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Extra quizzes Elisha Cuthbert on Kim Bauer

She was asked where Kim was born, who Kim’s friend was in Season 1, which guy has Kim not dated, who saved her from the cougar in Season 2, and what Kim’s email password was in the first season. Watch on to see how she does. [flv:https://www.24spoilers.com/media/interview/Elisha-Cuthbert-24Quiz-Extra_April-20-2009.flv https://www.24spoilers.com/media/interview/Elisha-Cuthbert-24Quiz-Extra_April-20-2009.jpg 480 360] Source: EXTRA


Elisha Cuthbert on Good Day NY

24‘s Elisha Cuthbert is interviewed on Good Day NY. She talks a bit about playing Kim Bauer in Season 7 and says she wants to come back for the eighth season and there’s discussions in place.

Elisha Cuthbert on Tony Danza Show

Elisha Cuthbert was a guest on the Tony Danza Show this morning and spoke a little about 24 and playing Kim Bauer. Although she’s been absent this season, she hopes she’ll come back in the future. “I hope I can come back. We talked about it. But the producers wanted to change it up cause… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert on Craig Kilborn

Elisha Cuthbert was interviewed on Craig Kilborn and speaks of the 24 Season 3 Kim Bauer lesbian rumors which she denies. YouTube Link: Elisha Cuthbert – [Dec-2003] – interview