Carlos Bernard guest stars in Castle Season 5 Episode 23

Former 24 fan favorite Carlos Bernard (aka Tony Almeida) has been cast in Castle Season 5 episode 23 “The Human Factor” as mysterious operative Jared Stack. Initially he seems to be involved in the cover-up of a murder but later in the episode he just might have the key to solving the case. The episode will involve drones which was a plot point of 24‘s final season.

Carlos tweeted a photo while filming on set.

Castle regular Stana Katic also tweeted a photo of their “24 reunion”. Stana played Colette Stinger in Season 5, episodes 10-15 but never actually shared any scenes with Carlos on 24 – presumably they became pals on set. 24‘s Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer) also is a regular on Castle.


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He said “Damn it” in it and mentioned the Counterterrorism Unit… Loved it! :)