Brian Grazer says ’24’ movie on track for 2012

Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment
Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment

Thanks to reader Rob for sending me this tip. He asked Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, co-founders of Imagine Entertainment (the company that has produced every episode of the 24 series and will produce the feature film version), for any information about the planned 24 movie. Brian Grazer responded with the following tweet:

Good to hear that it’s still being actively discussed and they’re excited. New York Post reported two months ago that Kiefer Sutherland met with Ron Howard to discuss the movie and more recently, Kiefer told The View that it’ll hit theaters in Summer 2012. Let’s hope this schedule holds true and we get to see Jack Bauer make the leap to the big screen next year!


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Fingers crossed !!!!

And toes, lol!

WHOO-HOO! Go Imagine and Kiefer, let’s hope they stick to the schedule, although if they are still planning on releasing it for next summer (my suggestion would be push it to late August, less competition by that time), but they are beginning production around December/January, it’s gonna be a tight fit, but’s that’s okay, the schedule for the series was continuously tight for nine years, and they still delivered big-time.

Is Tony Scott still directing, if so, the tight schedule may actually be a good thing, in that it will force him to concentrate on the essentials and may rein in some of his more excessive visual flourishes of recent years- if it’s the Tony Scott of ‘True Romance’, ‘The Last Boy Scout’, ‘Crimson Tide’, and ‘Unstoppable’, we’re in for one heck of a movie!!!

ortalfrom israel
April 7, 2011 at 12:53 pm
yeee!!! I hope soo

I’ll believe it for sure when Grazer spells his leading star’s name right…

Would love to see “24” in theaters. Maybe this means Kiefer’s pilot “Touch” is no longer in contention for a spot on the fall schedule.

I really hope this is as great as 24 has always been.

I’m having Goosebumps…, Can’t wait for 2012

This is awesome! I just hope they find a way to bring Tony (Carlos Bernard) back for this movie, and right next to Jack’s side once again.

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