Elisha Cuthbert on David Letterman

Elisha Cuthbert was interviewed by David Letterman and talked about her similarities with Kim Bauer and how she always gets into accidents – she was recently hit by a car. Life imitates art!


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[..YouTube..] i think they should make a movie about Blondie… and she should be lead role they look very similar

[..YouTube..] the most hottest actress who ever lived SHE’S SOO HOT!!

[..YouTube..] Wow, so much simpathy ;D

Not only GREAT looking, but funny and sweet

[..YouTube..] i liked her look in “house of wax” she looked so cute

[..YouTube..] look up the girl next door

[..YouTube..] fuck..who wants her dead much ha;)? kinda smiled through this though ha

[..YouTube..] I love her! :D

[..YouTube..] she looks like she’s been popping pills……..your natural glow is fading elishaaaa..nooooo

[..YouTube..] creo que me estoy obsesionando ;)

[..YouTube..] an awful looking dress on her……nothing wrong with putting on weight but with the wrong clothes, it’s not flattering…..

[..YouTube..] Wow she dresses like a 40 year old. Sorry dont like it. I want the hot chick from 2004 back.

[..YouTube..] w000w yeha w000w s r1ght

[..YouTube..] is she on adderall?

[..YouTube..] haha you can tell shes canadian she has the accent :P

[..YouTube..] too funny buh Elisha u dah maddest

[..YouTube..] her hair was much better in house of wax

[..YouTube..] I DREAM OF JENNIE 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] she look old in that dress …

[..YouTube..] @UNCLESEANYC Yes, and lookes she’s put some weight on. But she is still so hot, the dreaming dirl nextdoor ever!

[..YouTube..] she hot but she looks better with red hair

[..YouTube..] I think Dave is smitten with Elisha a bit. He seems a little different with her.

[..YouTube..] Does her shoes look like they are way too big ?

[..YouTube..] Hahaha she got freaked out by Dave when he kissed her hand LMAO. Dave is a creep.

[..YouTube..] my op, shes not at pretty with short hair, she needs her hair back from girl next door, looks young and cut

[..YouTube..] SHE HAS CHANGED WAYYY TOO MUCH SINCE SHE STARTED ON 24. Not necessarily a bad thing. But she looks nothing like she did. I know she grew, but the face usually doesn’t change much.

[..YouTube..] shes still pretty, but I thought she was much prettier with long hair ~_~

[..YouTube..] ur visage is glowing, and lettermans cock is growing

[..YouTube..] ur visage is glowing, and lettermans d…..k is growing

[..YouTube..] Guys she can wear short or long hair. Either way shes still pretty.
Short hair suits her more than long, and the funny thing she always had short even on 24.

[..YouTube..] Some People know her as the girl from “the girl next door” and some 24. I think short hair looks better on her; she always had short hair and it suits her. Maybe she likes it, that way; short hair is easier to manage than long hair and it’s not in the way all of the time. I think it’s stupid to have or keep your long hair cause of what guys like, I think suits you and what you love you should go for because if you do it cause for people happiness than how are you gonna be happy, what about your

[..YouTube..] Elisha Cuthbert is so sexy, she should do No Nonsense pantyhose commercials and Veet commercials.

[..YouTube..] @UNCLESEANYC she respect her self she’s not like the other sluts of hollywood

[..YouTube..] @Akasha987 true my friend true. But still she dresses too old considering her age. shes still hot im just sayin lol