Kiefer Sutherland: 24 Movie to Film Next Summer

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer pointing gun

Kiefer Sutherland has explained why the 24 movie has been delayed and assured fans it will film next Summer.

“Timing,” Sutherland said. “We didn’t have a script ready for that until very close to the end of ‘Touch.’ We knew we were coming back so there was a very finite window for me to make the film, to try to prep it, cast it and all of those other things. It was just unrealistic for Fox to try and make it, so they pushed it for next break.”

So to confirm, that means the script is now ready to shoot next time he’s available when “Touch” wraps its second season, right? “I believe so, yeah.”

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In the end of his interview he said : ” I don’t want to do it with a cane ” funny !! I hope so too Kiefer :)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this show, and can only hope they are moving along for the movie this time! Should have made one final season given how they left the ending…and now Jack Bauer has a Granddaughter to boot…..could have been a GREAT season 9!!! I love you to death Kiefer Sutherland, have seen everything you have made!! Soooo hope this movie comes out as announced!!! xoxox

Next summer… summer 2013… What about release date, do you think?

Slated for a Summer 2014 release maybe? Why not a late 2013 release? If they film it in June/July 2013, could they get the movie ready in the next three to four months to release it then?

Let’s hope with the script now done and dusted that FOX give them at least the minimum $45m budget that Imagine feels is needed to do it right, and that once filming on ‘Touch’ ends next spring, the ’24’ movie will be up and ready to go the moment – and I mean the moment – the Kief’ becomes available in order to get as many shooting days in before he potentially has to return to ‘Touch’… if it gets a third season, that is, if it doesn’t then they’ll have a clear schedule for the movie!

With production on the movie likely to take place between late April/early May through late July 2013 (about twelve or thirteen weeks in all), it would be possible for the ’24’ movie to be released in late 2013, but the release schedule for that time is already pretty crowded, so it would be better to release it in early/mid February 2014, methinks…

Kiefer also said in that interview, “we’ll see what happens” regarding the movie, that almost sounds like he’s bracing himself for at least the possibility that it might not happen, or am I reading too much into it? I would hope we get at least one great ’24’ movie that is conclusive enough so that if it doesn’t do gangbusters business at the box-office, the narrative won’t be left hanging in the air without a proper conclusion; maybe have the movie end on a cliffhanger with Jack Bauer seriously wounded and uncertain whether he would live or die, that would be the ultimate end to the whole ’24’ saga, would it not…

Eh…. I think 2014 was a bit of a quick assumption, my opinion is if the plan is to shoot in 2013 it will be out before 2013 is over.

I hope Kiefer is right for his sake because he’s beginning to look like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, which makes him look bad in my opinion.

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” lol well I’m sure his intention is not to make himself look bad. Be kinda funny if he said to himself hm What can I do to make myself look bad today? I mean who want’s to do that to themselves really. As I said if the plan is to shoot in 2013 it will likely be out in 2013 a lot of movies are.

Bring Renee Walker back in the movie! They shouldn’t have killed her in the first place!

Guest dude, whilst there’s no actual technical or logistical reason the ’24’ movie could not in theory be both shot in and released before the end of 2013 – certainly the Bond movies do it all the time – the fact is that FOX are unlikely to spend tens of millions of dollars on Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut and then put it in competition against other big releases (with much bigger budgets) that November or December where it is certain to be overtaken and suffer at the box-office as a result.

It would make much more sense, both commercially and practically, to release the ’24’ movie in February 2014 when the studios have already released their big Christmas films but before they release their big spring ones in March and April, thus competition will be considerably less fierce, and the ’24’ movie will have a better chance of being judged a success…

Well Time will tell I guess I was not trying to start an argument I was just stating my opinion if 24 does get released next year it would have to be I assume with the Oct Maybe Nov as they have done with bond. But considering No one as even confirmed an Actual release other then starting 18 months. I for one will wait to hear something more concrete that’s all 2014 seems a rush to Judgement.

Is this going to be an extension to the TV series? I think they might have some fun, creating a whole new story, just with the same characters and concept. Anyone agree?

I know you weren’t trying to start anything, Guest dude :-), just go ahead and speak your mind, we’re all friends here and we all want more ’24’…

Believe it or not, after reading your post, Guest dude, I actually started to wonder when the earliest release for the ’24’ movie could be scheduled if production does indeed begin next spring (and we all hope and pray it will), and it would be nice if it all played out something like this:

* FOX hire Jon Cassar to direct the ’24’ movie and officially greenlight it with a $45m budget around January 2013.
* Production begins late April, the moment Kiefer Sutherland wraps filming on ‘Touch’, and lasts for twelve weeks – amounting to about 70 days of filming – and wraps in mid-July.
* A very tight but still doable post-production of three solid months.
* The ’24’ movie is released on Thursday, October 24th, 2013.

How’s that sound, Guest dude, would that work for you, it certainly would for me…!?

Oops, nearly forgot to reply to you, @Video Production Mass., the movie WILL indeed be an extension of the series, according to Kiefer Sutherland, and will feature not just Jack Bauer – OBVIOUSLY! – but also Chloe O’Brien and Kim Bauer. In terms of the story, they’re setting up a three-film story arc with this film, so let’s hope it does well enough to get those two further films…

Any truth to that trilogy rumors Cause No one has acknowledged that what so ever. As for Jon Cassar I would love to see him direct 24 the project probably would go a little quicker with his idea’s I’m excited that he’s Directing Person of interest can’t wait! Anyone have any idea why he hasn’t been asked? @Gerry Mander Thanks for being cool with my post. & if anyone’s interested head over to facebook I posted a Article from this years TCA Howard Gordon believes the issue for 24 right now is a clearing in Kiefer Sutherlands schedule & a director’s schedule. But does not specify if they have one nor the name. the page that articles on is the 24 movie page.

@Guest dude, the whole ‘trilogy’ thing basically came from both Howard Gordon (I believe) who said writer Billy Ray had enough ideas for two more ’24’ movies, and the ‘Deadline’ article in March when it stated that the script for the upcoming movie has been structured as the first installment in a potential three-film story arc… would be nice if that actually came to pass, but let’s just focus on the upcoming one, and see what, when, or indeed if it happens.

And I too noticed that director comment from Howard Gordon, when he said “the director’s schedule” was one of the few things left to work out for the movie, it sounded to me awfully like they not only have a specific director in mind, but said director has already been approached in a serious manner about helming the ’24’ movie. I would sure love to know who it is, but we will in due course no doubt, as long as FOX give them a decent budget, and a solid schedule to get the movie prepped/shot/edited, it’ll be okay, fingers crossed…

I really wish it would be cassar but it looks doubtful. I personal hope 24 becomes more then just a trilogy but that’s just me I guess. Kiefer seems to be sure about his own schedule he doesn’t seem so vague. I don’t have any complaint’s about Jon directing for me when watching an episode of 24 he made my reaction towards his directing go ohhh that’s awesome or okay that makes since. I wish it would be him if not him the somebody who can study 24 to direct it in that way.

Kiefer!! Touch is shite, nobody cares about it. Do it in your spare time or fuck it off if you must, but your fans want the 24 movie so stop fucking them around.

Aw man. Summer of 2013 can’t come fast enough. When do you think they’ll release the movie once it’s done? I really don’t want to have to wait another few years to see it.

@Jamie dude, if the ’24’ movie goes into production next April or May as is planned currently, I would hazard a guess that the actual movie will likely be released in either late October 2013 (FOX might want it out before year’s end) or early-mid February 2014 (if the upcoming new ‘Die Hard’ does gangbusters business on it’s release this coming February)… either way, as long as FOX give it a decent budget – $45m at the absolute minimum – I can wait for it to hit cinemas, I just want it to be good!

And I think someone on here mentioned director William Friedkin (‘The French Connection’, ‘The Exorcist’) being a big ’24’ fan and would make a fantastic pick to direct Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut, I wholeheartedly second that motion, the ’24’ movie should not play it safe but go bold with a substantive and highly capable veteran director who can give it real dramatic weight… did Warner Bros play it safe hiring Christopher Nolan to reboot the Batman franchise in 2003, did the Bond producers play it safe hiring Sam Mendes for upcoming new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’, the answer to both is no, so likewise I hope FOX and Imagine go with a bold, gutsy, and out-of-the-box choice for ’24’, I’m for ‘Hurricane’ Billy Friedkin, who’s everyone else want to direct the ’24’ movie!?

For me I would still like it to be Jon Cassar But will see I suppose. This whole budget story Kiefer cleared up with the press So why are people still saying fox is being cheap or am I missing something.

Did Kiefer really clear up the budget question? He’s commented on the fact the script wasn’t finished until spring 2012, and by that time it was simply too late to prep the movie for producion once filming on ‘Touch’ wrapped, but I haven’t heard him comment publicly on the alleged dust-up with FOX over the budget although Howard Gordon has stated that “everyone’s on the same page now” regarding the movie, so I hope that means monetary (both budget and salary) disagreements have been ironed out between FOX and Imagine, that the studio will give them some decent coin ($50million should do it), and that they’ll be ready to start filming as soon as ‘Touch’ finishes filming. As far as directors go, I liked the idea of Antoine Fuqua directing a ’24’ movie but he’s no longer available, so maybe John McTiernan would be a great choice, if you want a guaranteed action movie done well, you don’t get much better than McT.

At the time the budget story broke Kiefer was out of the states promoting touch Articles were claiming he was ferrous with fox The last interview I saw when he was promoting touch the press asked him about him clashing with fox. He said something like I was out of town the time that story broke & so none of that came from me….
Or something like that sooo kinda makes me wonder if it was made up?

That budget dispute story came from Deadline who are usually pretty accurate in their reportage, and the Kief’ would obviously deny having anything to do with what that article stated, he’s not going to bite the hand that feeds him, besides, just because he was out of the country doesn’t mean he didn’t stay in regular contact with his agent when negotiations for the ’24’ movie were ongoing…

I for one believe that article, FOX have a long and sorry history of both penny-pinching and imposing insane schedules on filmmakers – ‘X-Men: First Class’ being one recent example – but that being said, I too hope that disagreements over the budget and the Kief’s salary have been sorted, and FOX have the good sense to realize what a golden goose they have with a potential ’24’ movie franchise and give it both a reasonable and a responsible amount of money – somewhere in the $45m-$50m range – so Imagine can make the very best ’24’ film possible…

Well that’s actually a good point those were Kiefer’s words tho also saying he wouldn’t be where he’s at if his partnership with fox wasn’t good. From howards Gordon’s recent update with 24 Saying the issues now are Kiefer’s & the director’s schedule’s. so I assume he’s still implying there all on an agreement with putting the movie in proper stages.

Numerous confirmed reports of director Tony Scott committing suicide today by jumping off an L.A. bridge. Quite a surprising and sad story. Just thought I’d mention it here in the comments since Scott was at one point heavily rumored to direct the 24 movie.

I know I agree Police found suicide note in his car… He directed some good stuff. He was only 68 such a bummer.

Was shocked to hear about Tony Scott, thoughts and prayers to his family, he would have made a fantastic choice for the ’24’ movie, but that’s definitely not going to happen now, alas, RIP Tony Scott.


my friend jack Bauer, i cannot expressed how eager i am to see the continuation of the 24, kindly make it happen as quick as possible.

We’re all eager…

forget the movie ,,,,,i think i dont just speak for myself….we demand a season 9…wtf