Mary Lynn Rajskub: 24 movie “still an option”

Mary Lynn Rajskub was interviewed by FOX 2 News St. Louis and spoke about 24: Live Another Day and the 24 movie. Watch the video (or read the transcript below) to hear what she had to say.

24: Live Another Day’s Story

Twelve episodes will be airing May 5th. It’s really exciting, I was pretty surprised about it too. I’ve been filming in London since January. Jack Bauer is a fugitive which is where we let off at the end of season 8. It’s four years later. My character is very anti-government, so I’m working with an underground organization called “Red Sect” that leaks government secrets. Chloe and Jack don’t see eye to eye when we first meet them. And there’s more thrills and more global threats.

On being worried about Chloe’s death:

Of course. Every time I work. That’s very much classic 24, you never know. They’re not sentimental about who goes and when they go.

On learning “24” received 73 Emmy Award nominations throughout its run:

Is that true? That’s a pretty cool statistic, I like that. The excitement is just growing and growing since the very first scripts. We’re on [episode] 9 and 10 out of 12 now. Everybody is really excited and really happy and working really hard to make sure it has that classic 24 feel but is even more exciting than before. They don’t want to let the fans down.

Will the 24 movie still happen?

These twelve [episodes] that came together happened so organically and so quickly that I did hear the producers and writers saying that the film is still an option. So I think there’s just this renewed spirit for this show, and they say that it’s still open to happening.

Source FOX 2 News St Louis


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Whether it’s a movie or another series we’ve got to look forward to, I sincerely hope Chloe is well dead by then. Personal hatred for her and her fucking stupid new look aside, let’s have Jack rely on his wits for a change.

Can’t say I’d care if she died at this point. Wouldn’t have cared if she died earlier either.

But give the movie a rest for f*** sakes. A 24 movie would be crap compared to having 12 episodes. If they want to do more, do 12 more episodes, screw the damn movie. Fox would just f it up anyway, most movies from them now a days are crap.

I hope to see more and more of Chloe.

I’d definitely prefer another season compared to a movie.

But the hype of 24: Live Another Day and it’s (hopefully) high popularity could show those over at 20th Century that there is still a big demand for Jack Bauer – bumping up that budget which was reported to be very disappointing beforehand.

I rather see a movie than another limited series. The scope could be bigger and the action more realistic and grittier. The 24 movie would be the next logical step if only the FOX film studio could give the film a budget that is reasonable and could compete with the Bond and Bourne franchise. FOX should hire Jonathan Nolan to write the screenplay and try to lure Antoine Fuqua back for the director for the film……. Just my two cents.

How on Earth could the action be more ‘realistic and grittier’ when condensed to a measly two freaking hours?

Die Hard 1-3, Training Day, Lethal Weapon 1-4, Olympus Has Fallen, and the Bond and Bourne films. I can list more but that be too many movie titles to mention. It can be done but that’s just my opinion.

Yes, but look at most of those movies, they came out a decade or more ago, besides a few bond and bourne ones, and look at the ones Fox put out now, Die Hard 4-5 for example, atrocious crap. Leave it on tv.

A very awkward interview – no rapport between Rasjkub and interviewer.

She is a very awkward person by the looks of it. The interviewer wasn’t great too (reading everything from paper) and the delay in transmission didn’t help either.

Before anyone thinks this a tacit admission by Mary Lynn that plans for the movie are afoot, it’s likely not, she’s just saying everything’s still on the table, nothing more.

And short of the ’24’ writers’ total belief that a two-hour movie would be unquestionably the right next step over another limited series, plus a cast-iron guarantee by FOX Filmed Entertainment that not only will they absolutely greenlight a ’24’ movie but will finance it with a reasonable and sufficient budget agreed upon by both parties (namely, FOX and Imagine), why would Kiefer and co put themselves through that proverbial meat grinder again? FOX had their chance in 2012 when it mattered and when it mattered they were found wanting…

Besides, both HoGo and Bob Cochran have stated unequivocally that they’re glad ’24’s return remained on television, and they feel that’s essentially where it belongs… who am I to argue with that?

Simply put, a two hour movie can’t contain 24’s elaborate plot-lines and twists; it’s too good for that.

I think that if they make another ‘movie’ that it should be modeled after 24: Redemption. It worked, it was in real time, and it felt like an extended 24 episode, which it essentially was.

I was never really a fan of the whole movie idea…as you all can probably tell. Maybe it’s just because I prefer televisions shows like 24, Lost, and The Sopranos over movies…

It says hook player required to watch is this safe to download?

I do not get a prompt to download “Hook Player” on either my desktop or my iPhone, the video plays fine without the need of any plugins (it’s just a standard Flash/HTML5 video). Maybe it’s an Android thing?

It’s probably safer to just not install anything and read the transcription.

Just wondering but is this clip good?:

Can’t see it from UK / Ireland

It’s a really short ten second teaser clip (seems they’ll be doing one every day until the premiere).

Jack and Chloe are driving and he asks “Where’d you get the car?” and Chloe replies “I stole it. I hotwired it” and Jack has a confused/surprised look on his face.

Hahha cool – sounds funny. Thanks!

They’ve just uploaded the clip to YouTube, this should work.

Thanks so much!!

Ok, thanks.

ben kenneth sekweyama
June 13, 2014 at 12:25 am
think da way 24 series requires alot to explain&we r of the view da fox entertainment put it in mind 24 still remains most popular tv show there4 reconsider its extension