Ron Howard on 24 movie: “Much hope for next window”

Acclaimed director Ron Howard and co-founder of Imagine Entertainment has replied to a fans tweet about the status of the 24 movie. Howard tweeted there is “much hope” they’ll be able to film the movie when Kiefer Sutherland’s schedule next opens up (which right now appears to be the first half of 2013).

Kiefer and Ron Howard were spotted early last year enthusiastically discussing the 24 movie over lunch at Times Square.


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I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again, this is probably a good thing in the long-term; it gives Imagine time to work out differences with FOX, it gives them time to fully and properly prep the ’24’ movie so they’re ready to hit the ground running when the Kief’ becomes available next spring, it gives them a chance to get a solid director for the movie (if Antoine Fuqua can’t or won’t wait another year and has to move on to other projects), plus if ‘Touch’ is not renewed for a third season, then the ’24’ movie team will have a clear schedule to shoot Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut without a definite cut-off point owing to outside schedule requirements, all that and a potential February 2014 release means they’ll not have to rush the post-production process either, meaning the very best possible ’24’ movie that can possibly be made, and THAT is most certainly worth waiting a little longer longer for, I dunno about you…

Whilst I was lukewarm about the idea of a ’24’ movie franchise, per se, the recent reports that the current script has been structured as a potential three-movie storyline arc is highly intriguing and something that is undeniably exciting, the REALLY cool thing though would be if instead of each respective ’24’ movie played out over a single day, ALL THREE ’24’ movies played out over a single consecutive 24-hour period, thereby maintaining the cliffhanger element from the series, and certainly attempting something not tried in major movie franchises before, just a thought though…

@Gerry: Any hope for a holiday 2013 release? I’d hate to wait an entire year on top of 2012. :/

Yeah, I could go for a holiday 2013 release, but which holiday do you have in mind? Christmas is definitely out because the second part of ‘The Hobbit’ will dominate that season completely, but if you’re talking Thanksgiving (late November), I’ve always stated on this site I think that time was the ideal time for the ’24’ movie, but February 2014 would be even better, for the reasons I gave above, Jomskylark dude…

@ Jomskylark

Time flies. The release of the 24 movie will come and go before you realize it. You’ll be sitting as an old man wishing you could turn back the clock.

@ Gerry

I’ve had many dreams where I watched 24 on the big screen, though it was the series itself being released. You just buy a season pass and get your notches marked off for each episode.

I would love to see a real-time movie played out on the big screen over a full day. Though it would be pointless, cause why not just do the tv series, which is what that is. I will always see 24 going from television to the big screen as a step down. It will never be as exciting as a full day of storytelling, especially any season of 24.

I see this 24 movie trilogy as a denouement for the character of Jack Bauer. His end. Maybe the end of all of 24.

I know the format could continue on without Jack Bauer, but I really don’t like a series to dilute itself into absolute ridiculousness (Law And Order ; CSI. barf ).

It should remain as an entity that can be reasonably watched as a whole, and that should be as the 8 season series with the telefilm and the three feature-films (including prequels and those pointless webisodes.)