What did you think of 24: Live Another Day Episode 4?

24: Live Another Day Episode 3 Discussion
What’d you think of 24: Live Another Day episode 4?

What did you think of the 24: Live Another Day Episode 4? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Live Another Day Episode 4?

Tonights episode was written by Patrick Harbinson (past credits include 24, Person of Interest, and Homeland) and directed by Adam Kane.

While the readers of our site had near unanimous praise for the two hour premiere, the third episode received a more mixed reaction. Of the 4,935 people who voted in last weeks poll, 65% loved it with 27% saying it was good and 9% saying it was just OK. Let’s see if this episode does any better.

If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it on FOX’s website tomorrow or catch the repeat on TV this Friday at 8:00 PM on FOX.


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Much better than last week.

My big gripe was that we didn’t get to see more of Heller’s speech as he turned things around from when we last saw him at the end of Hour 3.

that would have been in the 24 Episode version ;)

Excellent. The best of day 9 so far. Looks to only get better. Not sure how much longer Jack will be considered a terrorist. Looks like he’ll have a chance to speak his mind and possibly gain some cia backing.

Do you have a section in the poll titled “Incredible, jaw on the floor”?

That was the best episode of LAD yet. Wow. Can’t wait to rewatch this one. Heart was pounding the entire time.

True, tonights episode did cut short Heller’s turn around (in the Legion Hall). But this was classic Jack Bauer, did you see the surprise on Jack’s face when Heller called him? Really felt sorry for the poor girl to lose a finger, but when Mommy wants… Looks like she gets. This show will get even better. Love it!!!

Stop shouting and take off your Caps Lock, for the love of mercy…

Thank you 24Spoilers, keepin’ on top of thing as always :-).

Fantastic! Best of Day 9 so far. Was expecting Margot to threaten Simone, but never to do THAT. And the Heller/Audrey/Jack conversation was awesome to see. The scene when Kate arrests Jack is amazing as well, with the wonderful music! Throwback to Day 4, I think? When Audrey found out that Jack was “dyed”? I can’t remember now that the show was over, but I know it was used before in the series.

The track is “Reviving Jack” and yes it is from the season 4 finale. Fantastic throwback.

God, that episode was just phenomenal.

The song your thinking of happened during “Fayed’s Death”

Nope, it is for sure Reviving Jack after watching it a second time. Although the music during the Jack vs. Fayed scene was beautiful as well. Another beautiful one was Curtis’ death music.

May 19, 2014 at 10:38 pm
Excellent. I thought sure Heller would believe Jack and start helping him but it was Morgan who believed Jack. Also, did anyone else notice that when Jack was telling Morgan the details about the planned attack, they were playing the same sound track from S4 when Jack was being revived after he faked his death. Very fitting since in a sense Jack was coming back alive, becoming again the great terrorist fighter that he was meant to be.

It seems that Margo is searching for any drone in the European area to use for the attack. This may account for a coming time jump. It may take hours for a drone over Itally to be flown to London.

Good observation about the soundtrack.

I’ve got 2 things I’ll say about this episode: an irony, and a possible prediction:

#1: The irony: After he swore that he wouldn’t let Audrey hear the name Jack Bauer, it’s Mark himself who ends up mentioning Jack Bauer in front of Audrey. Ah…what karma.

#2: Possible prediction: Let’s not forget that forged signature authorizing for Jack to be handed over. The saving grace might be that Heller only heard of Jack Bauer in episode 4.

May 19, 2014 at 11:19 pm
Yes, at the end Heller will find out Mark forged his signature and fire him.

I feel like Mark’s going to be the last man standing by the end of all this.

The fact that Margot got some random dude to cut off her daughters finger with a hammer and chisel was overkill

Breaking her daughters fingers instead of cutting them off would have done the same thing

For a psychotic woman that wants nothing more than to see this plan through, something temporary like breaking fingers might not have done the trick. The initial shock of a limb permanently gone as well as the revelation to Navid that it was permanent was way more likely to convince him to stay on than temporary pain that would heal over time.

-A twist that Jack has been hanging out with Margot. They plotted this together only Jack being Jack obviously doesn’t want loss of innocent life. He’s along for this ride because he and Margot (who may or may not be his sister) both have Heller issues. Margot wants to kill him for the death of her husband, obviously, but Jack? He needs Heller to get home. He wants to see his family again and Heller is the one standing in the way of that. I think Jack just helped create a threat for the express purpose of trying to stop it just so he can get to Heller and make demands.

That’s why Margot doesn’t just get her drones online and take Heller out with one right away but gets all dastardly and demanding his surrender. She’ll put a time window on it and that creates an opportunity for Jack– that’s part of the plan. Jack knows how to get to Margot and stop her and he’s the only one who can do so. If President Heller doesn’t want to die himself and he doesn’t want a bazillion people to do so either, there’s only one option: he’s got to do whatever Jack wants. And what Jack wants is to be put into the field in order to stop the threat and, if he is successful, to be allowed to return home… but he’ll only move to do any of this if Heller releases Tony Almeida from prison.

What this effectively does is make it so that everyone who has seemed correct and like they knew Jack in the last few hours is wrong and everyone who seemed to be underestimating or unaware of who Jack is is more on the side of the right. Adrian, Navarro, and Boudreau? They aren’t totally wrong about Jack. Audrey and Chloe? Thinking too much of him. That’s the only way this twists up a bit instead of everyone having the same reactions over and over again.

New West Virginian
May 19, 2014 at 11:56 pm
I don’t think Jack will do that and risk that many people’s lives.

However I AM surprised that Jack is still so loyal after going through so much and treated that way through the seasons, having to go on the run so many times, being taken to China and I hated how Heller treated him in Season 6. Jack never did anything wrong and shouldn’t be blamed for what happened to Audrey. Its not Jack’s fault that the world is this messed up with this many problems Heller should be glad Jack is there to stop these threats, though this drone threat probably isn’t as big as the multiple nuclear bombs in season 6 or even the dirty bomb in Season 8.

Jack killed an entire Mexican village for the Salazar Sting on Day 3. He gave a sample of the virus to Hector. Sure, one village is not this number of people but that’s why Jack is so hellbent on trying to stop Margot– he really doesn’t want this to happen. The only person who seems to truly want this to happen so far is Margot herself. But if Jack was on the run for years, in a really dark place emotionally, estranged from his family and everyone he’s ever loved… you can’t tell me that doesn’t factor into his story. He’s angry and he’s bitter and he’s colder. He just set Chloe up instead of trusting her with his plan a few hours ago. Poor Belcheck follows him around like a puppy, yet Jack sits around griping that he has no friends… in front of the only guy who has his back at the moment. This is definitely not the same guy we remember.

New West Virginian
May 20, 2014 at 12:00 am
Again it really is amazing how Jack hasn’t finally snapped he went through everything Stephen Saunders and Tony Almeida went through and then some! But I don’t think they’ll make him evil since they already did that to Tony.

Tony, Logan, and Suvarov were all characters that started out good but became bad. Nina and Dana don’t count cause they were bad the whole time just PRETENDING to be good. But Tony was a loyal CTU agent, Logan wasn’t part of the conspiracy yet in Season 4, and Suvarov was close to the US up until Season 8.

You realize that everything that happens to Jack happens to Tony and vice-versa, right? That’s kind of the point? Plus, I never said Jack would be “evil” here– he’d be trying to stop the threat (just like Tony tried to stop the White House threat, etc..) but he’d have his own agenda in the meantime.

Logan was never “good”. Just because Suvarov helped Jack on Day 6 doesn’t mean he and Logan didn’t have an agenda together then. Tony was never “bad”– it was way more complicated than that.

Technically, Logan was part of the conspiracy on Day 4. On Day 5, Graem mentions the events of 18 months previous (meaning Day 4) to his other group members, meaning the “Big Bad”s of Day 4 were Graem and his BXJ Technologies cohorts. This makes sense when you consider that BXJ was a defense contractor and they set up their rivals McLennan-Forster to take the hit on Day 4. By killing off President Keeler, they put Charles Logan into office so that they could control him on Day 5.

I am in compete agreement with your assessment of Tony, Mary, and I also share your impression that Jack has an agenda that is yet to be revealed. As soon as Jack connected Simone to Margot I was instantly curious. What *has* this man been up to in the last four years? Margot also seemed to hint that she knew the identity of the ‘American’ tracking Simone.

It’s all very hard to say at this point. In Episode 6 we’re told we’ll find out more about Jack’s activities as a fugitive. In Episode 8, it appears that Jack and Heller get into a helicopter together at a stadium and, according to Mary Lynn, something truly significant goes down in the very next episode.

Agreed! Especially about Margot’s reaction to “The American” tracking Simone. If Simone had been followed, it would have meant an enormous breach of security and their plan would have been destroyed after it being Margot’s, like, sole purpose in life for awhile now. You would think that she would be more worried, more upset. Yeah, she gives Simone that warning when she stitches her up but that seemed more like a test of Simone’s loyalty than it did concern over whether or not she had really been successful in losing “the American” or not.

Remembering that Simone has been away from the rest of her family for the last three weeks on this mission and that is apparently when the bulk of it started. Tanner was selected as the scapegoat at least three weeks ago because that’s when someone posted the fake, disgruntled stuff under his name to the military message board. If Jack has been working with Margot recently, then it would make sense that Simone would not recognize him if she’d been with Yates for the last three weeks.

I also think it’s a little convenient that the guy who built the override module worked with Open Cell. I think Jack needed Chloe’s help to stop the threat but, as we’ve seen, he felt he couldn’t just ask her, so he orchestrated a scenario to rescue her to win back her favor, then strong arm the rest of Open Cell into giving their resources to Chloe because since Yates worked with them, they’re all kind of on the fringes of trouble where this is concerned already. Did Jack help Margot set up Yates as the guy who built it, just so that Jack could swoop in and make it look like he’s trying to save the day (which he is, fundamentally, but just solving problems he helped put into motion)… just so he can essentially hold Heller hostage for a list of demands?

I know that was the timeline introduced, but it doesn’t seem to make sense. It seems that the US/Russia treaty wasn’t a deal between Keeler/Suvarov that got passed to Logan, but rather something that was only between Logan and Suvarov. And since the plan was contingent on exercising the clause in the treaty to exercise America’s military presence, it couldn’t have been very evolved at all, if even planned whatsoever, until after Day 4 was over.

Graem and BXJ Technologies had nothing to do with Habib Marwan’s master-plan that unfolded over Day 4 (still my favorite season overall), nor any involvement in what transpired with McClelland-Forster. When Graem mentioned starting the Day 5 conspiracy eighteen months before, he’s referring to the elevation of Charles Logan to the Presidency, with the conspiracy involving the Sentox nerve gas likely hatched after Day 4 ended… Graem and the cabal behind the Day 5 conspiracy had no role in what happened to President Keeler nor Logan’s becoming President, but they sure took advantage of that fortunate turn of events by having one of their own now sitting in the Oval Office.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Graem mentions later on that he’s tried to have Jack killed “several” times. One of those times was 18 months earlier, when Logan and Cummings elected to have Jack executed instead of turning him over to the Chinese. The Chinese were in league with Phillip Bauer who was trying to regain control over his own company after being ousted by Graem and the board– Jack was, essentially, held captive by his own father and the Chinese. This is what would have happened if Jack had been handed over to them on Day 4, as well, instead of Day 5, which was like delaying the inevitable. Graem wouldn’t want this– he didn’t want his brother to come back into the family fold and take over his place. Walt Cummings is the common link between the Day 4 conspiracy and Graem’s cabal on Day 5 and he is the one who wants to have Jack killed on Day 4, along with Logan (though, obviously, neither of them knew the other was also a traitor at this point.)

Killing Jack, the defense contractor angle, and Logan becoming President, plus a mention of 18 months prior? That seems like a lot of coincidences not to assume Graem’s group was the money behind Day 4.

It’s always possible, I just don’t think that’s the way it went down. We don’t know if Cummings or Logan were in contact with Graem during Day 4, and I personally think the Chinese weren’t in contact with Philip either, because they only came together when the FB subcircuit board was damaged and they hired Philip to repair it in exchange for them raiding CTU and grabbing Josh.

I think they didn’t want Jack turned over simply because they thought he would break, like they said in the Day 4 finale. I believe everything you mentioned is just coincidental, though definitely not impossible.

The treaty part was not a part of the Day 4 plan, agreed. That was Logan’s love of power and legacy– his own crazy delusions and his connections to Russia. That had nothing to do with Day 4.

this is an absurd post.

None of this will happen.

Jack didn’t kill 4 innocents to “make demands” to Heller. You’re trying to hard to find the twist.

Only twist I can think of right now is Mark. Mark is probably a bad guy.

Why was Margot so insistent about Navid/Naveed piloting the drones? I guess he was the only one there with the training to pilot a drone.

At first glance, it would seem like a simple video game, but being that Lt. Tanner must have some training, I guess you can’t just pilot a drone the way you just sit down to play a video game.

Bring on the sneek peeks

New West Virginian
May 19, 2014 at 11:58 pm
I wonder if this is the main threat or if there is a larger threat coming up. In many of the seasons the main threat ends halfway through and the second half is just tracking down the people responsible especially in Season 6, 7, and 8. The Chinese plot in Season 6 felt tacked on and they coulda just had Jack fight Fayed in the finale. I wonder if there is someone above Margot Al-Harazi.

could be

but doesnt the variety interview with michelle fairley say shes going to be around until at least episode 9?

I think this is the main threat, they’d destroy the 12 episode format if they went with two threats. That’s just too much story for that short amount of time. Now this threat may end early and there may be a plot with Jack on the run or against the Russians Mark wants to hand him over to, but I don’t think another terrorist plot is in the works.

I’m in agreement with you for the most part. I think the drones and/or just finding and stopping Margot are at least the first two-thirds of the story. I feel like the last third might be a different plot, as it’ll be after the time jump, and I think that’s going to be a personal storyline for Jack. Not that this isn’t a personal storyline already with the Hellers but I mean something directly involving his family.

Forgot to reply to the part of your post about Day 6, New West Virginian. I also think the Chinese plot felt tacked on, but I also was growing tired of Fayed and the nukes and would NOT have wanted that to last all the of the way through the season.

New West Virginian
May 20, 2014 at 12:04 am
Margot is good but I still think Dina Araz is the best female villain on the show, if not THE best villain. Dina had a very chilling performance especially in the episode where she kills Behrooz’s boyfriend. Its also interesting comparing Simone with Behrooz in that Simone is more committed to the cause. Behrooz didn’t do much except deliver a package if I remember correctly.

May 20, 2014 at 12:34 am
I don’t remember Behrooz being gay. lol

I started laughing when Margot put that tea kettle on. A very funny reference to Dina there.

The whole Araz family was pure gold. Dina especially, Shoreh Agdashloo killed that part.

I love how many times Dina said “I don’t know.”

Yeah, I think Dina Araz was phenomenal. Shoreh was brilliant, because she made Dina equally chilling and sympathetic.

Best quote of the night: “Because I fired the bullets.” -Jack Bauer

I loved the Jack-Heller dynamic, and that whole conversation. Four episodes in, this season has been at its very best when one of Jack or Heller is on screen, but both at the same time, given their remarkably complicated relationship? Gold.

Still, I’m in the minority here because I didn’t care much for tonight. It felt like a collection of rehashed plot points from beginning to end. As much I loved the tense conversation between Jack and Heller, it screamed Jack and Wayne Palmer Season 6. Even Heller’s ultimate decision is identical. No one will ever listen to Jack when they need to — that’s ultimately what this show has become. It is telegraphed and predictable.

I wish we had seen more of Heller’s speech. We’re expected to believe this complete turnaround? I’m not buying it, and I feel cheated as a viewer because it was one of the cliffhangers from last week. It’s as if they altered the script last second.

His path to Tanner was a little easy, even by Jack’s standards. And I’m not sure why the captain guarding Tanner would be in possession of the all-important flight key that holds all the evidence against him (and now for him, in Jack’s case). That seemed a little too convenient. The marine giving orders to shoot Jack on sight first chance he gets…where have we seen that before? Then, the entire terrorist family saga feels so old and tiresome. We’ve seen it all before, and we all knew this was coming even last week; it felt to me like they were just going through the motions to demonstrate how far Margo is willing to go to succeed in her cause. And it made no sense for Naveed to try to convince Simone to escape with him considering she gave him that giant speech less than an hour earlier. I’d chalk that up to the condensed 12-episode format. Also, the falling out between Chloe and Cross has been telegraphed since the arrival of Jack. We also find out that Jordan likes Kate. That’s cute (the dialogue in that scene was pretty painful too).

This stuff worked back in Seasons 2-5. Not anymore, for me at least. I’m used to re-watching 24 episodes directly after my first viewing, then buying the DVDs when they’re out and watching them all again. And again. This is the first time in a LONG time I decided to forgo the second watch. I’m just not feeling it… :(

Doesn't make sense
May 20, 2014 at 1:09 am
Why can’t you just enjoy it as it is? 24 literally came back from the dead. If you get so annoyed watching it you ought to stop.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that my favorite show of all time returned, but I’m still disappointed. And I’m pretty sure this comments section is for critiques both positive and negative. I’d prefer you convince me that my judgement of this episode is wrong instead of telling me I should stop watching…

Doesn't make sense
May 20, 2014 at 1:40 am
Ok makes sense. Let’s all keep watching it so the ratings are high so there will be another season!! :)

You are dead on right about that. Anyone who thinks the 24 storyline is going to change is got to be living in another world. It is what it is. Pure patriotic flag waving action with some drama, suspense and romance thrown in. It’s jack Bauer and that’s what people like. The butt kicking, the good guy being labelled a bad guy and then coming back like a Phoenix to show everyone that they were wrong and how he has risen to save the world ,(and of course Kim Raver) at some point. Jack Bauer is the name of the game, predictable or not it’s what the people want. I would rather watch this anyday than another warmed over reality show. Jack rules for an hour a week in my house.

The Jack/Heller conversation was very different from Jack/Wayne Palmer. Palmer agreed to help him, while Heller reluctantly agreed, then immediately changed his mind, which means he wasn’t very sure in the first place.

Regarding Parliament, I can see where you’re coming from, but maybe only those two or three people from Hour 3 were being rambunctious and calmed down after something Heller said.

If you’re comparing the shoot to kill orders, are you comparing that to Pillar from Day 8? Off topic, I LOVED that character.

Regarding the “going through the motions” comment, how else do you suggest they do it? It’s pretty standard story telling to support a point you want to make with details. Point: Margot will do whatever it takes. Details: Willingness to hurt her own daughter to ensure her goals are met. It may have done before, but it provides the intended and well delivered shock factor (barbaric chisel method helped with that) and supports the point they wanted to make.

I don’t see how it doesn’t make sense for a man to attempt to convince his wife to abandon wildly violent terrorist threats and escape to peace. They are married…whether or not she gave a speech. Truth be told, we’ve only known Simone for four hours, and Navid for two, so nobody can really judge if it was naive of him to expect her to go with him or not.

I’ve said before that I understand and agree with some criticisms of 24, but when I watch, I enjoy what I see. I don’t see Margot and company and think “this is so boring, seen it before, don’t want to watch this ever again”, or see the orders to kill Jack and think “OH NO DAY 8 ALL OVER AGAIN, AGH”. I just don’t understand how some of you enjoy anything, television or otherwise, when you look at it through such a critical lens. 24 is a TV show…from Day 1 we have known this. It isn’t supposed to be a 100% accurate representation on traveling, terrorist plots, killing, CIA operations, American politics, British politics, or anything else…do you all really think all of the negatives while you watch this show? Honest question.

Again, not saying the show is perfect or that people can’t critique.

Thanks for the reply! :)

In regard to the comparison to Wayne Palmer, I was referring to the second episode of Season 6 after Jack escaped from Abu Fayed after learning about Hamri Al-Assad.

– Jack in a huge predicament; seems virtually impossible for him to get out
– Terrorist attacks imminent; Jack now essentially the only one with the inside information on potential attack
– Phone call between Jack and current US president who has a history with Jack
– We as viewers know Jack is right; Jack tries to convince the president
– The president wants to believe him; his Chief of Staff advises him otherwise
– The president ultimately decides to go against Jack
– Jack is forced to fend for himself

Everything about these turn of events is classic 24. I have no problem with that. My problem is that it all feels like it’s on repeat. I loved the first two episodes of Season 6 — they are two of my favorite. Back then, that story line was fresh. Now? Not so much. I realize it’s easier said than done, but can’t they think of something new?

As for the Parliament scene, you might be right — we’ll probably never know — but that still makes last week’s ending feel like a cheap trick for the sake of a cliffhanger.

I don’t want them to “go through the motions.” This is 24, and I’ve always known 24 to be anything BUT “standard storytelling.” I wish I could watch it through a less critical lens, but I can’t. Amazing seasons like 2, 3 and 5 raised my standards for the show to an unrealistically high level. It’ll probably never revert back to that level again, and I just need to deal with that.

Of course! I hope I don’t ever come across as rude or anything, I do like to debate though. :)

I see the phone call comparison now, but I guess I just don’t see why it’s a big deal. I mean, if Margot’s goons raided the CIA, then I would probably have to throw up, but something like a phone call? Nowhere near as severe in my eyes. And the precedent is/was there for the presidents not to believe Jack in both situations. In both of their eyes, Jack was/is not in a mental state to accurately assess the situation. The comparison is correct, but I just don’t see why it’s a big deal I guess.

The Parliament scene was kinda awkward, as we didn’t see what he said, but at the same time, the people that yelled at him last episode didn’t seem like their moods improved much, with the same scowls they had prior. Maybe they were just calmed down a bit after their impulsive outbursts.

I understand your thoughts about the best seasons as well, although I’ve always been on a nonstop thrill ride for all of 24 since Day 1. It is by far my favorite show and probably always will be, it always has me on the edge of my seat. I guess whenever I watch, I’m on always on that “high” rather than looking for mistakes or something.

Jonathan, re: feeling like the stuff is on repeat… I’m going to argue that this is the entire point of Live Another Day.

Structurally, I feel like 24 is a giant circle– if you aren’t laughing at things like Margot putting on a pot of Dina tea, then you aren’t getting the joke. If you’ve seen all the seasons, you can tell that the second half of 24 (Days 5 through 8) are basically the first half of the series in a mirror. Everything happens either exactly the same way it did before or it happens backwards– just like a reflection.

On Day 1, Jack prevents the assassination of future President David Palmer while being framed by a group as his would-be assassin but “on the other side of the mirror” in Day 5, what happens? Former President David Palmer is assassinated and Jack is framed for his murder. This is just one of literally a thousand examples of this, over and over, throughout the series, and it’s purposeful. It illustrates the differences between the characters and is what makes the themes sing. The idea of “sister seasons”, if you’ve ever seen someone talk about that with regards to 24? It’s really the other season backwards. Day 5 is Day 1 in a mirror; Day 6 is Day 2; Day 7 is Day 3; Day 8 is Day 4. So, the question is then… what is Day 9?

My fellow 24-loving fan and I think we’ve figured it out. It’s everything. It’s the entire series in a mirror. In James Bond, they kind of did this with Die Another Day– they referenced all the other Bond movies in it to make one movie (only it wasn’t a very good movie, as opposed to LAD, which is humming along rather nicely, IMO.) At the moment, we’re theorizing that LAD is split up into about three arcs of four episodes or so each and that each segment of four episodes is a pair of 24 seasons mashed up and flipped around, as if in a mirror. 9.01-9.03 is Day 4 meets Day 5; 9.04-9.06 will then follow to be Day 3 meets Day 6; 9.07-9.09 is Day 2 meets Day 7; and the final three hours of LAD (and the end of Jack’s story as a protagonist) are Day 1 meets Day 8… the beginning and the end of the series itself is the end of Day 9.

If you look at the series as purposefully echoing itself, you might find some more meaning in what you are saying are just repeats at this point.

That is an *extremely* fascinating reading of the series. I don’t think I have anything else to say.

Thanks :)

If Brad was replying to you Mary, the comment would have been indented like mine… :)

Nevermind it doesn’t indent anymore…

Thanks then for the tip :)

I think it’s interesting you think of 24 this way, but I don’t think this is the way it is intended or the way it works in my eyes. There similarities for sure, but clear differences as well. If the only comparison between Days 1 and 5 is that Jack was framed for Palmer’s assassination/assassination attempt, then that doesn’t mean the seasons directly interface with each other as mirrored stories. In Day 5, Jack was cleared before the first few hours were up. In Day 1, he was wanted by CTU and the FBI until the Gaines group was taken out, which was over half of the season.

I’d be interested in how you view the seasons are mirrors of themselves in detail, other than just common similarities.

I agree with what you’ve said. That’s actually my point– the differences, I mean. They are the most important aspects of the story. A mirror isn’t always the exact same thing. Think about it this way… if you stand in front of a mirror in an orange t-shirt and holding a mug in your right hand, what happens in your reflection? You’re still wearing an orange t-shirt (similarities) but the mug *appears* on your left side (differences). You’re still there, in your orange shirt with your mug, but in a mirror, half of that gets flipped around. 24 is one, long, story trapped in a mirror. The first four seasons would be like you standing there in your orange shirt with the mug in your right. But throw that mirror up after Day 4 and you get everything happening as if in a mirror on the other side of the series.

I can get really in detail about this stuff (I wrote a paper lol) but here are a few examples of what I mean:

Day 1: Jack takes Lauren the Waitress hostage. She’s a civilian w/red hair and a snarky, meta attitude whom he holds at gunpoint and to whom he talks about how he has to do this b/c of his family in trouble and a threat to a Presidential candidate whose death could destroy the country. Lauren is empathetic but eventually gives him up to the police.
Day 8: Jack takes Chloe hostage at gunpoint. She works for the government, has reddish hair and a snarky, meta attitude. She tries to convince him not to kill a former U.S. President and/or a sitting Russian one, the action of which will *put* his family in peril. Unlike Lauren, Chloe covers for Jack.

Day 1: Jack finds Teri Bauer’s body at CTU: LA after she was murdered by someone who once worked at CTU to whom Jack was close. He finds her body after running down a hall and clutches her corpse close. He was *literally* a minute too late.
Day 5: Jack finds Tony Almeida dying– just about a minute before he dies– after being murdered by someone who once worked at CTU to whom Jack was close. He clutches Tony to him and sobs into his hair.

Day 2: George Mason, a snarky (and reluctant) older-brother figure to Jack, dies saving the people of Los Angeles in an act of redemption for being a bit of a coward. He takes down a nuclear bomb over the Mojave Desert.
Day 6: Graem Bauer, Jack’s snarky and reluctant little brother, dies after killing all of Valencia in a nuclear bomb detonation because he was a weak and obnoxious little troll. :)

Day 1: Tony Almeida is pretty much the only person at CTU who *wasn’t* a mole. He was sleeping with Nina, though, and she was his boss.
Day 5: Spenser Wolff also hates ties and sleeps with his lady boss, only he’s a) a mole and b) so not as cool as Tony Almeida.

Day 3: Dr. Sunny Macer and stopping a virus that kills people but doesn’t make them go crazy first.
Day 7: Dr. Sunny Macer and stopping a virus that kills people after it makes them go a little insane.

Day 1: Kim is the daughter; her mom is Teri.
Day 7/8: Teri is the daughter; her mom is Kim.

Day 4: President Logan is having issues so his Chief of Staff (happily) calls in Former President David Palmer to assist. Palmer winds up going around Logan in the end to save Jack.
Day 8: President Taylor is having issues so his Chief of Staff (reluctantly) calls in Former President… Charles Logan! to assist. This does not go nearly as awkwardly well as it did on Day 4 but Taylor still ends up going around Logan in the end to save Jack.

Day 1: Jack and Tony thought the most suspicious thing about Nina was that she was the office bicycle. They were epically wrong about this. She was really an information broker who sold government secrets. In another plot, mercenary Mandy likes short skirts, high boots, and trying to escape from her epic loneliness. She wants to collect her payday and run off with her girlfriend. It doesn’t happen.
Day 5: Theo Stoller is a government agent who was building a case against information broker Colette Stenger while sleeping with her. Colette likes short skirts, high boots, and trying to escape from her epic loneliness. She wants to collect her payday and run off with Theo. It doesn’t happen.

Day 1: Jack has to save his blonde teenage daughter who has daddy issues but looooves him from a hostage situation, along with her redheaded mom.
Day 5: Jack has to save his blond teenage substitute-son who has daddy issues but eventually loooooves him from a hostage situation, so that he can reunite with his redheaded mom.

Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. Did you agree with me in thinking that it wasn’t intentional?

I agree with you that this episode wasn’t really anything new. I did enjoy it though, because it felt like all the old pieces were a collection of “the best of 24.” It was fast-paced and intense in the best ways 24 used to be.

I miss the freshness that episodes 1 and 2 brought. Maybe it was the nostalgic feeling of seeing the show back, I don’t know. But it just felt very different… now we’re getting into some familiar territory.

Really don’t like Adrian Cross since he’s now becoming Mr. Arrogant himself. Most disturbing moment: Simone loses a pinkie finger (OUCH). I think this season of 24 keeps getting better and I’m not 100% sure if one limited series is good enough to end 24 on a high note before the finale in July.

So, you don’t like Chloe’s BizarroMorris? Because that’s what she’s done with Open Cell– she flipped her losses around. Instead of pro-government agents, she’s with anti-government hackers. Instead of arrogant-to-mask-insecurity, charming and soulful Morris, there is Adrian Cross. Michelle Dessler is Chell; Edgar is that Stosh kid. When Jack shows up, his presence has forced Chloe to realize just how much she has been projecting images of the dead onto the people around her. The one to understand this the most so far is Adrian. He wants to be her present but he doesn’t understand that she connects with him because of the parts of him that remind her of the past.

Yes it’s gonna feel like it ended too quickly if we don’t get at least one more season.

Definitely the best episode of Live Another Day so far. Really tense stuff. I agree that the President winning Parliament around was very jarring though because we never saw what he said to change their minds

I like how his Alzheimer’s is only really happening when it’s convenient to the plot. :) Though, I did wonder if he wasn’t supposed to flip the order of the countries at the end of his speech. He ended a speech to Parliament with “and God Bless the United States of America”, when he probably should have ended it with the UK, given the audience. I wondered that since that was the most significant part of his speech that we actually heard, if we were supposed to think that maybe he’s not doing as well as he seems to be.

But that’s how Alzheimer’s sometimes work. My wife’s dad has dementia, and it is really dependent on the time of the day. Sometimes he’s so bad he doesn’t quite remember who I am and forgets that he was at his daughter’s wedding, just 15 minutes later he’s perfectly okay, remembering everything and perfectly capable of holding a complex conversation and you’d never guess his condition.

Ermagherd why cant next monday come sooner :(

Good episode! I am normally not a fan of the types of episodes where we have a bottleneck episode and the break-neck pace is ground to a standstill for some minor technical difficulty thats only there to service the writers. It was still a little annoying, but not overly so and there were other good bits elsewhere.

I was really growing tired of the al-Harazi scenes, but the chisel bit was so good I forgave what came before.

The idea that Margot is hiding out in a mansion in England is pretty far-fetched. I presume that one of the writers has watched Zero Dark Thirty (I’m waiting for the end scene of that film to be lifted completely in a later episode) but in England? Nahhh

Kate Morgan . good agent

It was awesome and I am so glad that Jack is back!

The head terrorist really loves her daughter. You can tell. She started on her left hand. I hope the daughter grows a pair now and decides maybe it was a bad idea to rat out her husband. She’s white too which really makes her bad seeings that she’s going to kill pretty well her own people. What gets me though is the minute they pin-point her they could just blast her with a Tomahawk Cruise missile. I guess they didn’t think about that or the writers think we’re that dumb that we wouldn’t know that. She wouldn’t be able to do all that computer work without leaving a footprint that would be untraceable. C’mon guys, don’t insult our intelligence too bad.

You think they’re insulting your intelligence when you seem to think that only white people live in London? *stares*

Definitely the best episode so far indeed. I knew she was going to threaten her daughter though, but ouch to the finger. And since Kate is so good on everything, either my initial theory was right and she is working with the chinese or her husband was set up. Or both, she set up her husband and is working for the chinese. Something to that as they keep mentioning it. Heller really needs to pull his head from his arse too.

there is no god damn way they pull this card again

The Nina flip almost ruined season 1 for me because it simply didn’t make sense…it was a twist for a twist sake.

the Dana one made me want to throw up, as well.

if they pull that stunt again! OMG I’ll be angry.

I’m the biggest 24 fan I know…but I’m telling you RIGHT NOW Kate is not “bad” and is not working with the Chinese. No freaking way.

MAYBE I could see Mark.

Doubt it on both counts. But how did Nina being a traitor ruin season 1 for you? Twists happen…for shock value. They make 24 in a way that it will intentionally shock you. I think the Nina thing worked great and make the season all that more interesting. We had only known her for a day and had no back story…totally plausible.

Yeah I hope I’m wrong too. But they like to pull the same crap. And everyone thinks oh she could be the next Jack bauer then they turn around and make her bad.

But more than likely someone else set her husband up

I just want to see the first major attack then watch how everyone jumps on the Jack Save us Ass kissing Bus

Yes! Me too.

I loved this episode! It did everything I wanted it too. It was very intense and I think it’s developing all the characters in really cool ways.

To be honest though, I’m probably going to avoid reading people’s comments now. For the past few years it seems like all people do is focus on the negatives and talk about how things aren’t always totally fresh. I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to their opinion they absolutely are, it’s just kinda depressing to read to be frank lol.

I have fun watching this show and try to take every episode as it is without comparing it to previous seasons. And so to read people pointing out “flaws” that I hadn’t even noticed (or even consider flaws sometimes) just really brings me down a bit. I know it shouldn’t it just seems strange to have a fan forum where it seems like most people just talk about what they DIDN’T like :P

Awww but I’ll gush about the awesome with you! :)

I totally agree,
I have waited four years for a movie, prequel or some sort of revival of 24. Having enjoyed the show for nine years I have literally been in tenterhooks since the revival was announced.
I know there are time issues, the plot devices being reused in not so subtle ways.
But you know what, I love the suspense, drama and action that only 24 can bring.
I think the producers and writers are brave to bring back a show that has been off TV for four years. There’s a lot pressure, and I think they have delivered thus far.

A lot of things that I was expecting:
Audrey´s face while listining of the name Jack Bauer
Conversation between Jack & Heller
Jack´s statement about the department of State declare him terrorist
That he never had the chance to say his part of the history and the most important that he way deserved.
And once again ahead of the entire intelligence agencies, FBI & CIA, about the drones.
One of the best episode ever!!! Jack Bauer rules

Sensational! Things are starting to turn for Jack…and it wont be long before we see the kick-ass Jack Bauer in full force! That was the best Epsiode yet and loved the music at the end!! Start planning Season 10 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to me season 9 villan has the esiest mission to accomplish her objective,which is to kill heller,why can’t she do that using those drones she is control off instead kill innocent civilians,unless she wants to make a point.

episode 4 was fantastic… I really loved it. Can’t wait for episode 5.

If anyone knows what soundtrack plays when Chloe and Belcheck talk each other, just tell me please.

Michelle Fairley plays Margot really well…has that British/Middle Eastern accent down tat!

I’m not sure on the guy that plays Erik Ritter….I don’t think he can act….from what I’ve seen so far.

I had been critical of the first 3 episodes but I felt that this 4th episode has turned the corner for season 9. It felt like a classic ’24’ episode which I like. The show brought back the intensity level and the pacing of the episode was solid.

Like others have posted here, Margot does remind me of Dina Araz (who was amazing in season 4) though I would say that she’s more of a combination of Dina and her husband. And her son-in-law has a Behrooz feel to him…

Hopefully ’24’ continues on this faster pace and keeps the intensity level high throughout.

Just a few quick comments, as I’m trying to avoid spoilers at all costs now. I think this was by far the best episode of the season. This was Kate’s best episode by a long shot, and I’m glad she’s finally allied up with Jack. But I don’t think she’s going to wind up as a love interest for Jack, which is good. Since they keep mentioning her husband, I’m almost certain he was set up by someone else in the CIA. Either Mark or Jordan.

This was also a great episode for Audrey. She hadn’t done much so far, but she was great in this one.

Oops, I meant Steve, not Mark.

I don’t see a Kate/Jack romance in the cards either. Funnily enough, I’ve almost been getting vibes that they might actually “go there” with Jack and Chloe. I mean, I could be totally misreading things because no one else has so much as brought it up on this website… but it’s more possible now than it ever was.

What makes you think that, Clayton?

With the death of Morris and Adrian being Chloe’s new boyfriend that seems unlikely to me. I’m curious as to what hints you seem to have been picking up in these first four episodes.

I agree, ChloJack. I get more of a father-daughter/mentor-protege/next generation vibe from Kate and Jack.

Some update from Jon Cassar: https://twitter.com/joncassar/status/469050364201668608
“Our actor wall keeps getting larger. Lots of Local actors have joined the 24 family.”

Few hours later: https://twitter.com/joncassar/status/469080400594489344
“A few faces were taken off the wall not to give anything away.”

Carlos Bernard, maybe??

Nina Myers will be back

I think Tony and Kim are the most likely returning characters.

Unless Adam Kaufman, Chase Edmunds, Nadia Yassir, Mike Doyle, or Janis Gold pulls a Milo and returns to be killed.

Ditto Tony and Kim. Also, Kim’s husband, Dr. Steve, and their daughter, Little Teri. Maybe Aaron Pierce.

I had a dream last night where Heller explained that he had been Allison Taylor’s vice president and everything made sense.

I know, right? I guess that makes sense if he was after that idiot from Day 7 got the White House half destroyed.

Well, if Heller was president three years ago to order the drone strike on Margot’s husband, it’s literally the only explanation that makes sense when you follow the 24 timeline. It’s a bit hard to swallow because it means Heller and Audrey were on the radar in Day 8 and Jack went for Renee anyway, but it is what it is.

I think it’s possible, given the extreme circumstances of that day, that a national election was called early. Taylor was going to do what Logan didn’t and admit to the world her role in an awful conspiracy. Is it remotely possible that Taylor’s administration was dissolved early and a band new one was brought in?

It would require an amendment to the Constitution, wouldn’t it? I admit that I don’t see it happening, but I guess it is very, very remotely possible…

I don’t live in the States so forgive my ignorance on matters like this.

Unlike Logan, it seemed clear to me that Taylor was going to reveal her complicity to the public. In doing so, I imagine that would utterly destroy any faith whatsoever that the American people would have had in her entire administration. It would have been unprecedented. I can’t help wondering if there would have been an equally unprecedented response and that an entirely new administration would have been consequently elected.

The timeline has it that it’s been 9 years since we last saw Audrey and Heller on Day 6. Mark told Ron Clark in the premiere that Audrey was under psychiatric care for three years and not expected to recover but that he was with her through all that, so that would mean they didn’t marry until probably at minimum four years after Day 6 (which is a few months shy of Day 7.) But Mark and Audrey have been married for awhile, so one of the reasons why Jack went with Renee on Day 8 was that he knew that Audrey was married. Even if they hadn’t spoken to one another, he would still know because he has a television and Audrey would have then been the de facto Second Lady of the U.S.., since Heller is a widower and Audrey functions as his First Lady.

I think the only thing that makes sense is that Allison Taylor booted out VP Hayworth after Day 7 because he was grossly incompetent and sleazy and she brought in Heller in his place. We just didn’t have mention of the VP at all on Day 8, kind of like in a way that we didn’t have mention of Tony on Day 8, because to say what they were up to kind of spoils stuff for the future. But Heller as the President 3 years old can only have happened, as you’ve said, if he succeeded Allison Taylor as President.

Brilliant! Loved It! 24 at its best, lots of tense moments, Jack not being believed, Heller being stupid – again. You’d think after Jack saving his and Audrey’s life in Season 4 that would count for something! He should stop listening to his slimy Chief of Staff, who will hopefully be seen in his true colours soon. Audrey’s got the measure of him already!

Can’t wait for next week!

Bring back Edgar Styles’ mother!

Bring back Paul Raines! Then we can have an Audrey/Jack/Paul/Mark love quadrangle.

hahahahaha!!! I can’t stop laughing. Great idea!

We only saw a body bag that was presumed to be his body…they got Tony out, maybe they got Paul out as well and will try to use him against Jack!

I don’t think that is a good idea make a triple-romance with Audrey between Jack, Mark and Paul…

Aww but Paul Raines would win out over all of them :)

Any one have info on when the time jump will be? Wikipedia has it going through the first 8 episodes (6pm-7pm). Will they make one big time jump at this point?

It’s looking like they’ll make one big jump, yeah, but when is still a little sketchy. Since they’ll probably want the last few episodes to be in a row again, it’s looking like a twelve hour time jump between either 9.08 and 9.09 or 9.09 and 9.10.

it will always make me laugh and never cease to amaze me that James Heller ever questions Jack…

Uhm, excuse me President Heller…

Remember when Jack Bauer saved you and Audrey from execution against Director Driscoll’s direct commands when the President already ordered a military strike against the terrorists who were broadcasting your execution which would have killed you and your daughter instantly????

I love this side story. I loved it in Day 6 when Jack goes to take Audrey and Heller calls him out.

I would have been like, “listen brah…I saved your life, I saved her like (countless times), I gave you a chance to expose Logan and you fucked that up, too and almost killed me in the meantime…so STFU?”

and then, when speaking to him directly last episode…he still wants to doubt him?! Good fucking Christ. I LOVE IT!

24! Glad it’s back!

He wants to doubt him because Jack killed two Russian diplomats and fled the country. He doesn’t believe this is the same man he once knew. It’s also funny how Jack says “I never lied to you”, which is canonically b.s.. There was that time the Hellers didn’t know that Jack wasn’t really dead, not to mention the months Jack was sleeping with Heller’s daughter behind his back, which is what makes it so adorable when Jack takes the moral high ground.

Well, those aren’t so much cases of lying as they are about about omission. I think what Jack meant was that he never lied to Heller’s face.

Anyone wonder how Kate is going to get that flight key away considering she doesn’t know how to get in touch with Open-cell? And the hostages are just going to tell the marines what was said.

My guess: Kate gave the flight key to Ritter when he handed her the cuffs. Then she has Jordan as her tech guy, and Jack has Chloe, so they could bacically transfer the data to both and let them work on it.
But if you saw the promo – spoiler – the flight key might become pretty insignificant as proof anyway, since the drones already are hijacked…

From what I have read they will start skipping hours after hour 8 which will be after 7:00 PM in London. One possibility, and I use the word possibility with much caution, of skipping hours is that it is POSSIBLE to bring Tony back for the 2nd half of the day. It takes 12 hours on the clock to fly commercially from the east coast to London. An air force jet can do it in less time. So if Tony is in an east coast prison and is pardoned by Heller, (on Jack’s request, or maybe demand), then it would be possible for Tony to show up in London. This is very far fetched, but you never know what the writers of this show can come up with. If Tony is brought back, I would bet my bottom dollar that he is on Jack’s side of things and gets redemption.
Also keep in mind that season 9 is the last go around for 24. (a friend of mine, a TV screen writer, told me that Howard Gordon said that this is absolutely the end, as did Kerifer on a recent talk show). Because of this, the writers have the opportunity to wrap a nice ribbon aroundthe series and bring things to a proper close that will satisfy the fans. This is another reason that there is no way that Jack is killed off. My only regert is that there is noway that they can bring back Edgar Styles’ mother, who is one of my all time favorite characters!

A friend and I worked out a theory about Tony and it goes along with your idea that Jack is going to request that Tony pardon him in exchange for Jack helping find Margot but it is different in terms of time. We both think that Tony actually went free after Day 7 and was pardoned by President Taylor, that it was him who paid Victor Aruz the diamonds to go get Jack at the start of Day 8 and drag him into the plot, and that Jack went to Tony for help in getting out of the country after Day 8. If Tony was involved in aiding and abetting a fugitive in helping Jack, then it actually explains another missing piece of the puzzle on Day 9, which is how the hell is Chloe not in prison? In the premiere, Morgan says that Chloe served time for helping Jack escape the country but she must not have served very much time. She was out with another job that had Morris driving Prescott to soccer practice within a relatively short amount of time.

The only way that makes sense is if someone else cut a deal in exchange for a shortened sentence for Chloe. The only logical person who could have done that is Tony. Tony sees it as keeping Prescott from growing up without a mother and kind of karmic retribution for Michelle and his son, so he winds up the one who takes the hit for Jack and Chloe for all the stuff they did on a day that Tony wasn’t even in. Jack didn’t know this until recently and now he’s dealing with the guilt that Tony just spent four and a half years in prison after the rest of the epic hell that has been the life of Tony Almeida. Whatever Jack’s been up to in the last four years crosses paths with Margot’s plan and Jack realizes that if he jumps in and does a few things to control the situation, he can come out holding all the cards and use it to his advantage to get Tony out, stop Margot and save lives, and maybe find a way to get home to Kim and his grandkids, if he’s lucky.

As for how this fits in, timewise? Maybe we had to give *someone* to the Russians in order to avoid an incident after Novakovich’s murder and since Jack was AWOL and Tony cut a deal to keep Chloe from that fate, Tony’s been in a Russian prison since Day 8. He’s got the whole Jack-in-China beard thing going on, since their lives are pretty much identical at this point, and Jack’s request forces Heller to make some kind of deal with the Russians to get him back in order to get Jack’s help in stopping Margot. Geographically, this puts Tony closer to the action– just a few hours of a plane ride away– and it’s more interesting than, like, oh the U.S. happened but he just so happened to be on a boat an episode’s trip away from London! or some other kind of b.s…

As much as I *love* the theory, I can’t see why Taylor would pardon Tony after what he did (or nearly did) at the end of Day 7.

I am really glad you are not writing this show.

Who are you referring to? In any case, that’s a bit harsh.

To Mary and maybe in a more general way to Tony fans.

I am really getting tired of this Tony fanbase who seems to think they are so self-entitled to wreck the credibility of this show over and over for just one man by forcing some really weird connections into the story just to bring their favorite character. This season already has a logical set of characters who should be in this season, we don’t need some contrived exposition just for Tony during the final climax of the season.

The guy ended up as a terrorist who did not shy away from organising a bio attack on a metro station because he could not handle a loss. Just let the guy go please. There is so much denial in this fanbase it is really scary.

I agree that there is very little left they could do with Tony, even though I’m a little guilty of wanting to see him again as well. :)

But what I don’t understand is everybody who simply tries to write off his motives and actions as because of “that simple loss”. The man sacrificed his career and integrity in Day 3 and sent himself to prison for Michelle, who in turn left him for drinking after he was pardoned. He got her back after almost dying in Day 4, and then when they left government work altogether, Michelle dies carrying his unborn son. I’m positive not many of us have experienced this, but I sure wouldn’t blame him for wanting to find the man responsible for wrecking his life yet again. Do I think he went too far? Of course…but he wasn’t completely in the right mind, thus being willing to commit an act of terrorism on the US.

But it is never just simply “not being able to handle a loss”…I’m sure many of us would do crazy things if we had Tony’s life.

Tony was always very emotional as well. He tend to let them get the better of him.

I love have Heller as the president.

Even if his got-to move when anything gets tough is suicide,

maybe third time lucky this season?

This isn’t really too much of a “spoiler” but it’s related to the time jump (s). It looks like there’s going to be a time jump between episode 11 and 12. They’re still doing night shoots during the final pair, so 11 takes place at night (or very early morning).

24 filming in Isleworth 27th May, in Watford on 1st June

24 filming at Longcross Studio in Surrey on Monday 26th May

@Pip55 Yeah same situ but with “TAC team” extras, only know that the longcross day is 15:30-03:30, dno times for others sorry :(

Interesting. The other option is that the time jump happens a few hours earlier (like between 9.08 & 9.09 or 9.09 & 9.10) and it’s the full 12 hours that they need to jump, which allows for the characters to get on a plane to another location. If they travel to somewhere during the time jump and change time zones in doing so, it covers 24 hours still but it could end the story with the last few episodes taking place in a place where it is also dark outside, explaining the filming in the dark for the finale. The perfect one that comes to mind is Los Angeles. The plane ride from London fits right in there and it’ll be night when they land.

It’s been confirmed that Episode 9 will be 7pm – 8pm. So the time jump must occur sometime after that.

Wonder if they’re just doing one 12-hour time jump before the finale.

What makes sense to me is that for a period of time during the 5 plus years between days 7 & 9, Jack kept in touch with Tony while he was in prison. Maybe Tony saw the error of his ways and Jack found it in his heart to forgive Tony. However, the only way for Tony to get out is with a presidential pardon, which has to be demanded by Jack to Heller, probably with some pursuasion fromAudrey. Jack must convince Heller that he needs a partner and that there is no one that he can trust aside from Tony. But this is all conjecture and maybe a bit of wishful thinking because I, along with so many other fans want to see Tony brought back. But, odds are that we have seen the last of Tony at the end of day 7. I hope I am wrong, but I would bet that I am not. (sigh)

I really don’t want to see Tony back. The writers ruined the character with Season 7.

I’d love to see a slightly brain damaged Charles Logan though ;)

How did they ruin him? By not being a Jack Bauer ass kisser?

One twist too many in Season 7 for me. Went from bad guy, to good guy, back to bad guy again….and then the writers desperately tried to turn him back to a good guy (with issues) at the very end. Thought it was tiresome.


Tony’s return I think would be great, but it would have to be better done than in season 7. Maybe some sort of redemption?