Kiefer Sutherland Talks 24 Movie on Ellen Show

Kiefer Sutherland appeared on The Ellen Show today to promote Touch Season 2 and was predictably asked for an update on the 24 movie.

Unlike prior interviews, this time his answer was very noncommittal with no firm statements and only a hope that it will happen some day. Doesn’t sound like such a promising sign for those hoping that it would enter production soon…

Watch what Kiefer has to say below and decide for yourself:


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Hmmm, it doesn’t look good for Jack Bauer on the big-screen, does it? I always said on here that if no news on the ’24’ movie was forthcoming by February this year, additionally if Le Kief was vague and non-committal about it once he started doing press for ‘Touch’, then we should start worrying… well, now we should start worrying, and all I can say is simply “DAMMIT!!!”

I don’t think the problem is Le Kief’s schedule, ‘Touch’ has wrapped filming, and he could easily have shot the ’24’ movie between that and filming on the upcoming Western in May… and if FOX didn’t want to do the ’24’ movie early this year when Kiefer has a clear schedule then they’re unlikely to be more enthusiastic about doing it late this year if ‘Touch’ gets the axe!

I firmly believe the budgetary issue that stopped production in it’s tracks last year continues to be the problem, FOX just don’t want to spend more than $30m at absolute most on the movie, whereas Imagine Entertainment continue to believe they need a minimum of $45m to do it right, and until one side blinks, that deadlock is going to kill any chance of a ’24’ movie stone cold dead.

Alternatively, they could make the movie as a direct-to-DVD release (more akin to ‘…Redemption’), it would cost less, take less time to shoot, and would no doubt be a big seller on release. Just a thought anyway…

Then why would Kiefer last year after all the budget problems say that the movie would film summer 2013. This was summer last year he said it

Kiefer did say they have been working really hard on the movie and they have a script that they love. He did say its difficult to schedule because of Touch. I think he won’t say yes because he wants to wait until its official from the studio so he does not get the fans hopes up. He never said they will not do it

Also last year Howard Gordon said the movie would film 2013 as did Imagine Entertainment.i think when the timing is right this year they will announce it! We just have to be patient

Justin, Kiefer Sutherland has been stating his intent to make the 24 movie since around 2006, he’s been saying for the last two years he’ll shoot the movie the following year, and although he said last year they’ll shoot it this year, there’s been no movement whatsoever on moving it closer to production. Kiefer finished filming Touch a couple weeks ago, something that the studio would have been well aware of long in advance, so why didn’t they fast-track the 24 movie to begin filming when Kiefer finished Touch… the answer is obvious; they have no real interest in a 24 movie, and if they do, they want to do it on the cheap, simple as that. Maybe if Touch is not picked up for a third season, they’ll move on the 24 movie but Touch is more popular around the world than in the U.S., meaning Fox will be loathe to cancel it so readily… and if it picked up again for a new season, it’ll be 2014 before Kiefer is available again, by which time the studio will likely be utterly disinterested in a 24 movie by that point, believing too much time has went by since the end of the series for the movie to make a real impact.

I think we can kiss the 24 movie goodbye at this point, I just don’t see it happening now… oh well, there’s always the inevitable reboot about 20 years from now.

I guess FOX rather make movies with over the hill action stars, an ex-president killing vampires, and other comic book garbage that the studio wants to make. I’m sure Kiefer is very pissed off at FOX for screwing him out of the movie that he wanted to make for the fans of the show. Thank you FOX for nothing you cheap bastards.

Jack is lying … Its easy to say we are not doing a movie next year rather than not doing it this year and even easier to say we were doing it last year…. Boils down to not doing it … Period

If the studio had no real interest, they wouldn’t have been very close to making it last year. They almost filmed last May before the studio delayed it. Fast tracking the 24 movie was another reason why they delayed it. They delayed it last year because they wanted a lot of time to make the movie. And let’s be honest the studio has never said that it will film this year, only Kiefer did. I believe Touch will be cancelled and the 24 movie will get made in the fall. And also Kiefer did say last year that he does not think enough time could pass where fans would lose interest. So we have to remain hopeful

Justin dude, I totally get where you’re coming from and I shared your optimistic approach until very recently regarding the ’24’ movie but let’s consider some facts;

1) Yes they were very close to filming last year but it didn’t happen because FOX was dragging it’s heels in greenlighting the film, wasn’t paying attention to developments, was inconsistent with notes, and generally conveying an overall lack of urgency… whilst at the same time Brian Grazer and Kiefer Sutherland were killing themselves trying to get the film put together in time to shoot during Kiefer’s summer hiatus.

2) FOX have absolutely no problem in fast-tracking films they have a high priority in making, the studio has a long and tawdry history of pushing projects into production whether they were ready or not, so if they were intent on making the ’24’ movie last summer, they would have pushed Imagine into filming it… whether or not Imagine felt they were ready or not!

3) The postponement happened last year because not only were FOX dragging their feet, but when they made the $30m budget offer, they knew fine well it was already the eleventh hour, and likely hoped that Imagine would have took the offer on the table rather than risk being pushed back to 2013, Imagine understandably did not, and the film was postponed, possibly indefinitely…

I still contend you could do a great ’24’ movie on a $35m budget, and one wonders if Imagine tried to get FOX even to that number, but the fact remains that they had nearly a year since last March to get the ’24’ movie back on track, but it appears no movement or progress has been made in that intervening time to get the movie closer to production, and the fact that Kiefer Sutherland (ever the optimistic cheerleader for the movie) is now no longer saying “we’re going to do it” but rather is saying “we hope to do it” indicates a clear shift in his perception on the chances of it getting made… and that’s the most telling news of all…

If Touch gets cancelled will Fox make the movie? Maybe we can start a petition to and send to Fox to make the movie!

I believe Fox will wait until the series Touch is done filming. Another possiblity is Fox has Kiefer and staff under contract not to say anything until they make it official.

Are they allowed to shop the movie around to other studios worst case? Or create another TV movie to give it closure?

I think the 24 movie would be a disappointment anyway. It would just feel like another Tom Cruise action movie, because they aren’t doing it in real time.

I can only see the 24 movie satisfying fans if the script includes aspects of the clock. For example, you would see a clock being on fast-forward while Jack is on a plane. Then you would pick the real-time aspect up again later for, say, half an hour.

By the time the story is over the clock would have concluded at 24:00:00 and of course there would be a cliffhanger in true 24-style. If they’re not going to make the movie, Fox should release the script so the fans can decide whether the writers got it right.

At this point, I don’t think we can realistically place the blame on budget disputes or scheduling issues. They’ve had such a long time to figure that stuff out and if both sides were truly passionate about making this movie a reality, they would have reached an agreement in the past year.

The scheduling excuse is especially hard to believe considering FOX is behind both Touch and the 24 Movie. Obviously they would have full knowledge of the production schedule on Touch and Kiefer’s window of availability and could plan everything around that.

FOX also has the ability to delay production on Touch Season 3 or give it a shortened episode order if things came down to that. Point is, they could easily made this so-called scheduling issue work (just like they did on The X-Files movie which was filmed between seasons), but it seems like they just don’t care. Shame.

Well Touch is from the Fox TV studio While 24 would Be from the movie studio. I know there one big corp but when Kevin riley acknowledge the 24 movie he said he had no involvement. As for things not looking good you guys have to stop & think don’t put words in Kiefer’s mouth. He didn’t say that they wont do it or wouldn’t do it he’s still saying that he hopes to do it obviously the scheduling is taking up a lot of time Kiefer & Howard have separate commitment Homeland % touch which I honestly hope gets canceled. He’s just telling it like it is I’m not criticizing your opinions I’m just saying slow down before you jump the gun on this one.

Yes dont jump to conclusions “wait till next year” … lol oh wait we heard that one before. The ugly truth is bearing us all in the face. Both parties involved are in a money dispute but as a Fox executive it easier to just wait this out until people lose interest… basically play possum. As years go by its less likely a movie is made… For Sutherland its a loss but not a complete one b/c of “Touch”. He still gets a check from Fox regardless so there is no fight here. Meanwhile we are pacified with the arrival of shows like “The Following” which I watched for about 3 minutes and shut off because instead of intriguing its just plain wierd and now in its second season the mediocre at best “Touch”.

Well we all have our opinions but touch is terrible even tho Kifers still in it it’s still terrible. But my point was he was just being straight forward & honest. He says he still hopes to do it. I hardly think if he wasn’t interested still he wouldn’t of said what he said. & there’s a script so, Like I said we all just have to take his word for it. I think he was being realistic but he still sounds hopeful.

I think there are two problems: either Fox doesn’t want to make the film, too expensive, or not profitable enough, or or Kiefer is no longer interested to be in the Jack Bauer’s shoes of , who he has other projects before returning to Jack.Obviously neither Fox nor Kiefer want to tell that there will not be a 24 movie any more !

I guess this is it for the 24 movie. And really, I’m starting to think that there is no way a 24 movie would live up to the series. They’d probably go big on explosions, low on plot and character and just do it all wrong.

Maybe it’s all for the best. Movies are a business. Broadcast TV is a business. All they care is money, ratings, ads and box office. It’s in less mainstream movies and cable TV that we must deposit our hope now. In shows like Homeland and Mad Men and Breaking Bad. In movies like The Master, Cloud Atlas, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Amour.

In them we trust…

Thanks 24. You had a great, long run.

Catherine, I certainly don’t think Kiefer’s lost interest in the ’24’ movie, he’s been leading the charge to get it made these past seven years – the last three in particular – and Howard Gordon has stated on multiple occasions that FOX absolutely want to do it too… the problem and real sticking point between FOX and Imagine remains a budgetary one, I firmly believe, the latter only want to do the movie for $30m whilst the former believe they need at least $45m to do it right, and therein likely lies the delay (if I’m not mistaken, that is).

From my own outside opinion, I see no reason why the two parties can’t show some grace, backbone, and leeway, meet each other half way, and do the movie for $37m… better that than no movie at all! I totally understand FOX wanting to do the movie at a cost-effective price, but I also totally understand Imagine not wanting to sell the script short that they have worked so hard to get to a place that’s production-ready. It’s certainly a pickle of a problem, and unless both sides see sense and come to a reasonable, respectful, and responsible agreed budget for the movie, it’s not going to happen, and the clock is ticking (how ironic)…

Hi gerry !
What I mean is Kiefer is not shooting Touch now and, even if it gets picked up for another season (..this show is terrible but who knows ;-) ), he won’t be shooting it again for quite some time. So I don’t really believe in “schedule doesn’t permit” But, as you said, may be is a question of big money…

I get what you mean now Catherine, sorry if I misunderstood you. You are absolutely right not to buy the whole ‘clash of schedules’ nonsense (for that’s what it is), FOX had a whole ten months since the postponement of the ’24’ movie last March to get the film turned around for production, and knowing full well that Kiefer Sutherland would wrap filming on ‘Touch’ in January 2013, should have pushed for production on the ’24’ movie to begin around February for an early October release later that same year… the fact they didn’t and haven’t indicates to me there remains outstanding and substantial differences between the studio and Imagine that have yet to be fully ironed out.

It’s a real shame too, because a ’24’ movie directed by Antoine Fuqua was an undeniably mouth-watering prospect, still hope it happens, but I’m increasingly skeptical that it will, in saying that though, if the continued delay means Fuqua might still do the ’24’ movie once he wraps his commitments to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, then it’ll be worth it, I couldn’t think of a better person to helm Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut, unfortunately that might end up a mere pipe dream…

Anyone else notice just how little publicity Kiefer Sutherland has done for Touch thus far, it premieres this Friday and it seems it’s leading star has done but one interview to promote it, last year he was touring the world and talking to all and sundry extolling it’s virtues to anyone who’d listen but now he seems to have done the absolute minimum to publicize it… methinks relations are not good betwixt Kiefer and Fox, which might not bode well for the 24 movie.

I wouldn’t relate the two touch & 24 are two separate issues. Touch Is terrible for one that’s probably a huge factor. The ratings drop rapidly I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop even more this year. Even tho Kiefer’s in it it’s still dull slow & boring. It takes them forever to get to the story. I feel it’s difficult to care about Kiefers character. This show is a total 180degree turn from Kiefer playing specifically Jack Bauer or in just good thrillers in general. I can’t believe 24 is on hold for this crap. I hope they cancel it this year honestly. I have a feeling the ratings won’t be any different. The ratings were terrible last year & that was just in it’s first season. So what does that tell ya. I want to see Kiefer in more rolls like or not if Jack Bauer. Even Kiefer playing martin he still as that Jack Bauer look on his face. All Joking aside I don’t think Jack as really left Kiefer. That’s why he should go back. The action/thriller genera is where he belongs….. Not in this crap I know it was his choice to take it but seriously it’s not good people will continue to lose interest you watch. But personally I think it’s getting less publicity because the show is not succeeding it’s actually backfiring in Fox’s face. I’m surprised they renewed it even in the first years incredibly low ratings…… They wouldn’t renew 24 for two more seasons but they keep this kinda crap around? the logic doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But as I said people will lose interest in this fast. Already like in the first year. I du know why there trying to fix something that never broke. Fans wanted more 24 & ending the series proved that. But Kiefer & fox’s relationship I think has nothing to do with it. I think it’s more about the show’s success which clearly it is not. He should’ve stuck with 24 & as a result the movie is in a coma because of this crapy show. I’m disappointed as a fan of 24. I hope they cancel it fast cause it’s not succeeding at all.

I think Kiefer has done little publicity for Touch because..this show is terrible !! I was very surprised, too, Touch was renewed for a second season, given the very low rating. Kiefer may play any part because he’s a very good actor but it seems to me he has not a very good taste when he chooses his parts…and his movies :)
I was surprised too when Ellen said that Touch is a hit show in hundred countries…I wonder where !! in England ? Germany ? Canada ??? (not in France anyway: the show is totally unknown)
Unfortunately I think Fox doesn’t want to make 24 movie if they want to do it, they would have found time to shoot it !

Well Kiefer was being honest & realistic he clearly still as an interest in making the movie. No one else can be Jack Bauer Fox/Imagine entertainment knows that & has long as there’s a script & Kiefer has interest I think there still maybe hope unfortunately the fans of 24 don’t have a choice but to take his word for it right now.

Well I’m being honest and realistic that the 24 movie has no chance in hell of being made. If both sides couldn’t settle their differences for almost a year about the movie budget then waiting another six to eight months is not going to change anything. The 24 movie is a mirage at this point and Kiefer Sutherland can have all the interest he wants about making the movie but if FOX is not interested in making the movie then it’s not going to happen. Oh well life must go on and at least we have Person Of Interest to watch.

For me, I find some consolation in watching “Game Of Thrones” I love this show !

Just as I said touch’s ratings are even lower & this is just in the premier. This show needs to be canceled….. Kiefer needs to go back to making 24 happen seriously. Not surprising at all.

And I read that Touch season 2 tries to make the Martin character more Jack Bauer like..what a shame !!!

What?! that’s the first I’ve heard of that. Might as well just play Jack in the darn movie! geeeez……

Cancelling Touch is not going to make a difference anymore. The 24 movie is in limbo right now and Kiefer is going to make the western movie sometime in May so after he’s done making the film then what? More waiting? You think waiting another year is going to make a difference? We all going have to accept that movie will not get made and if it does get made? It will be a reboot. I know it’s not fair but FOX only cares about profit and not what fans want.

Kiefer wouldn’t do a reboot. He is the only one who is Jack Bauer. If they decide to not do the movie there certainly not going to do a reboot. Besides that this western won’t be taking up his time as a whole. Touch is obviously a bigger commitment then this western. it will only take up a portion of his time. unlike touch which is taking all of his time. Right now I’m taking Kiefer’s word for this. Unless there an absolute Accurate article that suggest Fox will cancel plans for the movie I’m going to stick with his word for it. There’s a script they all love it. as long as there’s that then there’s probably still a chance. But at this point just put the story on DVD…..

Wow, the ratings for ‘Touch’ were utterly catastrophic – even for a Friday night show – and considering FOX only ordered thirteen episodes as opposed to a full season’s average of 22-24 episodes, clearly shows not even the studio had much faith in it… this show is toast, toast I tells ya, and good riddance.

Considering Le Kief’s no-show at FOX’s big new season media event last year, the almost-total lack of publicity for ‘Touch’ this new season (the ‘Ellen’ appearance notwithstanding), coupled with the studio’s utter unreasonableness concerning the ’24’ movie,
I would hazard a guess and say things aren’t rosy between star and studio right now, and as RorshachLives! correctly pointed out above, this might not bode well for the ’24’ movie… I guess eleven years (2001-2012) of loyal service from Le Kief to the studio doesn’t matter a scuttle to Rupert Murdoch or his underlings, it’s what has he done for them lately, a disgraceful and sad state of affairs.

Let’s hope Le Kief pulls no punches in his criticism of FOX if both ‘Touch’ and the ’24’ movie go south, and I’m with him all the way. If FOX don’t want to fund the ’24’ movie, couldn’t they let someone else pick up the tab and they could just distribute it… anyone got Megan Ellison’s number?

I wouldn’t mind if the movie goes straight to dvd. It’s better than no movie at all but I don’t think Kiefer will ever go for that. Kiefer wanted 24 to be a Bourne or Bond like franchise with great locations and top notch action with a good director at the helm but unfortunatley we may never get to see that movie. I hope Kiefer does criticize FOX harshly because the way FOX treated the 24 movie is inexcusable in my opinion.

Well there’s nothing to suggest kiefer will criticize anybody….. If kiefer had a problem with fox he wouldn’t be working with them & on Touch. Might as well prepare the coffin because Touch as a rating of 1.0 Kiefer said himself the fans deserve a movie after this longgggggg wait. weather it’s on DVD or in theaters I don’t care just make the darn thing.

Without saying for definite the 24 movie won’t happen (we don’t yet know the final chapter of this particular story), I for one wouldn’t lament the fact if it ended up a direct-to-DVD release, 24: Redemption was a top notch television movie with beautiful locations, a solid script, decent action, and Jon Cassar delivering the goods as usual. If Fox don’t want 24 to be a theatrical release, then shoot the script they have as a direct-to-DVD film, you could probably shoot it in about 32 days (the equivalent of shooting four episodes of the series) and for around $20m-$25m, and getting Jon Cassar back in the directing chair, Rodney Charters back behind the camera, and Sean Callery back scoring, it would be like the series never ended. If all that happened, I’d still be a happy camper, it’s Jack Bauer back in action I want to see, whether it’s in a theater or on DVD, I can go either way.

Hmmm, if a series like ‘Firefly’ – which was a total flop and didn’t even last a single season – can get a $40m feature film made by another studio, there’s simply no justifiable reason a phenomenally successful and culturally defining series like ’24’ can’t also get a theatrically-released $40m feature film, no reason whatsoever… well, no reason except FOX being tight sons of- no, I think I’ll stop right there before I go off on one, ’nuff said.

@RorshachLives I hear ya man I feel the same way I wouldn’t mind either way either in theaters or DVD I want to see Jack Fighting for survival! I’m sure they’d make more to if it came to dvd & it did well that’d probably make more. Personally if they have a script they all love it would be hard to assume there wouldn’t be any hope for it. As long as they have a script completed there’s still hope.

Howard Gordon with a quick update on his Twitter account regarding the ’24’ movie… and unsurprisingly, there’s absolutely zippo happening;

I was just thinking maybe Le Kief is being straight and honest when he said it was his schedule on ‘Touch’ that has held up the ’24’ movie. That show’s second season was originally set to air from October 26th last year, meaning FOX was likely considering whether to order a full season’s worth of episodes, the fact they subsequently pushed it back to February 8th this year clearly shows that the studio decided (for whatever reason) not to order more than the thirteen episodes already planned, but by the time they decide on that, it would have been too late to prep the ’24’ movie to begin shooting immediately after filming on ‘Touch’ wrapped in January. If ‘Touch’ gets the axe later this year, and I’m betting it will, Le Kief will have a totally open schedule the latter half of this year… maybe FOX will take advantage of that and get the ’24’ movie up and running for that window, by which time, Antoine Fuqua will be available again to potentially direct.

Remaining hopeful yet skeptical…

“I was just thinking maybe Kiefer is being straight and honest when he said it was his schedule on ‘Touch”. Kinda the same thing I said. But people are assuming what Kiefer didn’t say or what’s not there rather. He said he still hopes to do it….. Clearly there’s still an interest here. For the movie.

Just don’t get your hopes up about the 24 movie. Don’t get me wrong I really want the movie to become a reality but we heard the same story many times before about the scheduling issues and Howard Gordon comment about the current status of the film doesn’t sound reassuring in my opinion.

I get what your saying….. with that said if they remain hopeful on this so should the fans.

Anyone read the reviews for Die Hard 5? The movie sucks period and yet FOX was willing to spend over $100m to make this crap when they could of made a better movie with a worldwide audience who wants too see Jack Bauer on the big screen and won’t cost a $100m to make. I’m laughing so hard at FOX and the idiots who’s running the studio. I doubt Die Hard 5 is going to be number one at the box office given the negative critical reaction is getting so far. If FOX wants a action movie franchise then stop stalling and greenlight the 24 movie already and hire a good director to helm the movie and who picked John Moore to direct Die Hard 5 anyway? His track record sucks.

Yeah, BMAN dude, the reviews for ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ have been (save one) universally toxic, it’ll be interesting to see if the near-unanimous panning it’s gotten by the press will affect it’s box-office… I for one will most certainly NOT be going to see it, but then I haven’t seen a ‘Die Hard’ film in a cinema since ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ back in August 1995, and don’t regret it either, ‘…with a Vengeance’ was the last ‘Die Hard’ film in my opinion anyway.

With the utterly scathing reviews the new one is getting, I think the mystery behind why FOX decided to release this in February has been answered, it simply wouldn’t cut the mustard in a summer slot and the studio knew it, when said studio embargoes reviews of the film until midnight on the day of it’s release, you know it’s not going to be good and the reviewers are going to eat it alive… and so it’s proved with this.

The worst part is, had FOX actually cared enough to hire quality people to write and direct this one (whatever you’re opinion of yet another ‘Die Hard’ sequel), they could have released it in the traditional summer slot this year (mid-May), leaving February open for the ’24’ movie… which, let’s be frank, could and indeed SHOULD have been shot last summer when the momentum was behind it.

Sometimes the film industry is really depressing, no wonder the film I’m looking forward to watching the most this year is one made 36 years ago, namely William Friedkin’s underrated 1977 masterpiece ‘Sorcerer’ when it gets a beautifully remastered new digital print on DVD and Blu Ray… now that’s REAL filmmaking…

Kim Raver has won the lead role on CBS’ “NCIS Red” series, which began filming this week. (This news was reported last weekend by The Hollywood Reporter and

Touch’s ratings still suck lol

I think the sad thruth is for Fox Kiefer is not bankable enough !

Kiefer may not be bankable by himself but the ’24’ brand is, like James Bond or Batman or other popular long-running franchises… even an old show like ‘Hawaii Five-0’ still has wide brand recognition, hence why they’ve rebooted it as a brand new series currently running.

When ‘Touch’ gets the axe – and it will, stick a fork in it, it’s done – that will hopefully motivate FOX to get moving on the ’24’ movie, considering Le Kief will have an open schedule once he finishes filming on ‘Redemption’ this summer, but knowing FOX, well, I don’t even want to finish that thought…

Did I mention Touch’s ratings still suck lol see what I did there.

I just want some kind of closure!

someone should toture the fox execs jack bauer style. do whatever is neccessary to make this movie!

Personally I would rather see the series continued than making the movie. I thought they were crazy for cancelling this series to begin with. They should have cancelled crap such as Hell’s Kitchen,Hotel Hell,Kitchen Nightmares,
MasterChef,So You Think You Can Dance and Touch.