both but kim should def come back shes my 2nd fav character after jack i miss her so much

[..YouTube..] Jack, Kim, Chase , Wayne, Chloe! ;)

The characters from the start..

[..YouTube..] I love you elisha cuthbert baby. you are msn? I from turkey, cwp please

[..YouTube..] the show needs some eyecandy so they better get her on it ;c

[..YouTube..] I really hope Elisha to be in the movie!
BTW:Chloe is one of the best cherecters in the show,I love Kim but if I have to choose between Kim and Chloe -> Chloe is my favourite!

[..YouTube..] How are the gonig to make a 24 movie when 24 takes place through real time in 24 hours because you can’t make a 24 hour movie.

[..YouTube..] OMG, that is SO true… I wish Elisha would be in the movie though. That would be so hot. I would totally watch the movie if she was there.

[..YouTube..] i kinda only watched the show because she was in it lol

[..YouTube..] it’s going to be called 2

[..YouTube..] In a couple of days we’ll see Elisha on ’24’ again :)

[..YouTube..] you forgot tony

[..YouTube..] nooo i want kim back!! i dont care if shes ‘annoying or complains a lot’ shes jacks daughter and should be there.

[..YouTube..] I hope Kim & Tony get to be in it. Chloe & Bauer are obviously going to be in it.

Maybe Leslie Hope who played Teri Bauer could come back & play her character in a flashback. Same for Roger R. Cross who played Curtis Manning!

[..YouTube..] Hell no! It should be 48 hours so we get extra time!

[..YouTube..] what is the name

[..YouTube..] I WANT TONY

[..YouTube..] @forevershining1 i know right tony needs to be in it also

[..YouTube..] @BlueCross77 me tooo!! :P

[..YouTube..] @geo93ts I thought I was the only one haha :)

[..YouTube..] @BlueCross77 haha
well you’re not! :p