24’s Kim Raver joins Revolution in recurring role

Kim Raver in Grey's Anatomy Season 6
Kim Raver in Grey’s Anatomy Season 6

Kim Raver who 24 fans will remember as Jack Bauer’s love interest Audrey Raines is joining the cast of NBC drama series Revolution for a pivotal recurring role according to TVLine:

NBC’s Revolution drama, now viewable online but officially premiering Sept. 17, has recruited Grey’s Anatomy alum Kim Raver for a juicy recurring role.

Details on Raver’s character are being kept under lock and key, but sources confirm that the part is a pivotal one.

Additionally former 24 director Jon Cassar has just finished up on filming the fifth episode of Revolution. You can watch the pilot online at Hulu (US only) ahead of its premiere on September 25th and see if it’s your cup of tea.


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What’s going on with this site? No updates for over a month?The site didn’t report on Touch Premiere being pushed back until January of 2013 even though I couldn’t care less about the show. No report on Homeland winning all the major categories at this year Emmy Awards. Who’s the hell is running this site? I mean no disrespect but I don’t want this site to shut down because of lack of interest in 24.

I can assure you this site isn’t shutting down. The lack of updates over the last month was simply due to me being extremely busy, not any lack of interest.

As the few news items were only very loosely connected to 24, I thought it wouldn’t be critical to post them. I apologize – adding some of the missed stories now :)