Reiko Aylesworth to guest star in Person of Interest

Reiko Aylesworth
Reiko Aylesworth

Got any Person of Interest spoilers? — Peter
Would you settle for some exclusive casting intel? The show has cast 24 and Hawaii Five-0 alum Reiko Aylesworth. She will appear in this season’s ninth episode, which finds Reese and Finch trying to protect a cab driver whose number comes up from his passengers — any one of whom could be involved in the crime. Aylesworth will play Regina Vickers, a Secret Service agent with a hidden agenda. The role is just for one episode… for now.

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North American viewers are a lucky lot, we in the United (at least for now) Kingdom are only up to ‘Number Crunch’, episode #10 of season 1… and what an episode it was too, WOW! I’ve read on the ‘net that it just gets better and better from that episode on, anyone here care to confirm or deny, I certainly hope it’s the former, ‘Person of Interest’ has serious potential to be one classic series in the making…

For the first time in my life, I partially hyperventilated. This makes me wanna go up to Jonathan Nolan and say “Dude, you’ve given us everything!” His response:
‘Not everything, not yet.’

It would be amazing if Kiefer Sutherland make an appearance on the show. Like a future villian that has a connection with Reese or the voice of the machine. It would be really cool if Jonathan Nolan is in some way involved with the 24 movie. I know that is too much to hope for, but having his name attached to the movie will be great for publicity in my opinion.

Eh…? not nolan he’s not right for 24. To be honest person of interest is getting a little silly they went from being consistent in the first season to inconsistent…. It would be cool if they put John reese & Jack Bauer in a storyline. But don’t think Kiefer would do it.

@Guest I admit, episode 4 was not their strongest, but the next one took their game to a whole new level…

Lets hope it’s seems to be less procedural & more sci-fi like. There security system seems to get more spot light then the four main characters. Which WAS supposed to be the back drop not the center. If it gets two off track which I think it’s walking on that road then I may have to watch something else. The premise seems to have changed…

Sorry I meant to

I don’t think “Person Of Interest” is going more “sci-fi” like. The machine is just like another character on the show and learning how the machine got built that may or may not be self aware makes the show that much better in my opinion. The show will always focus on Reese, Finch, Carter, and Fusco with the machine’s role staying in the background giving Finch more numbers to decipher.

Well that’s kinda the thing the Machine shouldn’t be another Character. it shouldn’t be at the center it should stay as a back drop for the series it just makes more since that way. It’s fine to see how Finch programed it & what not but it shouldn’t take the focus away From the four main Characters. The shows Idea is about a Presumed Dead Special forces Agent & a billionaire/Computer programer. They delt with Reese hiding from the government & in this season it seems like He doesn’t have to Worry about avoiding the government & is operating as if nothing like that ever occurred. Makes me wonder if they’ll ever put John in real danger again… Cause his operating as if his life before didn’t matter.