Kiefer Sutherland on The View

Kiefer Sutherland and co-star Jim Gaffigan were on The View to promote their Broadway play That Championship Season. Kiefer was then asked about his former co-star Charlie Sheen. And lastly, he gets asked about the 24 movie (skip to 8:45 for that). Kiefer’s response was: “It will come out in the Summer of 2012.”

TwitVid Link: Kiefer Sutherland on The View 3/21/11

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Do you know if That Championship Season is likely to be released on DVD/Blu ray? Because I can’t go to Broadway to see the play but I would totally buy it if it ever comes out on Blu ray.

It’s great that Kiefer is sticking with the idea that the movie will be made, I hope so too, but nothing is really concrete about the project so far, besides Tony Scott or Ron Howard’s name being whispered as possible directors (I still hope Stephen Hopkins gets this job, we would come full circle given his past on 24).

A few weeks ago, Kiefer said top notch writers were approached to make a new version of the script or something, if there’s no evolution on that aspect and no greelight from 20th Century Fox it’s tough to be confident it will be on Theaters in 16 months.

But on camera it’s obviously better to be optimistic than to say he has no idea if this movie will be made (and he’s consistant because in pfrevious interviews Kiefer said it could start shooting in January 2012).

I’m really satisfied with how the series ended, so there’s need for a movie imo, but if they do it I hope 20th Century Fox won’t want it to be just another blockbuster in the middle of summer.