Elisha Cuthbert on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Elisha Cuthbert appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight in order to promote 24. There wasn’t really much talk about 24, but here it is…


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[..YouTube..] Kimmel forgot the desk slap Leno always does when he is introducing guests.

[..YouTube..] and laughing way too hard and doubling over at his own jokes

[..YouTube..] Jay Leno has never been better

[..YouTube..] Who is he supposed to be?

[..YouTube..] She is so hot.

[..YouTube..] He’s obviously imitating David Letterman.

[..YouTube..] y is she laughing so much? not that funnyy ha…but shes still my fav actress :)

[..YouTube..] um – maybe cause of kimmel?

[..YouTube..] what the hell is wrong with his chin :D ?!

[..YouTube..] sloppy seconds.

[..YouTube..] fucking retard

[..YouTube..] I thought it was Jay Leno he was imitating? and LOL at the thumbs down..I didnt know people actually use that..whats the point of it?

[..YouTube..] i forgot to add that she is tarting to look like how she did when she was like 20…which is good cuz she was starting to look a little…older-ish haha

[..YouTube..] jay leno

[..YouTube..] ya but he isnt saying anything funny…shes prob freaking out on the inside ha

[..YouTube..] his costume???

[..YouTube..] i was exciting seeing her interviewed, then she mentioned calgary vs. the los angeles kings, i was like ahhhh that’s a shot and it hurts…. it’s ok i still love her….. i can’t wait for the new season of 24… i just hope she doesn’t get like kidnapped again, i hope she’s jack bauer’s daughter, and she goes on a killing spree…. then jack could finally retire knowing the world is in the safe hands of a maniac….. all state are you in good hands???? lolololol

[..YouTube..] umm ok im sorry i dont really think his costume is funny ..you dont have to get all butt hurt about a comment i made it has nothing to do with you anyway…

[..YouTube..] umm ok im sorry i dont really think his costume is funny ..you dont have to get all butt hurt about a comment i made it has nothing to do with you anyway…

[..YouTube..] aww don’t cry – it’ll make me sad :(

[..YouTube..] your a faggot….and im done hearing about what u have to say about a stupid comment…bye

[..YouTube..] elle est superbe cette fille alors respect pour elle ! erol de grenoble !

[..YouTube..] *cries* :(

[..YouTube..] what’s wrong with looking older than 20? :S

[..YouTube..] i didnt say there was anything wrong with looking older than 20.

[..YouTube..] whats her boyfirends name well i know what it is but how do you spell it?

[..YouTube..] I dropped my kids off in her cheek.

is he supposed to sound like Leno? cause he sounds nothing like him at all. barely even looks like him

[..YouTube..] shes so hot

[..YouTube..] Holy crap. Epic.

[..YouTube..] rofl @ “Not a lot of Calgary fans here.”

She’s goofy cute, too.

[..YouTube..] Kimmel is such an idiot, pure ignorance towards anything that isn’t american – like most americans

[..YouTube..] Dion Phaneuf

[..YouTube..] @ leavezombiezalone
thank you

[..YouTube..] @mendog

Dude she is Canadian ,u know that right

[..YouTube..] hahaha ok does jimmy kimmel jus make fun of jay leno for this 1 episode or can someone get me up to speed here?

[..YouTube..] Why do you say that?

Also, broad generalizations about an entire nation doesn’t make you look like the king of knowledge either.

[..YouTube..] @bodaggin just this episode

[..YouTube..] that entire week he did, look for the episodes on the jimmykimmellive channel

[..YouTube..] kinda ironic how she is like I will follow him where he goes if he is ever traded, yesterday he was traded to toronto. LOOOOOLZORZZZZZ!!!!!!111ONE!!!1

[..YouTube..] He is now on Toronto

[..YouTube..] Jay Leno’s new theme song ~ The o’jays-back stabbers

[..YouTube..] She’s annoying.

[..YouTube..] She is an idiot

[..YouTube..] it hides their dumb ass comments from others :)

[..YouTube..] sean michaels needs to be a guest on jays show and give him some sweet chin music

[..YouTube..] does she smoke? her voice has gotten courser since the 2007 interview

[..YouTube..] yes she does….

[..YouTube..] Meat Meat Meat!!! I will stalk you Elisha!! Yummy!!

[..YouTube..] so true

[..YouTube..] elisha cuthbert seems really kl in her otha interviews but in the 1s i’ve seen her in in 2010 (this and lopez tonight) she’s suddenly become really annoying….it’s weird

[..YouTube..] what is wrong with his chin? it looks like he has a cubbyhole built right in. like he doesnt need pockets anymore.

[..YouTube..] i think it’s fake :P

[..YouTube..] she seems a bit uncomfortable here but she still comes across as a smart and unpretentious person. at least she is not annoyingly sweet and dumb like a lot of hollywood actresses who can not hold a conversation

[..YouTube..] i guess i retreat watch her on this video .. i prefer when shes acting lol.

[..YouTube..] Are you guys blind or what ?
Can’t you see that Jimmy is mocking Jay Leno ?
God !!!

[..YouTube..] She is still beautiful. But something’s missing.
I don’t find her that attractive anymore. Seems like a bitch.

[..YouTube..] You don’t say… i bet He found it on ebay…
Are You bored to death with using ordinary pockets? need something to cheer up your miserable life? You find pockets too normal? We got just what you need!! Jimmy Kimmel’s chin shaped cubby!! Need a place to keep your stuff? keys, change, lighter, chihuahua and more!! Jimmy Kimmel’s chin shaped cubby!! Buy now at 0-800…. sorry about that i got lot of free time today…

[..YouTube..] yeah i’m not watchin a lot of shows…i didn’t realise he’s mocking J. Leno… My bad!

[..YouTube..] I haven’t seen her alot but dam I like that ass.
I agree though very annoying.

[..YouTube..] She lost weight lately and she looks like a teenager again, so I think she’s overexcited, which is understandable :) Anyway, she’s more natural on Jimmy Kimmel’s interview on 23th April 2009.

[..YouTube..] She’s way more natural on Jimmy Kimmel’s interview on 23th April 2009.

[..YouTube..] umm idk whats up with her…shes either on drugs, nervous as hell,or drunk……lets bet in them haha!

[..YouTube..] i think shes cracking up cause of jimmys leno lisp. funny

[..YouTube..] OMG she’s annoying as hell

[..YouTube..] Elisha Cuthbert is one of my favorite actresses – beautiful, talented and supersexy. She’s way better than overrated Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. My favorite Elisha’s films: The Girl Next Door, House of Wax, The Quiet, Ny-Lon, He Was a Quiet Man, Time At The Top, Mail to the Chief.

[..YouTube..] I think she’s probably awkward about him dressing up as Jay leno.

[..YouTube..] are you fucking serious?!?!?! are you living under a rock man….

[..YouTube..] I don’t understand your question. If you’re asking do I know who Jay Leno is, the answer is yes, of course I do. If you’re asking that expect of me to realize that was an imitation of Jay, well, I don’t think it’s that clear. In fact it’s a horrible imitation. I only realized after when I saw the beginning of the show, where he introduces himself as Jay (why do you think he needed to do that?)

[..YouTube..] Who the hell else has a chin like that with hair like that who does late night?

Put two and two together man, use your fucking brain.

[..YouTube..] It’s actually the way he spoke that threw me off. No similarity to Jay whatsoever

[..YouTube..] yea thats probably because jimmy kimmel is actually funny.

[..YouTube..] hey Im from australia how am I supposed to know these things

[..YouTube..] seeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy

[..YouTube..] Minha diva!

[..YouTube..] she’s so freakin cute!

[..YouTube..] she’s sexy =) i think she’s a bit drunk here though. l like the way she acts wen she’s drunk. its cute

[..YouTube..] shes is like the blonde version of mila kunis…

[..YouTube..] This chick is the perfect example of the saying, “better to be seen and not heard”.

[..YouTube..] its a shame, she went from watching the Calgary Flames to the Toronto Maple Leafs. what a drop in skill/entertainment.

and i live in Toronto.


[..YouTube..] lol poor elisha….leafs

[..YouTube..] @beliorlovi21 She’s what we call, normal.


[..YouTube..] dawn she is pretty

[..YouTube..] she is damn hot man, she is damn sweet,,,,,,,,,,what should I say yet?

[..YouTube..] from wich planet this guy come from?

[..YouTube..] love her

[..YouTube..] hmmm…not that hot…

[..YouTube..] dion is the man. this bitch reps canada hard fuck ya

[..YouTube..] Clinton, Leno or Bush????

[..YouTube..] @greatleaper its cuz shes wearing that jacket, you cant see the pants that well

[..YouTube..] The most beautiful of all

[..YouTube..] not as nice as she looked in girl next door

[..YouTube..] she appears to be a bitch – a pretty one though

[..YouTube..] Who the fuck is he suppose to be imitating? Leno, its fucking retarded.

[..YouTube..] she’s amazing!

[..YouTube..] she should have mentioned that the Grey Cup is nearly a 100 years old

[..YouTube..] @lippy170 I don’t think so. She is still the same hot woman. With a few years more, that is the only difference :).

[..YouTube..] She’s so odd now :S

[..YouTube..] You are my heart,Elisha visits Spanish,you have what participe in the program spanish…his name is Hormiguero,I am spanish xdddd I love you

[..YouTube..] my name is spelled the same and prounanced the same!!!

[..YouTube..] @bajatango If that’s sloppy seconds, I’ll take them anytime.

[..YouTube..] kimmel is annoying

[..YouTube..] @arodaman I want to cut off his goddamn hand when he does that.

[..YouTube..] @lippy170 i know right, its so disappointing

[..YouTube..] what about Toronto :P

[..YouTube..] are beatiful*__*

[..YouTube..] she use to be really down to earth and now she seems to b e a bitch.i guess hollywood finally caught up to her.

[..YouTube..] I hate the way the guys talking



[..YouTube..] @TheTekkenTech1 he is parodying/mocking jay leno

[..YouTube..] @noodlesriceandLAM ohhhh ok…. well that just makes him sound stupider haha

[..YouTube..] @AlexDoom Says it in the title ar-tard.


[..YouTube..] i don’t like the way she talks..also she is too short ..

[..YouTube..] @lippy170 i totally agree!

[..YouTube..] @tweed187187 she’s still really down to earth what are you talking about

[..YouTube..] Boyfriend smoyfriend

[..YouTube..] She’s so sweet and hot . OW my god !

[..YouTube..] yay a new movie of hers but why her movies a re never in the american box office??? its weird

[..YouTube..] did she have a daughter?

[..YouTube..] lol im surprised i got used to him looking like jay

[..YouTube..] her voice and the way she talks reminds me of a teenage boy ! ):

[..YouTube..] @leavezombiezalone is gay

[..YouTube..] Leno-Kimmel rocks!

[..YouTube..] @beguini um… or teenage boys remind you of this hot woman?

[..YouTube..] @lippy170 what? she looks the exact same only now she’s not pretending to be a porn star. i guess that’s it.

[..YouTube..] she’s cute and she’s got character! i’d love to date her

[..YouTube..] @pubeafro the insinuation is urs not mine . no but really !! hide the vid and tell me u dont hear a boy speaking !!

[..YouTube..] There’s something kind of…douchy about her.

[..YouTube..] @princessamina1 At least she was 18 when they met. :)

[..YouTube..] I love her boots.

[..YouTube..] She’s beautiful.

[..YouTube..] I have a crush on her since popular mechanics for kids :P
Gorgeous Woman

[..YouTube..] i loved her in the girl next door

[..YouTube..] which she sang the song at 5:14 minutes?

[..YouTube..] @nethrit I miss her as the girl next door.

[..YouTube..] she is the best women i have ever seen i hope to god tht i meet her :)

[..YouTube..] @MisailMs Peggy March – I Will Follow Him

[..YouTube..] Kimmel is sooo funny! he is my personal favorite late show host!