Kiefer Sutherland on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jack Bauer is back, but please don’t confuse him with Kiefer.

Here’s the full episode on NBC’s site if you want to watch the entire interview, but it’s most likely restricted to US viewers.


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Some of them stories were great but damn, Kiefer needs to come up with a different version of the ‘going to London’ story… it’s almost an exact replica of the previous interview he was in.

To be fair, it’s not like each of the interviewers are asking him unique questions. There’s only so many ways he can answer the same question over and over again.

I suppose & it probably seems normal when non-24 fans who aren’t on this site are watching… but it just kinds of seems that it’s not very personal when it’s the same story word for word being told, as if it’s scripted.

Basket on his bike… and a manbag! :D

Carlos Bernard is launching his new blog on the 5th of May. WHY May the 5th?

Coincidence I ask you? COINCIDENCE?!?

*Ahem* Yeah, it probably is.

XAM – maybe Tony is back in the season premiere? any how, when the new series starts Monday then I will be staying away from this site as I don’t want to be spoilled on any plots/storylines.

So Monday during the day will be my last visit on this site so hope all of you will enjoy this new series, lets hope its a good season :)

Wouldn’t the beans be spilled already if Carlos Bernard was in the premiere with all these early screenings for reviewers?

Jack – not really, maybe Tony’s return is kept secret from the public?