Elisha Cuthbert
Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert on 24 movie: “I know where I come into the story”

Elisha Cuthbert was asked about the 24 movie and although she hasn’t seen the script yet, she seems confident that her character (Kim Bauer) will have a part.

CraveOnline: Has anyone called about the 24 movie?
Elisha Cuthbert:
Yeah, well we were going to do it last summer. We had everything geared up and we were really this close and then [Kiefer Sutherland] was busy [with “Touch”]. He wants to do it. It’s just to fit it in, it’s ultimately up to the big guy.

CraveOnline: He says it’s penciled in for next spring now.
Elisha Cuthbert:
Yeah, but he always says it when he’s got something coming out. Have you ever noticed that? We always talk about the movie when we’ve got a show, a Broadway show, the movie’s coming. We’ve got a new show, the movie’s coming. And he’s done it to me. I’m like, “We’re doing it, we’re doing it.” I saw him at Paramount and we had a great conversation. He’s like, “Get ready.” Not doing it. It’s okay, it’s okay. You know what, it will happen. It will happen. The script’s there. He wants to do it. It’s just got to be the right timing and it’ll be there and the fans’ll be there. It’ll be all right.

CraveOnline: Have you ever run into Jon Cassar?
Elisha Cuthbert:
I have run into him and he’s doing well. I’ve also run into Howard Gordon [who is] doing “Homeland” now. I’m just so proud of them and what they’ve done and what they’re doing. It’s great. I never thought I could go back to doing a dramatic thing because how can I live up to “24” and they’re doing even better. It’s unbelievable. That’s a task.

CraveOnline: Have they let you see the movie script yet?
Elisha Cuthbert:
No, no. I know where I come into the story and where I come out and that’s about it.

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Well sounds like she’ll be apart of the story in some capacity. If I had to guess I would say she’s used as leverage to get to Jack or get Jack out in the open.

I hope Kim Bauer role in the movie is a small cameo. Very small. The movie should be about Jack Bauer only and should introduce new characters in the 24 world and not rely on tv characters from the past as a crutch. Not yet anyway.

“…it’s ultimately up to the big guy.”

Ha ha, cute line that :-), I would hazard a guess that maybe Kim will be used as bait to draw Jack out of hiding, or it might be little more than a cameo, but who knows? The movie should concentrate exclusively on Jack; it should be HIS story, HIS struggle, HIS journey, and ultimately HIS life on the line and not the national security of the U.S. of A…

I’m not disagreeing with your guys is comments about kim but if she’s in the story I’m sure they didn’t go threw the trouble to write her in as a small cameo. As a said & someone else said she maybe used to get to Jack. Jack Did warn Chloe that the people after him may try and get to kim & her family. He told her to keep them protected. So if she’s in the movie it wouldn’t be totally crazy, it’s gotta be related to that reason. On another note I have a question for anyone who can answer. I read awhile back about the writers saving tony for the movie anyone aware of that?

That’s the first time I’ve heard Tony mentioned in relation to the movie, as far as I know he was NEVER even considered to be in the movie… the series producers had thought about bringing him back in some capacity for Season 8 but couldn’t find a suitable narrative reason for doing so, and that’s the last time the subject of Mr Almeida came up, if memory serves.

Personally, my own opinion would be other than the fact he’s definitely not in the upcoming movie, I certainly wouldn’t rule him out if they make the potential ’24’ movie trilogy they have in mind… but only if there’s a definite reason for his inclusion, not just because he’s a fan favorite.

Me personally I would love for Tony to be in the movie but I don’t even know where to begin to speculate on what role he would play. Him & Jack are fugitives for different reasons so I hardly think there would be a partnership. & to be honest I was Always thinking & the end of the series Tony & Chloe would have been the two friends that Jack had left. But as I said about Tony this article was very specific by saying they were saving him for the movie. I guess time will tell eventually.

Like I said before, the movie should stand on its own and doesn’t need the tv baggage. The movie is a new beginning for the franchise and to have characters from the tv show to pop up during the movie just to please 24 fans will feel contrived and not real in my opinion. That’s why I think it’s necessary to not use 24 in the movie title. They could say “From the makers of 24 comes Jack Bauer first big screen adventure” and then reveal the movie title in their marketing campagin. That is another way to get the average moviegoer to think it’s a real movie instead of a tv show disguised as a movie if that makes any sense to you.

I get your point I have no problem with new characters but at the same time 24 is about moving forward not backwards. We know the movies going to pick up 6 months after Jack left the U.S just because they’ll add a few characters from the series which I assume they will does not mean it’ll take anything away from the movie standing on it’s own. From what Kiefer told T.V guide Jack fighting for survival & on the run it sounds like that’s where there focus will be on Jack. But if they add a few characters like Kim possibly Chloe it will most likely be to serve the story in some form. What your describing & to keep certain Characters excluded doesn’t sound right when characters like Logan & The Russian president had a hand in Ranee’s Murder if there going to go forward with Jack on the run when he was responsible for taking out the players in the Russian Government certain characters like that would have to be in the movie. Kiefer implied everyone his made enemy’s with is out to get him. So certain characters from the series would have to be in the movie for that to be continued.

Oh, I forgot one thing I agree with you on the title it should be called 24 because that’s what it is but they shouldn’t call it 24 the movie that’s kinda cheesy they should give it a title like they did with redemption.

’24: Jack’s European Vacation’ :-)…

Sounds like a title spoof haha

Ya think ;-)…?

They could give Jack an extra hour & call it 25

Taken 3: 24 in 2 hours for 10 dollars

To chime in my factual opinion: 24 should continue the story and not dumb itself down to retarded people.

Retarded people don’t pay attention to a movie anyway. They just go for their dates and to kill time and see what everyone else is seeing. It doesn’t matter what’s on the screen. They never know what’s happening anyway. These people will forever be confused.

I think there needs to be enough recognition and throwbacks to the TV series to establish continuity and to keep the same feel about it, without beating a dead horse and “WHO REALLY KILLED DAVID PALMER!?!?!” or some other repeated storyline…
I’ll be astonished if it ever happens though… Seems like it’ll never happen

Why do you not think it will happen? The script is finished, the studio still wants to do it – according to Howard Gordon – and considering just how late in the day they were still ready to start filming earlier this year (and which would have happened had the studio not dragged their feet and low-balled them in terms of budget), all means there’s still every chance it will happen… you may be proved right, and it won’t, but until I hear otherwise, I’m still hopeful!

In terms of referencing the series in the movie, FOX are presumably hoping for a wider audience than just the ’24’ hardcore faithful, so we’ll likely have references to the events of Season 8’s latter third, and maybe a little bit of Jack’s background, but hopefully not much else, they only have approximately 120 minutes (with no reason for it to be any longer) to tell this story not approximately 1, 200 minutes like on each season of the show, so focus on Jack’s situation in the movie, and keep it moving forward… both in pace and in narrative.

Why do you not think it will happen? The script is finished, the studio still wants to do it – according to Howard Gordon – and considering just how late in the day they were still ready to start filming earlier this year (and which would have happened had the studio not dragged their feet and low-balled them in terms of budget), all means there’s still every chance it will happen… you may be proved right, and it won’t, but until I hear otherwise, I’m still hopeful! I agree with garry it would be hard to believe other wise right now. As for the WHO REALLY KILLED DAVID PALMER!?!?!” or some other repeated storyline… that doesn’t make any since it’s not even suggested that anything like that would take place. There going to start the movie off with Jack as a fugitive & continue that story in a since from season 8 yes. But Jack is being hunted & fighting for his own survival. Which is not repeated at all. We Haven’t seen Jack as a fugitive this would be the first time ever that he’s officially a suspect. the story sounds like it’s breaking new ground by giving Jack this story. I hardly wouldn’t call that repetitive.

Well given the fact that there’s been a change at management over at FOX, we don’t know how this will effect the chance to get the movie a greenlight. I hope it makes it easier to get the greenlight but given the lack of news this past eight months , I just don’t know anymore? There’s no news, rumors or even flat out lies about the 24 movie. If only Kiefer Sutherland, Howard Gordon, and FOX hold a press conference or at least talk to the press and say something concrete and making the movie is a sure thing, I will feel much better.

SAUDADES TONY ALMEIDA, SAUDADES MICHELLE DESSLER. Ok isso não tem nada a ver com o post e certamente ninguem entende portugues, ams em fim, seria muito bom ver Tony novamente nele … imagina só Jack fugindo para salvar a propria vida e tony almeida aparece e o ajuda? seria o maximo, queria muito que ele voltasse, mas voltasse como era antes do dia 5.
E tenho que mencionar que Jack e Tony fazem uma ótima dupla

It’s just a pity that ‘Touch’ was pushed back to February as Kiefer would have been doing press interviews to publicize the second season right now (it would have started last Friday night if it had stayed to it’s original broadcast schedule), and he no doubt would have given an update on the current status of the ’24’ movie, alas…

Bman dude, I forgot about that change of management at FOX, I too hope it bodes well for the movie, but if not, I would hope the studio allow Imagine to get financing from another source – Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp would be a good place to start, having made many European-set action movies like the ‘Taken’ and ‘Transporter’ series’ – and all FOX has to do is distribute it, but either way, don’t bet against the tenacity of Brian Grazer, the man just doesn’t take no for an answer…

You guys don’t get ahead of yourselves We have all heard that a script exist. Howard referred to Tom Rothman I believe his name is saying fox still wants to do. He’s stated Kiefer wants to do it,he wants to do it. They all have a desire to do it. He said something like Tom wouldn’t do a 24 movie just to do it. Then he adds he wants to do it cause he believes Jack Bauer can stand on his own. & we know more about the script then we did a year ago. If we don’t hear something by at least Christmas my guess would be we hear something by the first part of the new year. The only thing we don’t know is if or when they have a director picked out.

But does FOX have a desire to make the movie? If this was a X-Men, Wolverine or an Alien movie, I’m sure FOX will move heaven and earth to find a good director and give them a budget that is fair. But given this a movie based on a tv show and given the recent track record of films based on tv shows is not good (The X-Files, The A-Team, Miami Vice, Sex And The City) I’m pretty sure FOX is not all that enthusiastic about making the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I really want the 24 movie to happen but given FOX history, I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie didn’t get the greenlight. Like Gerry said at another post “hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.”

I see what your saying but think of it this way 24 is shot like a movie. They gave it that movie like quality. If anyone has seen taken 2 which is awesome btw it’s got everything that could be in a 24 movie Action drama suspense & good villains just all around a good thriller 24 was all of those in the series. It’s useless to speculate on weather Fox has a desire to do it there not gonna answer that. The only updates will be hearing will be from Howard or Kiefer on this, & if they still talk about it then then obviously there some. Might not be much but like I said there’s some, Even Kiefer mentioned it was unreasonable of him to ask if they could shoot with in the small window he had. Both sides said it wasn’t enough time to prepare. Part of the issue is Fox everybody involved with 24 didn’t jump on the movie fast enough. They could’ve taken the first two years to find a writer to get them to the script they have today. But they took there sweet time even doing that. Star trek TNG Had there first movie Generations out in 95 First Contact 98 Insurrection 99 & Nemesis in 02 24 could’ve easily followed that pattern. But it looks like there late on that one assuming there will be more then one.

Guest dude, they DID take two years to get the script where it is today; Billy Ray was hired in February 2010 and it was March or April this year they finally finished it, and it wasn’t Kiefer’s tight window of availability that scuppered the ’24’ movie production this past summer, they knew since at least the latter half of 2011 that the intent was to shoot spring/summer 2012 – Kiefer even cleared his summer hiatus schedule to make room for the movie – it was FOX dragging their heels in greenlighting the movie and not assigning it a suitable budget that killed it… they had a script, a director, and a determination to get it done this year, until FOX decided that $30m was all they were getting, and the rest we all know!

BMan dude, the first ‘X-Files’ and ‘Sex and the City’ movies were considered creative and commercial successes (their respective sequels less so), because they captured what made the series’ work, and for the same reason, the ‘A Team’ and ‘Miami Vice’ movies failed at the box-office because they bore little resemblance to the series’ that inspired them… the moral of the story seems to be make one great movie that captures the essence of what made the series popular, and quit while you’re ahead!

And the problem with the ‘Star Trek: TNG’ movies was precisely because they were rushed and/or (mostly) half-baked affairs; ‘…Generations’ came out in November 1994, a mere six months after the series ended, much too short a time to fully develop a proper script and get the best film possible made – which is why Leonard Nimoy declined to direct it, calling the script “lousy” – they shouldn’t have even considered the movies until the series was finished… a move that the ’24’ people (for the most part) wisely avoided!

Well the star trek TNG movies I liked the first two anyway. My point was the writer they hired they took there sweet time with the script Mark Bombback must of done something right cause there all happy with it now. I’m not sure where this continuous rumor about the budget is still being discussed cause Kiefer said this issue didn’t come from him. My point with the TNG movies was 24 could’ve followed that same pattern with sequels & that’s assuming if there will be more then one. They didn’t use those two years very wisely cause we are in 2012 & I can’t exactly remembered but it was either last year I believe that they hired bombback for the rewrite. the past two years ya heard news on nothing but rewrites of the script they have today. & I didn’t say Kiefer’s schedule derailed the progress I was stating he agreed with fox what he was asking in terms of 6 weeks to shoot? correct me on that please if I’m wrong, was unreasonable. I guess in some ways it didn’t seem enough of a priority for fox to get this story right for 24 obviously til Bombback.I’ll start believing fox when they show there just as eager as Kiefer & Howard on this movie. This is why I’m believing both Howard & Kiefer on these updates because there just as eager. But at times it sounds like there even discouraged….

Guest dude, the first two TNG movies were easily the best – and the most enjoyable – it’s just that they probably shouldn’t have started work on them until the series was wrapped, with ‘…Generations’ released in November 1996 (not 1994 as it was) and directed by Leonard Nimoy, and what became ‘…First Contact’ released in November 1998 and directed by David Carson (easily the series’ best director, in my opinion)… better budgets from Paramount would have helped, as well!

The ’24’ movie people were working with Billy Ray up until late last year, when Mark Bomback came in to give the script – which was already as good as finished at that point – a final polish, it would appear that polish lasted until March or April this year, when Kiefer has strongly implied the script was completely done and dusted. At the same time, they were furiously trying to put the movie together in advance of Kiefer’s very tight window of availability between late April and late July, but FOX were apparently dragging their heels on the project, not being consistent with notes and generally conveying a lack of urgency, and with the clock running out, FOX finally made Imagine Entertainment an insultingly low $30m budget offer in early March this year – a whole $15m less than the bare minimum that Imagine insisted they needed to do the film right – and by the time negotiations and arbitration between studio and production company got down to brass tacks, it was late March, by which time, they would have had only seven weeks to prep the movie before filming would have begun, and that’s if everything had been agreed to, which they were far from being, so both studio and production company postponed it until next year, and that’s where we find ourselves at present…

Had they agreed on a budget and filming began this past April or May, they probably would have had between ten and twelve weeks to shoot the film, which is tight, but still completely achievable (Spielberg shoots many of his films in as tight a production schedule), but all things considered, I’m glad they waited until 2013, now they have NO excuses for any further delays…

Hmm well I guess if this is true I guess I’m missing the part where Kiefer said this didn’t come from him as far as being angry with fox and budget issues ect. & your right they should have NO excuses now that there all happy with the script & are on the same page according to Howard & I believe Kiefer as well. I would also like to point out that Johnathan Frakes Ryker Directed First Contact btw.

I know Frakes directed ‘…First Contact’, I was stating that if they had taken their time with ‘…Generations’ it would have had Leonard Nimoy directing, and that in my opinion, David Carson would then have been ideal (based on his outstanding work on the series) to direct the darker Borg-centered ‘…First Contact’, Frakes was an excellent television director (I have no idea what his current work is like) but a mediocre movie director…

And of course Kiefer denied publicly criticizing FOX over the budget and salary disagreements, he’s not going to bite the hand that feeds him, although I believe the sentiments expressed by unnamed insiders close to Kiefer and Imagine in that article about the alleged dispute were accurate and genuine… let’s just hope the two sides are indeed “on the same page now”, according to Howard Gordon, and that the ’24’ movie finally moves up several gears in it’s journey to the big screen.

Eh… Well If he said this didn’t come from him then it didn’t come from him. Why would he lie he’s got no reason to.

Okay this is kinda off subject but I was looking at imdb.com & in the 24 movie details it list howard Gordon under the screenplay list he was involved to get the script where it is right now correct? I don’t entirely remember how much. I assume pretty much the whole thing right. feel free to correct me.

Howard Gordon is likely only an executive producer on the ’24’ movie, he’s effectively ensuring it remains consistent with the series, and is more of an executive consultant – much like Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran were after they left the series – than an actual hands-on producer (that’s Brian Grazer’s job on this gig), ditto in regards the script, it was conceived and then written for the most part by Billy Ray, with a polish by Mark Bomback, but Howard Gordon whilst no doubt being an active part of discussions and consultations about the script, didn’t write any part of it… all that being said though, I wonder why they didn’t bring out and use (with obvious revisions) the supposed story outline that Gordon, Surnow, and Cochran hammmered out for a possible ’24’ movie back in 2006; which would have been shot in Prague, London, and Morocco, and would have had the action in it’s three main location settings play out in real time segments of about 40 minutes each, it surely would have saved time to have used that instead of coming up with a brand new script that has taken two whole years to finish.

The only thing we knew about that was the story whatever it was was that it was suppose to be in Prague, London, and Morocco as you said. & I also heard them say Jerusalem. But yeah I agree wonder why there story wasn’t used?… Howard did say when I asked him on twitter that both creators will serve as producers on the movie.

Antoine Fuqua just wrapped “Olympus Has Fallen” in early August, which gives him at least four months for him to be involved in post-production. So if the 24 movie starts pre-production late this year or early next year, it’s feasible that he might be available to direct the 24 movie if he’s still interested. All we need now is FOX to get off their butts and officialy greenlight the movie.

Abso- flippin’- lutely on that one, BMan dude, I was gutted when the ’24’ movie shoot was postponed this year and Fuqua moved on to pastures new, but if he becomes available again early next year, I say go for it… having watched (and been mighty impressed by) ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ recently, I can think of no-one better than A.Q. to helm Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut, and I mean NO-ONE!

Abso- flippin’- lutely on that one, BMan dude, I was gutted when the ’24’ movie shoot was postponed this year and Fuqua moved on to pastures new, but if he becomes available again early next year, I say go for it… having watched (and been mighty impressed by) ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ recently, I can think of no-one better than A.Q. to helm Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut, and I mean NO-ONE!

Dang it, double post, what happened there, sorry all…

BMan dude, I just went and checked on ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, and production didn’t begin until mid-July, so it’s highly unlikely that it wrapped in August, although they’ve probably wrapped by now. It’s scheduled for an April 5th, 2013 release, which means that post-production will likely wrap by February or March… meaning that if shooting on ’24’ begins in early May, there’s still time enough for Fuqua – A.F. not A.Q. as I mistakenly posted above – to transition from that film to ’24’… at least I hope so.

There’s a youtube video where’s Gerard Butler is giving his wrap speech and it reads that the movie wrapped on Aug 14, 2012 in Shreveport, LA. While that’s true or not, who knows? But just as long as Antoine Fuqua is available and still interested in directing the 24 movie, I will be thrilled.

I’ll take your good word on that, BMan dude, you were right about Antoine Fuqua so far be it from me to disagree with you :-)… maybe it was Butler wrapping his scenes on the movie, but production continued after he left, I don’t know…

I so hope Fuqua does ’24’, he really is the very best candidate for the job, and if much work has already been done on it – considering how close they were to production this year – Fuqua could transition pretty easily to ’24’ once post has wrapped on ‘Olympus…’ around February or March, fingers crossed on this one…

Just for the record Training Day & shooter were the best. I personally wish Cassar would direct but Antoine Fuqua’s not bad. He would have to direct it more like shooter keeping the realism of there lives intact kinda like taken 2 was.

I think the biggest issue here with the delays in getting this movie made or even having a trilogy, is that Kiefer isn’t getting any younger. He does love to do his own stunts, and has made it a point to do so to maintain the continuity of the movie. But Kiefer said so himself, in a video I saw a while back, that he’d like to do the movie before Jack Bauer is in a wheelchair. So I think a good deal of that will be based on how much more time it takes to get this project off the ground. I absolutely LOVED 24 the series, own the entire box set (2 of them, actually, in case you know anybody looking for a set), but I see the reasoning behind not following the series to the T. As a motion picture film, the expectation will be to maintain the original audience while at the same time, bringing in new fans, who will most likely then go back and rent or buy the series. So I have to agree, focusing on the last 8-10 episodes of season 8 and going from there might be the best way to do it. I would definitely be disappointed if Chloe isn’t in the film in some manner, especially since Jack told her to protect Kim, and AC is set to come back as Kim in some manner. Chloe could tie into that arc beautifully, and help to bridge the gap between series and movie. Back to the Kiefer age thing, keep in mind, you’re dealing with a 2 hour time frame rather than 24, so the action will be much tighter, and much quicker than even the series was. I think Kiefer will have considerably more stunts to perform on the movie than he did in the series (not cumulatively, obviously). Well, here’s hoping that Fox moves forward SOON!! If we don’t hear anything by the end of January, I’m most likely going to give up hope that this project will ever get off the ground. At least not with Kiefer at point. And we all know that no Kiefer, no 24!

I agree they need to get moving on the movie pronto, but considering that they were effectively in active pre-production as late as early March before it was postponed, I tend to think that much work has already been done and that it could be reactivated pretty quickly once a greenlight is given by the studio (with a likely budget around the $40m range), even if as late as next February, and still have production commence that May, with a likely schedule of around 65 shooting days or thereabouts taking them through until late July when Kiefer would have to return to ‘Touch’ if renewed for a third season, that is.

Well lets hope that the story that Kiefer Sutherland is making a western movie with his dad and begins shooting in April 2013 turns out to be false. Because if it’s true then not only there be another delay and most likely the movie will never get made but Kiefer Sutherland got a big egg on his face because he said that the movie will definitely start filming next summer.

If ‘Touch’ is not renewed for a third season – and I bet it won’t – then Le Kief (it’s been a while since I used that) could very easily film the Western from April, and then transition onto ’24’ without any delay or interruption before the summer’s out, probably around June or July…