Kiefer Sutherland plans 24 movie with Ron Howard

Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment
Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment

It seems like Kiefer is determined to get this 24 movie made and is meeting with all the Hollywood bigwigs – this time, award-winning director Ron Howard!

It’s looking good for Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland was spotted enthusiastically discussing the planned “24” movie with director Ron Howard, who produced the hit Fox series, over lunch at Junior’s in Times Square this week. A spy told us that Kiefer, who dined on a cheeseburger, was “excited about how much more they could do for ’24’ with a movie format than they could ever do in the TV series. The lunch lasted a long time, and both stars were friendly with the waiters, many of whom are fans of ’24.’ ” Kiefer’s Broadway show, “That Championship Season,” opens for previews Wednesday at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, next door to Junior’s.

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since when has Ron Howard ever had a connection to 24?? Is this an error by the writer confusing Howard Gordon for Ron Howard?? I’m a little lost here…

Brian Grazer (who’s partnered with Ron Howard for pretty much everything) was a producer on 24. I’ve also heard that 24 was one of Ron’s favorite TV shows.

Ron Howard is the co-founder of Imagine Entertainment (along with Brian Grazer). They produced the 24 series under the Imagine Television label and you’ll see their logo at the end credits of every 24 episode.

Imagine makes movies too and has an overall deal with 20th Century FOX; the 24 feature film would likely be produced by them.

This is better than Tony Scott. 24 should not be an action movie. It should be a character piece similar to The American (2010).

Very interesting indeed, although Ron Howard never served as producer. It was actually Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment. Putting that aside, I’m elated that Ron Howard is seriously contemplating working on the movie. By far, he’s the best director Hollywood has to offer.

i hope they will have sean callerys music in the movie!!

It’s unlikely that Ron Howard is going to direct the 24 movie since he’s already attached to direct The Dark Tower movie trilogy based upon the Stephen King novel. I still think that Antoine Fuqua is the best candidate to direct the 24 movie, he can bring the gritty realism and action that 24 needs, so the movie could stand on its own and won’t be compared to the Bond and Bourne movies.

Ron Howard would be an asset to have on the new 24 movie, so I hope the goss is true. I heard Jan 2012 is slated as a release date, wish it were sooner.

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