DirecTV to air all eight seasons of 24 in HD, commercial free

Jack Bauer 24 Season 5 Premiere

DirecTV is turning to Jack Bauer to help promote its upcoming original drama series Rogue.

DirecTV’s Audience Network will air for the first time in HD all eight seasons of Fox’s Kiefer Suthlerland starrer starting Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m.

“24 perfectly complements our current stable of critically acclaimed, award-winning dramas, such as Damages, and our upcoming series, Rogue,” said Patty Ishimoto, vp entertainment at DirecTV and GM of the Audience Network.

“24 is a unique series presented in an unparalleled format that had viewers constantly on the edge of their seats. We are excited to provide our viewers with the opportunity to rediscover it as it was meant to be seen, unedited, commercial free and in HD.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline


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Great news that 24 is back on the screen!

Are there any news on the movie, tho? It looks to me like they’ve abandoned the project. :/


ALL in HD? AMAZING! That means they’ve kept the HD masters of seasons 1, 2, and 3. We can hopefully expect a complete series Blu Ray then in the next few years :)

Harutyun makes a good point in questioning whether FOX still wants to do the movie, it’s been NINE WHOLE MONTHS since they postponed it to next year… the trouble is, we’re almost into next year and not a dickie-bird has been heard about any further progress made on getting it closer to production!

If Kiefer still has definite plans to shoot that proposed Western with his father next April once he wraps production on ‘Touch’, that’s not going to leave any time for the ’24’ movie before he may have to return to begin shooting a potential third season of ‘Touch’ (if it gets renewed for one, that is)… he’s cutting it a little tight, it would appear to me, unless he’s already gotten either strong indications that FOX aren’t going ahead with the ’24’ movie or that ‘Touch’ won’t be renewed again, in which latter case, he has all the time in the world to do both films!

News or no news, I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this, and it’s a feeling I didn’t have until very recently…

I really get the feeling that Kiefer’s mouth is a little too large when it comes to the movie. He’s cried wolf a lot of time now, and he always says it’s going to happen when he 1) hasn’t looked at his own calendar and 2) hasn’t consulted with anyone else. Elisha Cuthbert was dead on when she said he always announces it right when he signs up for another time committing project. I also remember a year or so ago when he announced that it was happening and Fox Studios quickly said that they hadn’t greenlit a thing yet.

At the end of the day, I am confident that a 24 movie will be made, but I think that fans will have to wait for a long time, say three or five more years down the road, before anything comes to fruition.

Didn’t Kiefer Sutherland say last year that the script was nearly finished and they were prepping the movie to begin shooting when he finished filming Touch? If what I read on this site from other comments, and the articles about the movie being delayed earlier this year, it would seem that it wasn’t Kiefer Sutherland’s fault but rather 20th Century Fox who wouldn’t green-light the film or give them even remotely what they were asking for in terms of budget needed to do the script they had any justice onscreen. I hope the movie happens but if Kiefer comes back in January (when he’ll be promoting the second series of Touch) and says the fate of the ’24’ movie is still up in the air and Fox hasn’t made a decision yet, I think it’s fair to say it won’t happen this year and as someone else here wrote, Fox won’t have the interest to make it in 2014 if they don’t have the interest to make it in 2013.

If we have to wait three to five years, Kiefer Sutherland will be too old to play Jack Bauer. I get the sinking feeling that FOX is going to reboot 24 in a few years. Thank you FOX for kicking 24 fans in the balls.

Broadcasting the whole series in HD definitely improves the likelihood of 24 being released as a Blu-Ray complete series edition. If it performs well, FOX may finally give in like HBO did for Entourage.

As for the movie, we will see the progress occur within the next few months. Touch is very unlikely getting a 3rd season (the series costs a lot and produced low ratings even in an ideal slot) so Kiefer can do what his fans are counting on.

I suspect in 2013 Kiefer will be asked again about the movie guess will know where they stand & to someone who mentioned the script it’s not nearly finished it IS finished. Fox/Kiefer/&Howard are making us play a long waiting game after eight years of loyal fans who stuck with the series… This sucks cause the story sounds interesting…..

I said that Kiefer said LAST YEAR that the script was nearly finished, it would be nice if you actually read what I wrote Guest. According to Kiefer, the script has been finished since about March or April of this year – he said it wasn’t finished until very late before he wrapped filming on Touch – and I don’t think it’s either Kiefer’s or Howard Gordon’s fault the movie wasn’t shot by now, it was the studio’s, that being said, I’m glad they waited until 2013 to (hopefully) shoot the movie, had they shot it this year, there simply wasn’t a good time to release it – what with ‘Taken 2’, ‘Skyfall’, ‘The Hobbit’, and ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ all released within a six month period – now if they start filming in late April and get it done by early/mid July, they could get it finished and ready for release in November 2013, that’s what I would do anyway.

I apologize it sounded like you were asking didn’t mean to offend you.

No probs there, Guest, and no need to apologize, my above post sounded a little more confrontational than was intended, just keep on what you’re doing here, your okay in my book.

I think it’s a good idea if Kiefer Sutherland and Howard Gordon approach Jonathan Nolan to help write the 24 movie. They both got nothing to lose now given that there might be another delay but also FOX might be more open to make the movie if Jonathan Nolan is writing the script and lets face it who do you want to write the 24 movie? The guy who wrote the awful Total Recall remake? Or the guy who wrote The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises? I know who I’m picking and by getting him means another delay so be it. I’ve waited this long already.

BMAN dude, Jonathan Nolan is already committed to ‘Person of Interest’ for the foreseeable future – he’s explicitly stated he’s in it for the long run – besides, the ’24’ movie script is finished, and if both Kiefer Sutherland and Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer are all happy with the script as is, why tinker with it (a few inevitable spit-and-polish revisions before production notwithstanding)…?

I’m sure Jonathan Nolan can walk and chew gum at the same time and if the script is that good then why is FOX refusing to pull the trigger to make the movie. I have no idea why FOX is treating the 24 franchise like a unwanted stepchild. After all the money 24 has made for FOX and the concerns on the movie budget is silly in my opinion. I mean did FOX even watch Skyfall or The Bourne Legacy and now you have the film Jack Reacher coming out soon which is getting great reviews by the way. You think those films cost a paltry $45m to make. FOX needs to wake up and start treating the franchise with respect. 24 is not The X-Files so please stop comparing them.

Speaking of scripts, the Skyfall script had several elements that we’ve already seen in 24 – the spy list falling on the hands of an enemy, Bond working with a character using computers to track enemy and head of intelligence agency being replaced with a new person

Eh…. Jonathan Nolan No his not right for 24 @ I’ve said that before. besides Kiefer’s description of the script sounds interesting I like what they’ve described about the story it sounds 24. @RorshachLives! I appreciate your comment.

BMAN dude, you are so right about FOX’s treatment of the ’24’ movie it hurts… really! I too am utterly bewildered and perplexed that the studio hasn’t committed to the movie yet, considering they (Imagine Entertainment) want to commence filming this coming April or May, and even that’s not a definite…

And you’re right about the price tag issue, most big studio action pictures today are almost all in the $100m-$150m range, you would think making a big-screen version of a phenomenally successful series, with an in-built worldwide audience, for a mere $45m would be a no-brainer for any studio, but the whole idea of comparing the FIRST ’24’ movie with the SECOND ‘X-Files’ movie (as FOX is seemingly doing) is a total red herring;

1) ’24’ was still pulling in (relatively) strong ratings when it ended whereas the audience at large had deserted ‘The X-Files’ long before it ended.

2) ‘The X-Files’ already had made the transition to the big screen in 1998 (and very successfully too), so the novelty (not to mention the audience) was no longer there for the 2008 second film, ’24’ has yet to make that transition, so there would still be a certain novelty factor seeing Jack Bauer on the big screen, with all the added bells and whistles that encompasses.

3) The second ‘X-Files’ film – whilst still a highly enjoyable and refreshingly atmospheric, intelligent, and thoughtful little film – simply wasn’t really an ‘X-Files’ case as such; there was very little to no actual real supernatural, paranormal, or extraterrestrial content in the film, and it didn’t really explore any new ideas or develop the lead characters’ story arc in any substantive way. The ’24’ movie will (hopefully) retain what made the series so great; pulse-pounding action and suspense, strong characters, and great emotional human drama… if it manages that, it’ll likely be a success.

I’m still hopeful it will happen, a little less than before I’ll admit, but all it takes is one news item telling us it’s been given the go-ahead and all will be well with the world again… if not, then DAMMIT!!!

@Guest…Why do you think Jonathan Nolan is not right for the 24 movie? I’m just curious why would you say that? I’m not saying that he’s going get the job but if there’s a slim chance to get him to write the movie or even polish the script, I just think that will only help the film. I’ve always said that If Imagine can get a big name action director or writer attached to the film, FOX will more likely greenlight the movie. Well that’s my theory anyway, because right now Kiefer Sutherland and Howard Gordon name alone couldn’t get the movie a greenlight because if it did then Kiefer wouldn’t be making the western movie with his dad.

I say that because Jonathan Nolan compares to much of the superhero world to his material. Look at Person of interest all tho I like the show I debate in my head sometimes weather it’s worth watching still mainly because of it’s inconsistency in storyline the man in the suit idea. They made John reese like a hitman which he is not he’s a former CIA operative NOT a hitman. Givin the idea his presumed dead yet he still wares the hitman suit doesn’t make a whole lot of since when the FBI is looking for him.The first season was consistent this second not so much. & look at this thursdays episode there just now coming back with the government storyline between John & the FBI after they give you the impression they were done with it. Well there just now catching us up? I don’t see Jack Bauer as a super hero I see him as Kiefer sees him a highly trained field operative a Patriot who sacrificed everything for his country. They didn’t have to make John this hitman like character with certain batman elements to him. John was fine in the pilot with light brown leather Jacket. when the writers of 24 wrote for Jack there stories were well thought out & generally most of the time made since. Person of interest writers went from being consistent to inconsistent & has become a bit predicable & there’s to much of that in T.V already that’s not interesting to me anymore after sticking with 24.

Besides I like the description 24’s story for the movie sounds interesting.

@Guest… Well lets just say that we agree to disagree. Jonathan Nolan is the top of his game right now and if someway he can help in anyway with the 24 script then the movie will be elevated to a whole new level in my opinion. Person Of Interest is having a great second season and when i’m watching the show i’m not thinking about Batman. I’m enjoying the show for what it is. Pure and simple entertainment because after all is only just a tv show.

I think were miss understanding each other I’m not putting down Nolan’s talent I loved Batman Begins & the Dark Knight haven’t seen rises yet but I want to. I’m just simply saying I wouldn’t want to see a super hero comparison to Jack if Nolan was involved with 24. I like person of interest also I Love the back stories they gave Reese but some of the writing is inconsistent this season. I would like the stories to be givin more thought before there told… Reese is very similar to Jack. Reese does what ever it takes to get the Job done. By his back story I would like to see more stories where reese’s trust in people I would like to see him question that the writers of 24 broke Jack more then once Reese has a similar personality I would like to see that with him as well it seems like it would fit John to. But some of the stories in person of interest don’t make me go Oh, okay that makes since some of em kinda make you go what?…. before I saw the trailer for this thursdays episode I was starting to wonder if they were going to have reese be in trouble with the FBI again they need to tell more stories like last weeks & this weeks givin the world Reese lives in. But still a good show very more similar to 24 then homeland is.

Did anybody see the new trailer for the new Die Hard 5 movie? The film looks like a $100m crapfest. FOX is willing to spend big bucks on making lousy movies but won’t greenlight a 24 movie because it’s too risky. The people over at FOX are idiots!!!

BMAN dude, I’m with you there, I was thinking the same thing myself… that and the fact I bet you just saw all the best bits in that trailer! They should have kept the original darker ending to ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ and ended it there, the last film was a parody of itself and this one looks no different…

You would think making a big-screen version of the most popular television series of the last decade that costs no more than $45m at most, and which has an in-built and massive worldwide audience who’ll go see it no matter how mediocre it may turn out – which it won’t – is pretty much a no-brainer. Kiefer Sutherland will be doing press for the second season of ‘Touch’ pretty imminently, so I guess we’ll know the current status of the ’24’ movie before the month is out… everyone hold their breath!

Well they can manage to make Taken & taken 2 which I loved btw but there fecal about Putting somebody like Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer who fits in that category with Bond & bourne in a story which it’s about time they have that anyone who loves thrillers would be dieing to go see. I guess this year we’ll found out eventually where everyone stands about this movie. Both taken movies had everything 24 did already suspense/action drama characters with lives & a bit of torture. 24’s done all those things. But from what I read everyone’s schedules need to be panned out & they need more time to prepare Kiefer’s said there all satisfied with the script so at least there’s that.

The Bond and Bourne movies does well because they have great writers and directors. The first Taken movie was good but Taken 2 was a little silly in my opinion. The 24 franchise needs to step it up creatively because there’s a lot of competition out there and Jack Bauer is in danger to fade away. I know i’m beating a dead horse here but Kiefer Sutherland should really try to get Jonathan Nolan to write the movie. The Nolan name carries a lot of weight and it also helps that he created one of the best shows on television with Person Of Interest. I know there’s already a script out there but i have a strong feeling is not on the same level with the Bond and Bourne films. I don’t want the 24 film franchise to be one and done. But all this talk is for nothing if those idiots from FOX doesn’t greenlight the movie.

‘Taken’ had a $30m budget whilst ‘Taken 2′ had a $45m budget which gives you a fair approximation of what the ’24’ movie would look like if either it had been made with the $30m that 20th Century Fox seemingly want to give it or if it was made with the $45m that Imagine Entertainment would prefer to have.

My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is the ’24’ movie shouldn’t cost more than $40m ideally, especially if both the Eastern European-set and set-based scenes in the film are filmed somewhere extremely cost effective, like Bulgaria (where ‘Conan the Barbarian’, ‘The Expendables 2’, and the upcoming new ‘Die Hard’ film were all filmed in), where it’s 40% cheaper than any other European country and 80% cheaper than either the U.K. or U.S. to film in, and where you could get considerably more bang for your buck.

A tight but totally reasonable $40m budget and a release date of late October 2013 would be the preferable options I believe, but whether the studio bigwigs think likewise we shall soon discover when Kiefer starts doing interviews for ‘Touch’ later this month.

I’m not worried about the 24 script with Howard Gordon & Kiefer sutherland weighing in on the script & the fact that there all happy with it is enough for me. Plus Kiefer’s description of the script, Saying Jack is on the run & is fighting for his own survival is something we didn’t see in the series. In season 8 when CTU was basically ordered to take down Jack it didn’t get played with enough in my opinion I guess. My guess is the movie’s going to step that up a notch & this is 24 were talking about here they usually mess up these kinds of storylines in there own specific way.

I personally would love to see them get someone like Ridley Scott to direct the movie that is if they’re ever going to get this off the ground. I know I sound like a broken record but I think they need to find a way to get Tony in the movie as well even if it means he has to die at least find a way to redeem himself & give him a heroes death not just make him an afterthought rotting in prison or on deathrow. He contributed too much to the show & it’s the movies they can certainly find away to bring him back they’ve done it before & it led to my opinion one of if not the best seasons. Seasons 6 & 8 just didn’t have the same feel without him but regardless of which direction they go PLEASE GET THIS MOVIE MADE. I think I speak for most when I say TV hasn’t been the same without 24 & we fans deserve to get some kind of closure for Jack live or die.

First of all there nothing to indicate that this movie assuming it gets made will provide closure. second what capacity would Tony play to the story I can’t think of one. Even tho I would like to see him I doubt it’ll be something along the lines to redeem himself that’s not how 24 works. Once they make character changes that’s it there’s no turning back. But I wish all involved were serious about this movie….

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Good action drama series :)