Howard Gordon on “retrofitting” interesting characters

Howard Gordon spoke to Crave Online about how they’re early in the process and are exploring possibilities on how to “retrofit” older cast members.

We also asked if Mary Lynn Rajskub would be returning as Chloe. Though no deals have been closed yet, Gordon was hopeful. “We literally just started so we don’t have the story locked down, but I think we’re going to try to get her. As soon as the deals are made and as soon as we have an idea of some of the players, [we’ll announce]. We’re sort of exploring too who’s out there and retrofitting people who are interesting.”

The “24” miniseries will pick up four years after Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) went on the run at the end of season eight. We pointed out that’s enough time for a new president, and Gordon acknowledged that fact.

“Undoubtedly there is, and even then you have to ask how do you not take that fact that we’ve been through four, five, six presidents, when you’ve taken the archetypes of the presidents, how do you do something new? That’s the trick. Or how do you keep telling the story that’s being told forward and not double back on yourself.”

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Tony Almeida is back??!! I’m hope so…

Tony will NOT be back, that’s for damn sure, HoGo has stated that he believes they slightly “overplayed” the Tony angle (I respectfully disagree on that point but don’t necessarily want him back) so it’s almost with full assurance of meta-physical certitude that Carlos Bernard will not be back any time soon… I don’t know about another President but the only recurring character (Chloe notwithstanding) that could be brought back without any need for exposition to slow the narrative down would be Mandy… before y’all roll your eyes and say “there he goes again on his Mandy trip” hear me out; Mandy has no backstory or history to speak of, we don’t need to know what she’s been up to since we last saw her nor is any explanation necessary, all we know about her for sure is her profession in that she’s a professional killer for hire, she could very easily be dropped in and out of the narrative without missing a beat and without any aforementioned exposition either needed nor given.

And that’s my reason for bringing Mandy back… no seriously folks, honestly, what other reasons could I possible have ;-)…?

@Gerry Mander well he didn’t exactly rule out his return either this is 24 anything is possible. as for a President they’ve had them in the past. There’s really nothing to not know about as far as that goes. They Need to have a president it’s part of 24’s world. There’s nothing wrong with another president. They are going to most defiantly keep certain elements that was part of the series. I’d like to see Tony Back honestly But not chloe. Everything else I’ve read sounds fine & different. & that’s the thing about 24 it’s always different. 24 has to have a president I mean Jack’s on the run. So what’s not to know. As far as that.

With all due respect, Gerry, the Mandy character wasn’t that unique or interesting other than the eye candy she provided for male viewers.

Age and health in Season 8 probably limits the plausibility of it but I still found the Ehtan Kanin character one of strong integrity and credibility as a politician with honor – and could be a respectable option for the President 4 years after S8. Heck, he sure served enough duty under past presidents (Secretary of Defense under Wayne Palmer, Chief of Staff under Alison Taylor). As much as I liked Aaron Pierce, his semi-retirement in S7 and age of Glenn Morshower seems to render his return unlikely.

What is curiously missing in Gordon’s tidbits is if they’ll even consider reviving what at times became a tired plotline if Kim returns. She obviously brings out the most emotional contexts for Jack to respond to but it would be a bit stale if she were somehow the object yet again of some villain or plot against Jack.

TJ: that season 4 finale with Mandy was absolutely amazing. some of 24’s best moments are contained in those episodes.

@Alex Freitas
are you kapow123

It’s nothing to do with being eye candy, TJ dude, Mandy is a genuinely interesting character in that we know almost nothing about her (including her real name) except her chosen profession, she’s beautiful yet utterly ruthless and amoral and lethal… I’ve always thought of her as the Boba Fett of ’24’ in that she’s a side character with an aura of mystique and with genuine charisma who makes a real and lasting impression every time she’s onscreen, plus she could be used in ‘Live Another Day’ without having to stop the narrative to indulge in any exposition that would be necessary with any other recurring ’24’ character.

All that being said though, there has to be a reason to bring back not just Mandy but any other recurring ’24’ character, and I have total faith in the current writing team to know when there is or is not a reason to do so…

Mandy’s hard yes but she’s not that huge of a character to come back for a full season maybe part of the season like in 4 & 2 but it’s not like I watched her & went Oh I hope she comes back.

I never envisaged nor did I advocate for Mandy coming back (if in fact she does) for the whole of the upcoming new series, Josh dude, hence why I said above that “…she could very easily be DROPPED IN AND OUT…” without upsetting the overall pace and rhythm of the narrative, but I understand and acknowledge the point you’re making, no problemo…

Mandy was the most intriguing character in the serie for me and I hate the fact that they gave up on including her in s07 and created Cara Bowden instead (even though I adore Cara!). On the one hand, she’s the only antagonist, who has ever got away, so I wouldn’t mind her being brought back for another clash with Jack, on the other hand, exploring her background too much could damage the mysterious aura around her character, so I would be just fine if she was back just for 20-30 minutes (like in season 1) or even for 2 minutes (like in the absolutely overwhelming ending of Day 2).

By the way, I’m glad that Chloe is back.

I hate the creators for what they did with in Day 8. It’s definately the only season I am not gonna rewatch for 10 times like I did with s01-s07. A mix of recycled ideas from previous seasons INSTEAD OF the promised exploration of the mysterious cabal and even more mysterious Alan Wilson, who seemed to be the ultimate antagonist of the serie. I hope creators will focus on them in the mini-serie.

The cries to bring Tony back are pathetic. Stop asking for stupid shit. You just might get it.

It should just be a damn great story. Not some fluff bullshit about bringing characters back just to bring them back.

@Gerry Mander.. U r Absolutely RIght.. Mandy Is suCh An InterEstiNg Character but all I Want Is retUrn of The Tony.. Otherwise it won’t be that good as it was in season 4 when Tony and Jack Were WorkiNg TogetHer.. It Feels like the reAl Heroes.. But whr else would he be after day 7..? What would have happened to him after day 7..??

Hey Mr. x.. Tony shouLd be BacK….

Hey Mr. x.. Tony shouLd be BacK…. Majority of the peoples want Tony.. (even girls just watch this program only for tony) people like tony rather than jack..