Mary Lynn Rajskub FOX50 Interview

Mary Lynn Rajskub was interviewed by FOX 50 WRAZ TV, a FOX affiliate located in Raleigh, North Carolina. She reveals a few more tidbits about Chloe and says the season is fast-paced with great scripts.

On Chloe’s character this season:
“The US government is at odds with the London government. My character in particular is very anti-government based on where [Chloe] left off in season 8, from what I knew about what was going on, I knew too much. So I believed that I was targeted by the government for knowing too much and have turned against the government. I’m now working in London at a place called Red Sect which is similar to Wiki-leaks. I work for a Julian Assange type character.

On 24’s fast pace:
“The scripts have been great and it really hasn’t let up. I just finished reading episode 9 and each one is more exciting than the last. I jumped up and couldn’t wait to read the next one and they said the script isn’t ready yet. So I’ve been reading along with it kinda like a fan. Definitely feels like classic 24 but [with] lots of new stuff.”

Source FOX 50


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I can’t wait

In the new series will 24 inside be back as well???

We’re in the single digits now. Only 9 days!!!

Here’s a list of upcoming talk show appearances for 24 cast member during the upcoming week when they’ll be in NYC for the premire:

4/30 (Wed): Late Show With David Letterman
5/1 (Thursday): Late Night With Seth Meyers
5/1 (Thursday): Live with Kelly and Michael

Mary Lynn:
5/1: (Thursday): The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
5/2 (Friday): The Wendy Williams Show

Kim Raver:
5/2 (Friday) : The Talk

Contact Music has some very spoilery photos of Kiefer, Yvonne and Emily Berrington from today’s filming. Kate, who has some scratches on her face, is helping Simone, who is in a hospital gown.

Some fans also took some photos/videos from today’s filming, where a car flipped over:

Jesus Christ!!! You’d think Mary Lynn was McCartney to Kiefer’s Lennon the way she’s being promoted, die already you stupid cow!

Well as much as Chloe is being hyped in the trailers, it looks like her role won’t be that much more substantial than it was in previous seasons. Based on tweets and filming photos, it looks like the majority of her scenes after the premiere are with the hacker group and not with Jack in the field. She’ll probably be back in her usual role of helping Jack from her computer screen for most of the season.