24: Live Another Day World Premiere Screening Featurette

Here’s a featurette video of the 24: Live Another Day World Premiere Screening that took place Friday night in New York.

“Tonight we are visiting the USS Intrepid and we are having the premiere of 24: Live Another Day. I think they’re going to really enjoy it. In the tone of 24 they’ll hopefully be on the edge of their seats and we’re going to surprise ’em here and there,” said Kiefer Sutherland.

“We’ve been working so hard on this show, there’s a definite sense of celebration in the air that we now get to share with everybody and party a little bit afterwards,” said Mary Lynn Rajskub. Benjamin Bratt added: “You have all of the cast and crew here, we’ve flown over from London to be here. I’m sure the room is filled with rabid fans of the show, so it’s an opportunity for us to kind of celebrate the work that’s been done thus far.”

Source FOX Broadcasting