Louis Lombardi says 24 was “one of the best roles” in his life

What was it like working on 24 and playing the character Edgar Stiles?
You know, 24 was great. The role I had was probably one of the best roles I’ve ever had in my life. The writers were great. Keeping up that momentum and main plotline for years and years; it’s kind of interesting how they did that. I thought it was fabulous writing and the editors and producers on that show were great.

Did you ever get stressed out filming the series like we did watching it?
Yea, it was kind of stressful. Whatever your character has going on, it goes on for the whole season because it’s one day. When my mom died on the show, I had to be sad and depressed the entire season. It kind of takes a toll on you and along with the action stuff. It’s not an easy show to shoot, but still a great experience for me as an actor.

What was it like working with Kiefer Sutherland?
He was great. One of the most professional guys I have ever worked with. He was just a true gentleman. He’s been in the business since he was 15 and you can definitely tell.

What do you think about the upcoming 24 event series next year?
I wish them the best. I think it’s great. If they can get the fans back, I think they should definitely do it.

Source TVWise