Kim Raver on whether Audrey gets back together with Jack

When asked if there’s a chance that Jack and Audrey get back together, Kim paused for a bit and replied “Possibly maybe yes? You have to check it out. You know, if you ever spill the beans too much, your character doesn’t last long. So I’m always careful about what information I give.”

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Source FOX 10 News

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I am a HUGE Jack and Audrey fan…I was one of the early leaders of the Jack/Audrey shipperdome movement. But I don’t see how they can “get back together” during LAD, considering that she’s married and he’s a fugitive. I think the best we can hope for is a few nice interactions that leave that possibility open for the future. I just hope they have lots of screentime together once they finally meet up and that it doesn’t end with another heartbreaking goodbye like the end of season 6.