24: Live Another Day Episode 5 Ratings

24LAD Episode 5 Ratings
How did 24: Live Another Day do in episode 5?

24: Live Another Day continues to drop in the fifth week, falling another 12% in the ratings. It should be pointed out that this was Memorial Day weekend where television series usually take a dip in ratings, but still, it should have stabilized by now.

Half Hour Breakdowns:
9:00PM – 5.71 million (#1), A18-49: 1.5/ 5 (#1t)
9:30PM – 5.75 million (#12), A18-49: 1.5/ 4 (#2t)

Fox Statement

FOX ranked #1 in Adults 18-49 on the Memorial Day holiday with the season 5 premiere of MASTERCHEF and an original 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY:

  • 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY (S): 1.5/4, down -12% from last week in Adults 18-49 but steady in Total Viewers (5.7 Mil)
  • 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY ranked #1 among Adults 18-49 and was the #1 program with Men 18-49/18-34/25-54.
  • Projected Live + 3 Day Adults 18-49 Rtg: 2.2 to 2.4 (a +47% to +60% lift vs. L+SD)
  • Projected Live + 7 Day Adults 18-49 Rtg: 2.4 to 2.6 (a +60% to +73% lift vs. L+SD)
  • Projected 30-Day Multi-Platform Total Audience: 12.2 Mil to 13.8 Mil (a +114% to +142% lift vs. L+SD)

Ratings Analysis

Live +3 Ratings


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Sometimes the ratings are so evil but I always hated it when one of my favorite shows like 24 and many others dropped every week either a show gets renewed or canceled. Hate to wonder if 24 is going to have a “series finale” again on July 14th but it’s always a limited series.

May 27, 2014 at 1:15 pm
24: Live Another Day is by far the best show on television this year and it deserves far highter ratings than it has received. Episode #5 had to compete against the NBA playoff game, the NHL playoff game, WWE Monday Night Raw and so many other shows last night. I always expected very low ratings for Episode #5 due to it airing on Memorial Day. Anyone could go on the website Hulu right now and watch the entire Episode #5 for free. No one has to even sign up on Hulu to watch it. Episode #5 will be replayed on Fox this Friday Night at 8pm.

May 27, 2014 at 1:19 pm
I meant to write higher, not highter. Also, I did watch Episode #5 of 24: Live Another Day on Fox in its entirety last night like I’ve done every Monday Night this month.

I sadly may have to start watching the day after on fox.com/24 and it kills me…I want to see it live so badly!

But it’s better than waiting for the DVD.

Very good news from Deadline: The DVR numbers were huge for the premiere (42% increase in the demo) Here’s how the numbers compare to the 2-hour premiere for season 8. It shows how drastically viewing habits have changed in 4 years:

24 season 8:
Live+SD: 3.9/10
Live+7: 4.6/11
(increase in 18%)

24 Live Another Day:
Live+SD: 2.6/8
Live+7: 3.7/11
(increase of 42%)


I think ratings are a bit meaningless nowadays. The way we watch stuff has just changed, I think 24LAD is the best thing on TV right now but I don’t watch it live with commercials. I tape it and watch it whenever I feel like it later.

The commercials pay the bills

I don’t know how much FOX cares about them, but the DVR numbers have supposedly been significant. The landscape has changed such that a lot of people are consuming in ways other than tuning in live at 9pm on Monday night. I know I myself bought the season via Amazon.

And while the show still looks and certainly is expensive, the smaller order and probable pay cut for Sutherland might lower whatever that magic minimum viewership number is.

why dont they take in the friday rerun numbers and combine with the monday numbers?

This show comeback is awesome. Best show ever on tv. Jack baur needs to live several more days. Love Chloe and I am so glad Audrey is back.

If the ratings continue to drop with each passing week, I wouldn’t be surprised if one factor contributing to such is the negative/pessimistic publicity coming from Kiefer and Cassar more or less admitting this is a 12-episode farewell tour and that the show won’t have a future beyond that. That has been a big downer that’s hard to block out when watching the shows IMO.

DVR+7 ratings are in for episode 3. Numbers are solid.


Demo: 3.0 (50% increase)
Total Viewers: 9.6 million (50%)