24: Live Another Day Official Poster

FOX has just released the official poster / key art for 24: Live Another Day, featuring Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian. Check it out below:

24: Live Another Day Official Poster
24: Live Another Day Official Poster


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This looks freaking amazing. I’ve been counting down every second until Season 9!

Usually there is all the cast on the poster (the season main characters) but it’s a good omen because it means maybe that the plot will be more concentrated on Jack and Chloe

No, usually it’s just Kiefer on the posters. This is the first time there is someone else besides him on a poster.

With how she looks for this season, any publicity shots of Chloe are painful on the eyes.

I hope they have different images planned for the DVD cover!

Looks amazing. Is it possible to buy it somewhere?