Behind the Scenes of 24LAD Episode 4: Basement at the U.S. Embassy

Director Adam Kane, stunt coordinator Mark Mottram, and special effects coordinator Stefano Pepin give us an inside look at the action-packed scene taking place in the basement of the U.S. Embassy from 24: Live Another Day Episode 4.

Yvonne Strahovski did her own stunt work in this episode, dropping 7-8 feet from the ceiling vent to the floor below. “I come from a background of stunts on other shows, so it’s not my first air vent. Perhaps I’m experienced” she said while giggling.

Director Adam Kane said “It’s a race against the clock. So ultimately that’s what 24 ends up doing best, racing against the clock to see who’s going to get to the finish line first.”

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I think you’ll find that Yvonne said “first Air vent” not “event” referencing her time on Chuck. Yvonne’s doing a great job and I’m enjoying 24LAD all the more for her being in it.

I love her, too. She’s perfect for 24.

She’s doing a fantastic job. Yvonne is such a likable onscreen presence, and has done a great job making Kate different than Sarah Walker.

Thanks to the 24spoilers team for correcting the above article. I’ve seen a few articles written about Yvonne recently with poorly researched,inaccurate information so it’s good to see some writers will take the time to correct a mistake.

Thanks Brendanog, we always strive to be as accurate as possible. I was rushing while typing this transcript so thank you for pointing out that error.

Yvonne is one of the highlights this season and I’m looking forward to rewatching Chuck again after 24LAD finishes up. I remember when 24 and Chuck used to air on the same night, that was fun times.

My answer, my Chuck DVD collection. To which 24LAD will be added when released.( As long as Kate survives!!) No spoiler expected!