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Thoughts on 24: Live Another Day Episode 8?

Tonight’s episode was written by 24 co-creator Robert Cochran and directed by Jon Cassar – it’s the 200th episode milestone of the series and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I personally thought this was the best episode of the season and one of the best in the entire series. Curious to see what you folks think, let us know in the comments and poll.


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WELL. They went there.

I was pretty disappointed at the lack of conflict: they didn’t even TRY to save Heller?

He had his mind made up. What else were they going to do? There was no other play. The choice was clear: Heller could sacrifice himself and hopefully stop the attacks or not sacrifice himself and allow them to continue. I don’t think Heller made the right decision, but there was no way to weasel out of that catch-22 situation.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 2:51 pm
I totally agree with you. Unfortunately his mind was already made up and the one person who possibly could have changed it (Audrey) he refused to tell for probably exactly that reason. The only thing I didn’t like about that episode is it made it seem as if all people with Alzheimer’s cannot recognize anybody in their lives after a year of being diagnosed and that is just not true. My stepdad had Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed 2 years ago and he still recognizes all family members and even certain friends. He also enjoys concerts, and family get-togethers. I resented the fact that the writers of 24 seem to be saying once you have a disease like Alzheimer’s one’s life is over. Yes, it is a devastating disease but when there is a loving family and support involved that can go a long way. Other than that fact though-I loved the episode. The previews seem to indicated that Heller really is dead but there are many fans on Facebook that think that Chloe somehow made an image of Heller and that he wasn’t really killed-that it just looked that way. Maybe only a few know and he will be stowed away until a future episode toward the end of the mini series. With 24 one never knows. I just hang on to my hat and ‘enjoy the ride.’ This still is my favorite drama to watch…

An example of bad writing would be Heller going from functional to non-functional in the 12th episode. No silent clock? Here’s my theory: If the episode’s final shot was the hole at Wembley or Jack’s reaction, it’s a silent clock. The last shot instead was of Margot and esthetically that doesn’t work to do it. Heller was going to out this way. Once he seemed to bury the hatchet with Jack, the parting scene with Audrey and the photo, and Sean Callery’s musical score, anything but what it is would make me feel punk’d. While I’m at it…though plot points B-D are very hit and miss, the show has to have them to buy time for Jack and others to go from one place to another or get things done. This was a good mini-finale to the series finale because as much as I’d like to see this return, I think this is truly it for this revolutionary program.

According to IMDB he’s in it the whole 12 episodes, I don’t think he is dead. IMDB usually doesn’t lie

OK, I’m an idiot! I’m disappointed in the writers throwing away a really moving scene and show, but I’m still an idiot.

Where were you the whole episode? Everyone tried to save Heller.

I am thinking out loud now, that Chole was able to perform a magical hologram, and that image fooled the “puter” into believing it was Pres. Heller..

What bugged me was that neither Jack nor Mark tried to convince Heller that he should say goodbye to Audrey before he went. They both know her so well and should know how much harder it will be for her not having a chance to say goodbye and feeling like the two men she loves betrayed her.

It also seemed odd that Heller, who has always been such a protective father, didn’t seem to think about the impact of having his daughter’s husband involved in facilitating his death. Isn’t there anyone else he could have trusted? It seems like Ron Clark must have known something because he saw Jack taking off in the helicopter with Heller. If we could be trusted to do that why couldn’t Heller have also trusted him to get Jack the Secret Service deployment grids without involving Mark and jeopardizing his marriage to Audrey?

I think Heller did say goodbye and he did it in the best way he could. That last moment with the picture was his goodbye and he also left her a note that she was reading when Mark came in later. That’s a much better goodbye than having her watch him get blown up on a screen somewhere as it happened, than having her try to convince him not to do this and not let him go. Heller’s goodbye to her was perfect, IMO.

Slight change to my above comment: the letter Audrey was reading was probably the one Heller told Mark he left for the VP? I realized after the fact that this makes more sense with how Audrey knew what had happened and all that. Sorry, bit of an obvious to everyone but me moment there :) Either way, I think that final scene with the family picture was a lovely goodbye and the best kind he could give his daughter.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 9:59 pm
What a terrific 200th! quite worthy of the franchise….no silent clock?
I may just have to rethink my position on Mark– surprisingly dignified. Kim Raver is such an incredible actress.

I usually don’t like swearing on here… but I whispered loudly “HOLY GOOD FUCK!” when that happened.

Oh my goodness. I agree – no silent clock?? And I missed the bit about them mentioning the Vice President – did they say who it was?

maybe it’s tony

*laughs* You’re awesome. :)

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 3:02 pm
Oh my gosh, great sleuth work here. That video was too funny / possibly revealing? However, over the years the cast is always saying that they don’t know who is even going to get killed off until the episode in question so on 24 apparently nothing has advanced notice. Yet, the producers I think do like to make everything very accurate so in looking back in their archives seeing this, maybe they just thought it would be a cool way to someday bring Tony back in. But then of course it was supposed to be a movie instead of a mini series so who knows… Anyway, i really enjoyed the youtube video-thanks for posting.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:07 pm
No we do not know who it is. I seriously hope its someone we know– seems like such a hush hush treatment of his identity, I am confused about the Jordan Reed subplot– I hope there was a point to the cat and mouse….and cat treatment other than Navarro is bad…no really, he’s bad…do you get it…he’s bad.

I have a feeling the Chloe story line will heat up– unlike her to strike out.

Also, who would ever sign up to be a CTU/CIA clinical doctor? Those poor bastards apparently regularly get held at gunpoint– and seriously they must be positioning Kate for taking over the franchise….

“I am confused about the Jordan Reed subplot– I hope there was a point to the cat and mouse”

Every time we’ve seen Navarro using his phone for nefarious reasons, we’ve seen him put it in that special case thingo that blocks or scrambles the whatever so he can keep his evil calls super secret. Every time EXCEPT for when he took the call from Jordan, and then immediately called the goon to give him Jordan’s location. That means there’s a record of those two calls and I think that’s gonna be the key to Kate busting him. She’s starting to think that something’s up with him, and she can check his call logs, trace the location of the payphone that Jordan called from, follow the blood trail and find Jordan and the dead goon, and then she can match the goon’s phone number to the next number in the call log from Navarro’s phone, and he’ll be busted as the one who ordered the hit on Jordan.

They showed Jordan with eyes closed, not open, and he got included in the final split screen, so I’m still holding out some hope for him to hang in there at least long enough to tell Kate that he’d been trying to dig into the suspect files that mentioned Adam, which could then lead to Kate figuring out that Navarro framed him.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 8:55 am
I too wondered about the phone scrambler and that he didn’t use it a couple of times…..also he had been keeping in the cabinet then later pretty much out in the open

Oooh, yes, the second call to the world’s worst Mr. Fix-It! That was a dumb move on Navarro’s part. I bet you’re right in that it’ll come back to bite him.

I think it’s fun how Navarro keeps his Scrambled Phone of Evil in that little side cabinet in his office, just like how Jack used to stash his heroin.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 3:07 pm
All good observations and comments but I noticed in re-watching the episode online that the guy who is over Navarro is Adrian, Chloe’s Adrian is the ultimate bad guy in this whole thing.

Kiki Vanderway
June 19, 2014 at 10:17 pm
No he is the middle man– he says so himself

They didn’t say, but I’m really hoping its Tim Woods. I know it would be a stretch, but I loved that guy!

Hey, that guy was pretty awesome.

Mike Novick or Tim Woods would be cool but also unlikely.

kav 24 for life
June 17, 2014 at 10:04 am
arron pierce would be a cool VP

I vote for Aaron as VP, that would be so awsome

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 3:12 pm
Me too. Now that would be the best choice of all. Talk about loyal! He was the best! I would love to see him again and that would mean we would also get to see president logan’s ex-wife since she married Aaron-I just can’t think of her character name. I think her real name is Jean (but I can’t remember the last name even though it is on the tip of my tongue)-but then I would have all of my favorites back! I love Carlos Bernard but his character Tony, so betrayed Jack that I am not sure I want to see him back-definitely not as president. That would be way weird!

Jean Smart, Martha Logan

Hoping for Ethan Kanin

Mike Novick or Aaron(doubtful) would be awesome

Great episode, but come on! No Silent Clock for Heller?

Are you guys sure he is dead? I thought they set it up to be an open question, hence the lack of a silent clock. In the preview, they said something about the Americans controlling their feed. All we saw was a field blowing up…we did not actually see Heller die. I think Chloe was able to hack into their feed and make it look like they had killed Heller, and that they are now trying to make it look like he was killed so Margot will destroy the drones.

June 16, 2014 at 11:08 pm
I agree – I actually thought of the same thing – that Chloe did something in the nick of time!
and I hope the VP is Tim Woods!!

I’m going back and forth on the conspiracy theory of if Heller’s really dead, or if Chloe worked some magic just in time. On the one hand, if he’s really dead, it’s a poetic and fitting way for them to kill him. He’s attempted to sacrifice himself twice before, so third time’s the charm? But…that damn lack of silent clock.

FWIW, here’s the dialogue:

Chloe: I isolated the drone module and managed to resolve the data pack into three streams. The one that actually controls the drone is impenetrable so far.

Jack: What about the other two?

Chloe: They seem more vulnerable, but I still can’t tell what their function is. I need more time.

Then Heller says they’re outta time and starts walking, and the thing I find interesting is that even though Jack’s not holding his phone up any more, we still hear Chloe saying, “Jack? Jack?” coming through the phone. Why bother with that? Unless…she’s just figured out that one of those data streams is for the drone’s camera and is urgently trying to get Jack’s attention to tell him that she can mess with it?

The time stamps on the copy of the ep I’m using has Heller starting to walk at 40:15, and Margot gets her first visual of the field at 41:43, (though they’re still zoomed out too far to really see details on the field at that point). That’s about a minute and a half that Chloe would have had to mess with the drone’s visuals. Then Margot doesn’t actually pull the trigger until 42:43, which allows another full minute for Jack to be getting Heller out of the way of the the blast while Margot and Ian are watching the loop of him still standing there that Chloe could have rigged up. She’d then have to have switched it back to the legit visual at just the right moment for them to see the blast, but not see that Heller hadn’t been standing there any more.

Then of course there’s still the question of how exactly the targeting system on the drone works. Does it actually have to lock onto a thing that’s physically there, or can it be fooled and just lock onto a visual? If it’s the latter, well then…

The hardest part about this episode, I think, is really what makes it great, and that’s that all the main characters failed to save Heller. It’s the same kind of feeling of the Ryan Chappelle episode, in that you spend the whole hour thinking that one of these backup plans will work. The show did a major fakeout last night by leading you to believe that Naveed was going to manage to posthumously save the President by suddenly putting him in the Previouslys and then having Simone go back to the evidence under the floorboards. Watching along, you think, ‘oh if they get that to Chloe, she’ll handle it from there.’ A similar sort of fakeout happened during the Chappelle episode. It’s to make the death have more impact. Chloe probably could have saved the day *if* she had more time. There are now so many ifs that could have affected the story. What if Simone had given up her mother’s location and/or Naveed’s evidence back at the hospital? It might have provided enough time. What if Adrian hadn’t called Chloe? That probably wouldn’t have affected more than a few seconds and Chloe needed minutes but if other things had gone differently, it might have been different. What if they had had two programmers working together in Chloe and Jordan? Now, you’re looking at a ripple effect from all the way back to Adam Morgan’s death. If Navarro hadn’t framed Adam, leading Jordan to go looking into it, leading Navarro to try to kill Jordan, Jordan would have been at his workstation in the last hour and could maybe have saved the life of the President of the United States.

That kind of thing is 24 at its finest. The emotional impact of the story comes from all the stories affecting one another and intersecting to create moments like that. If they were to take that away in the next episode, it would rob the show of its meaning. It’s a different situation than characters the story tells you are dead popping up as still alive because that has meaning within the context of the story. Anyone who watched Day 1 and got to the backstory of the Drazens was probably at least considering the idea that Victor wasn’t really dead. It worked because it created structure in the plot and was totally soaked in irony. It rendered everything that happened to Jack on Operation Nightfall meaningless which made what was happening to him on Day 1 all the more tragic. To raise Heller from the dead now would just be to take one of the show’s greatest hours and say it was all a cheap trick. A fakeout on 24 is something like the false hope of Naveed saving the day from beyond the grave but cheap tricks are not 24. If President Heller is still alive next week, you can have my house. That’s how sure on this I am. :)

I had the same thought re. Adrian’s call to Chloe slowing her down. I wonder if that will have any impact, assuming she did in fact fail to hack the drone and save Heller.

BTW, I am curious: in spite of your general dislike of her character, tell me you didn’t feel sorry for Audrey last night.

I see what you are saying and you might very well be right. But I also feel that it would have had a lot more dramatic impact if it had been clear that Heller was dead, rather than planting several potential clues that he might not be. His death would have had much more dramatic impact if they had shown Jack with a defeated look as he processed the fact that he wasn’t able to save Heller, and/or showed Mark getting the call from Jack, or Chloe getting into the feed a second too late, then used a silent clock, enabling us to accept his death and properly mourn instead of creating so many reasons to question whether he is really dead.

I agree with Mary. This is what makes 24 unique: the subplots and the drama. Seeing Heller abandon hope like this and surrending himself to the Al-Harazis really struck me how brilliant his character his and how William Devane portrayed him so well until the very end. His death will probably one of the most dramatic, yet most memorable and heroic ones.

I will silence all theories about his revival; it cannot happen. The missile hit the center of the stadium and obliterated Heller.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 3:49 pm
I tend to agree-although it is hard to second-guess the writer’s on 24 or their reasoning always behind doing something usually when they have an unbelievable moment on 24 they don’t change their minds. If they do it is never right away-they make you REALLY think something is true and then bring the person back i.e. Tony before he turned on Jack in season 6 with his imprisonment.

Chloe was probably saying, “Jack, Jack” because he abruptly ended their conversation and was also yelling, “Mr. President!” and she was probably like, “Woah, what?”

Last I remembered, Jack didn’t tell Chloe that Heller was handing himself over to Margot, unless I forgot something?

We didn’t see him tell her, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t. That said, that was how I initially interpreted that scene as well.

Dude you’re are cool, I hope you’re right

Heller’s not dead. Chloe must have broken through the firewall. Margo and son were being fed a video replay when they launched the missile. If you go to the 42:15, 16 and 42:38, 39 marks and watch them in slow motion, you can see, albeit faintly, Heller zipping up his jacket and putting his hands in his pockets, which is what he had done when he first walked out onto the field. Then, he put both hands in his pockets and waited.

I agree that Heller is probably not dead because nothing is as it seems on 24.

Robyn, if he would be alive, it would get redundant. It’s highly unlikely that he survived that drone attack.

No silent clock…..

Best episode of the series, hands down. Yes they didn’t have a silent clock which was a tad bit disappointing, but that episode, to me, beat the Ryan Chappelle episode.

I still think my favourite was actually the episode where Hassan died. It was my favourite ending to an episode, anyway. This is certainly up there though.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:13 pm
I think it feels quite a bit different from the Chappelle execution. Although I am sure it was , for Jack as heartbreaking to do it, if not more so– he loved Heller at one point in time, admired him, emulated him (no one ever felt that about Chappelle) and then resented him and was betrayed by him a huge mixed bag of emotions, and he understands how this will impact Audrey, too.

Someone mentioned better than the Ryan Chapelle episode… I don’t know about that… Jack didn’t actually put a gun to President Heller’s head and pull the trigger… Either way, lives the episode… LOVE THE SHOW!!

Love it so much… My sons middle name is BAUER!!

Oops, either way LOVED the episode…

I liked how it was full-circle for Jack from the Ryan Chappelle episode. Back then, Jack executed someone he knew personally because the President had negotiated with terrorists and ordered Jack to do it. It started an evolution of Jack from a man who almost pathologically obeys Presidential orders to a man who has been greatly impacted by the personal moral cost of having followed without question. By the time he gets to Day 7, he’s on trial by the very same government he’s given everything he has to protect. By Day 8, he sees what little faith in that government disappear with Allison Taylor. Now, he does his own thing. He’s a free man, tied to no government, doin’ it for himself this time around. The irony of it is that he still meets similar situations. There he was again last night, involved in a secret plan to help kill someone he knew on Presidential order because the President had been negotiating with a terrorist calling for the head of a friend of Jack’s. Jack tries to save him and fails. But he didn’t help Heller because he was ordered to by the President. He helped Heller because it was how the President wanted to die and that spoke to Jack. That’s an enormous evolution of Jack’s character and all the callbacks to the Ryan episode (the music, the chopper, the basic scenario) made it all the better.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 3:55 pm
Amen to that-well stated and great memory of all of the details of the various days that Jack has lived through. He is a much more well-rounded character now with much more empathy for people at all levels. Yet, he still wants to get those bad guys every way he can. I think this series will end with a real cliff-hanger, not just kind of there as in season eight’s finale with Chloe in the middle of the desert.

I agree, one of the most memorable episodes in this season, if not in 24.

The silent clock has been so inconsistent… I’ve learned not to care. Plus, they could be waiting for the emotional weight of his decision to sink in at a later point where they’ll give him a silent clock to lead into the commercial break… or not.

No silent clock = no death. I’m calling it now – Chloe hacked the feed to make it look like there was an explosion. They will pretend Heller was dead while he’s safely in protection.

Ahh – was wondering what Chloe could have done to try and cover it up but that works. I don’t see how she could create a CGI explosion though and put it on a feed that quickly.. does she even know why the exact reason why Jack wants the drones so quick? I thought for a minute he was going to tell her and then he didn’t.

But the CGI on that Wembley explosion was awful. Perhaps it is fake and planted by Chloe?

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:15 pm
Well then Ian should be able to figure that out….right?

The clock ruined what could’ve been one of the best episodes ever. I’m so disappointed.

…but someone mentioned Ian. Maybe he faked something. Still, Heller being alive would be ridiculous.

I doubt Chloe could have planted the explosion, but she could have done what the terrorists did in season 8 when they looped the footage to make it look like President Hassan was still alive when he was actually dead. Chloe could have gotten the footage of Heller walking onto the field and standing there, then hacked into the drone feed and planted that while Jack got Heller off the field. I am thinking it’s unlikely based on what the producers said, but if they wanted his death to have the full dramatic impact, why do it in such a way that leaves open so many questions and feels like a fakeout instead of showing Jack’s devastation as the missile hit and letting us all grieve?

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:07 pm
The grieving will happen on next week’s show-you could tell by the preview of the Prime Minister and Audrey as they heard the new, “The President is really dead” was the announcement. I think that he probably is dead because that is how 24 does things, however if he is alive I agree with the person that said he is being hidden away in protection. If that is the case that will be one of the final episodes of this series, if not the final one or if we are so fortunate as to get another series or season of 24 Heller could turn up there. One never knows when a previous character on 24 will ‘turn up.’

david everitt
June 18, 2014 at 8:00 pm
The CGI ruined the moment for me, why couldn’t we have seen just seen the view through the drone cam, that looks better. However much I love 24, that CGI was awful and Heller should have had a silent clock.

If a silent clock is the death indicator then I hope to see Michelle Dessler back next week.

Yes! Bring back Michelle. :D

I think you are right. I think if he was dead they would have made it clear that he was dead. Plus, remember that in season 4 the network wouldn’t let them kill off a sitting president. The interesting question is, if Heller didn’t die will he still be president?

They mentioned Heller’s letter of resignation early in the episode (first ten minutes or so). He was no longer the sitting president at the time of death.

Well, if you wanted to be picky about it, Heller said his letter of resignation would be “effective in an hour”, and a full hour hadn’t yet passed from that moment until the moment he got blasted. So technically, he did still have a few minutes of his Presidency left when he was killed. But I dunno that we’re supposed to think about that so particularly, so I’m content to accept that he was speaking more generally, not timing it to the minute.

But even if it does turn out that he didn’t really get killed, I’m thinking that’s a thing that he, Jack and Chloe would keep secret at first, so his resignation would still stand when the hour is up and the VP will still get the gig. And considering that Heller’s illness played into his decision to do this whole thing, I doubt he’d take back his resignation even if he did survive the drone.

Why spare Heller? So the guy can spend another year suffering while losing his mind? So he can live probably at least another few years after that not recognizing anyone around him, getting steadily worse until he can’t feed or dress or bathe himself, until he eventually dies? It’s not as if they could bring him back if there’s ever a Day 10. It’s not like there’s anything for him to do in the next four hours if he’s no longer the President.

I think the reason, storywise to spare Heller is all about Audrey and the ramifications for Jack in regards to her. Not even the possibility of a future between but simply so Jack isn’t the guy who not only caused the death of her husband, but now contributed to the death of her father. If Jack lives, I don’t want him to live with that. I think there’s a good chance Heller is alive.

But Jack did what Heller asked him to do and that was ultimately more important to him than what Audrey would have thought of it. The same is true of Mark. These guys picked Heller over Audrey through and through. They should live with that because it’s their call and they made it and Audrey knows they did. She should have to live with the fact that this is how these guys roll and if she wants to be with either one of them, then that’s how it is. If they spare Heller, they also rob Mark of a great twist in his character where we are seeing how much he is like Jack more and more. It weakens all the other characters and their reactions to Heller and his death if Heller is not really dead.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:17 pm
I agree with you there…

That is the reason part of me thinks he is dead, even though I absolutely believe that the sequence of events at the end of the episode felt like it was designed to leave the possibility open.

He can still be relevant for the rest of the day if he’s alive. The whole forgery plot point is far more interesting if Heller’s still alive and Mark’s still up ish creek without a paddle. It’s even more interesting if Mark’s kept out of the loop on Heller still being alive at first, so he breathes a sigh of relief because he got away with the forgery and he can assure the Russians that it’s all good, they’re still getting Jack, but then BOOM there’s Heller declaring that he never signed that form. And considering he DID sign a pardon for Jack, proving that he thinks Jack is good people, Mark can’t really use the “You must not remember signing him over to the Russians,” argument he was probably previously planning to use, because no one would believe that Heller would pardon Jack so he can go home AND condemn him to the Russians just hours apart. That pardon issue will be relevant whether Heller’s dead or alive.

I guess they could still show Mark wrestling with his conscience and how to handle the Russians and the pardon and whatnot if Heller’s dead. But there’s more potential for drama if Heller’s alive to put the smackdown on Mark and the whole situation.

There’s more potential for drama if Audrey discovers her father’s alive and so maybe she can’t hold it against Mark as much, and maybe she CAN forgive him, but then the forgery comes out and NOPE. I’m not sure that Mark could really be held accountable if Heller’s not still alive to dispute the signature on that form.

In regards to Audrey and Jack, it’s more interesting if she also has the additional conflict of, “You took my father to the place he was gonna die…but then you saved him.” Does the latter negate the former? Whatever she feels about that, it’d be more interesting to see her work through those conflicting emotions as opposed to just, “How dare you take my father to his death,” and that’s the end of it.

In regards to Jack and Mark, it’s more interesting if we end up with one guy who told Audrey, “No, there’s nothing we can do, it’s too late,” and then the other guy who didn’t give up and worked right up to the very last second in order to save him. It allows the writers to mix things up instead of just tossing both men into the same basket with their roles in Heller’s death. The way they’ve written the Boudreau marriage, we’re just waiting for the final nail in that coffin. Sorry Mark, but you’re the third wheel here because we know that Audrey and Jack have such a passionate and agonising history and that the emotions are still there in present day, so no matter what, Jack’s gonna be written as coming out on top somehow and Mark doesn’t stand a chance at the end of the day. Writing in that point of difference where one had no hope of saving Heller and the other one saved Heller could be the tipping point.

Anyway, I’m not yet completely convinced either way whether he’s dead or alive, just saying, I don’t think that him surviving would compromise the quality of the rest of the show.

Also, sparing Heller means that Jack and Chloe came up with a BADASS last minute plan to save him, and Jack and Chloe working together with limited time like the badass team they are is fun and gives me warm fuzzies. :-)


I disagree that Heller surviving would compromise the quality of the show. It would make the show ridiculous and 24 is a lot of things but it isn’t yet into that level of complete bananapants crazy. This isn’t Alias, this isn’t Scandal… there are some rules that apply here and if a missile obliterates your body, you are not coming back from that one.

I love Jack & Chloe as a team but I also like that they don’t always succeed. The team has to fail sometimes in order to up the stakes. If they always came out on top, then there would never be any suspense. I think this has to be a case of them failing because it ups the game for the whole rest of the day and it gives extra weight to everything that’s come before it. How much more eerie is now, for example, that we first saw Heller today looking out his window with his glasses on at the drone protestors, getting distracted while Boudreau was commenting that people aren’t happy about the drone program. Heller says he doesn’t blame them but the hard truth is that he felt they were working. Eight hours later, he’ll be killed voluntarily in a drone strike. It’s the same thing with lines like “I love this city. You can feel the history.” and then having Heller look over London as Jack flies him to his death. All of that great writing goes away if he’s still alive.

I think the Boudreau situation is actually made stronger by the fact that Heller won’t be around to see the rendition order thing play out. It’s a bit of a twist as all day you expected Heller to be in the thick of it when it got rolling but now he’s posthumously in the thick of it. His presidential pardon will go up against the rendition order– two different guys trying to control Jack’s fate. Heller’s absence is more important than his presence here, IMO. It’s a better story if Boudreau has to live with Heller never knowing what he did.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:32 pm
Loved your last paragraph about Jack and Chloe working together. In the preview of this week Jack says something (I can’t remember how it was worded) about getting in there and getting the job done against Margot. I think that the final episodes are going to be about getting Margot, Kate becoming even more like Jack, hopefully a save and promotion for Jordan, and Chloe and Jack working more together doing what they do best. It will be interesting to see how the whole presidential pardon thing plays out and the two signatures with the one being forged of course. I trust the producers because 24 has rarely disappointed me-only 3 times in 8 seasons. One was when Edgar died, then when Michele died and lastly when Tony betrayed Jack multiple times, even trying to kill him. I love Carlos Bernard but unless they are going to bring him back as truly repentant for his deeds I don’t know that I want him back. Conflict is good in a drama however, Tony was such a ‘good guy’ and friend to Jack for so many seasons that I didn’t just feel that he betrayed Jack but that he betrayed me. I know that is good drama but I liked Tony as Jack’s friend and don’t want him in a show working against Jack. Oh, the other person that was hard to see go was Bill Buchanan-loved him!

Phee – I agree with just about everything you said, and you made some good points that I didn’t think of. If Heller did in fact die, I am not sure that Audrey will be that mad at Jack, because I think once she has time to process she will understand why her father did what he did. She might still be mad at Mark for not telling her, but Jack probably never had the opportunity to tell her, and as she said, Mark is her husband and thus the one who should have.

That’s a good point you make about Mark giving up while Jack was doing everything he could up to the last second, whether or not he and Chloe managed to save Heller. Maybe it’s not totally fair, because he and Mark had different roles, but I don’t understand why, after Audrey found out, Mark couldn’t have called Jack and asked if there was time for Audrey to talk to her father for a minute before he went out there (which I think there might have been, for about 30 seconds at least).

That’s a good point you make about how it doesn”t really make sense for them to put Jack and Mark in the same boat re. Audrey feeling betrayed. If Jack does somehow manage to save Heller Mark doesn’t stand a chance.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:14 pm
He was actually functioning pretty well. Your comment shows that you don’t know much about Alzheimer’s. My step-dad has Alzheimer’s and it is usually a much more gradual disease than what Heller was predicting for himself. Who knows what his Dr. (who we never see) thought-Heller I think was trying to rationalize doing this whole thing to try and be patriotic. That is what someone of his generation and caliber of person did. It is very unfortunate in my view that the Alzheimer’s scenario got so tied into this thing because the script from this last week made a generalized statement that people that have this disease aren’t worth anything, can’t add any value to anyone nor can they enjoy anything. Neither of those things are true. There are some people who have cases where their disease progresses very quickly but that is much more rare.

I kind of agree with you. Besides being torn about whether or not he is in fact dead, I am torn whether I want him to be. Initially I was hoping and praying that he wouldn’t be, especially since his relationship with Audrey has always reminded me in some ways of my relationship with my dad, and seeing her lose him almost felt like I was losing someone if that makes sense. But now I am thinking that if he is alive, whatever they did to save him might end up being a pyrric victory if Margot figures out she was tricked and ends up killing people in retaliation, which is exactly what Heller wanted to avoid.

Was expecting a silent clock as well after that. WOW. Thought for sure he would make it out of there.

And Sean Callery….words cannot express how beautifully epic that score was when Heller walked out into the stadium. I think that may have been one of the best pieces of music I have EVER heard on a television show. Emmy worthy. Right up there with Lynn McGill’s death music, and George Mason’s.

I smell a rat. Heller is NOT, i repeat N_O_T dead.

Remember, they “killed” Heller off in Season 5…NOT

He’s dead. You do not come back from an hour-long funeral of an episode that culminates in being blown to bits. It’s like saying that maybe George Mason could return.

Except that with George Mason’s death, I believe we were shown Jack’s reaction and viewing the nuclear explosion. We were not given that glimpse with Heller, thus leaving open the slight possibility that Heller is, indeed, still alive.

You saw Jack’s reaction as Heller walked into the field, stood there, and this was all just after Chloe said she was out of time. It wasn’t more than a minute later that the drone attack happened. They had no other plays. Heller’s dead.

Chloe didn’t say she was out of time. She said she needed more time. And someone calculated that at least 2 minutes went by between then and the explosion.

Well…….we never saw George’s plane actually crash. The bomb went off, but we never actually SAW Mason go down…he probably parachuted out and his son John risked his personal well being on a rare, experimental procedure that ended up working out and cured George of his radiation poisoning. George didn’t want to go back to work at CTU and has gone dark ever since….until now.

Sorry, I’m done. These are too fun!

How long until this descends into ‘there were ways to reconnect Hassan’s arteries and glue his head back on!’ madness? lol

No silent clock – Maybe he is not dead. Chloe could have broken the firewall (not the one that controls the drone, but the “more vulnerable” firewall as she mentioned it) and looped the live feed from the drone ‘s camera at the last second and put a still picture in there. Jack then pulled Heller to safety. They are putting hush-hush on everything (as evidenced in the promo for next week) to fool MAH.

Heller technically already got a silent clock in 6.24, when Jack leaves Heller and Audrey.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:46 pm
That wasn’t for Heller at all

If you see the clocks as symbolic, it was for Jack and an ending of a life he could have had. Hence: related to Heller and Audrey. The clocks don’t always mean a death of an individual. Look at the one at the end of Redemption, that you could argue is for all of Sangala. Or the fact that Renee Walker also got one when she was buried alive.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:57 pm
I think that analysis is too much of a stretch it factually and in context had nada to do with Heller or a milestone/ passing in his life

On the contrary, I think Mary has hit the nail on the head. I always interpreted it similarly.

Okay then if the 6.24 clock had nothing to do with a milestone in Jack’s life then why was it there? We left Jack standing in front of the sea, contemplating his existence, having just come from saying goodbye to Heller and Audrey, and there was a silent clock. If it wasn’t about that moment, then what was it about?

I tend to think of silent clocks less as a part of the story and more as a part of the mechanics of storyTELLING. They use it when it works for the moment and adds to the show. The episode ended on Margot with her getting the revenge she’d been pining for. I don’t think a silent clock would have worked it ended the show on Margot’s success, and obviously the show could not have shown the aftermath in any meaningful way… it would just be a big crater.

Your logic is off. For the most part, the silent clock is for passing of a main character. Heller was a main character and deserved one. I think there was no silent clock because he’s not dead. Look up Tony in season 5.

No, sorry. The season 2 finale, the season 6 finale, 24: Redemption, and Renee being buried alive would disagree with you. It’s about the “moment.”

Clayton– yes! Marks of storytelling, absolutely.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 11:13 pm
I think my comment was misunderstood-/ the silent clock is for Jack and. mourns the loss of his hope of getting his life back — the loss of his somewhat naive belief in authority figures he chose to put his trust in and conviction that what he was doing was on the side of what was right & the loss of Audrey in his life and his sense of self and self worth

I was trying to say it wasn’t a silent clock in honor of Heller or anything Heller stood for .

kiki– I’m with you on what the 6.24 clock was for but I also think Heller had an enormous amount to do with that, by virtue of what you just said. Loss of authority figures. It’s not just the government. Jack finds out his father’s true nature on Day 6 and then Phillip dies, he confronts Heller– the man Jack wanted to be like, the man who was the kind of father Jack wanted to be, the guy that Jack had sort of mentally adopted as his father after his own father had proven so disappointing to him over the years. When he walks away from the Heller house in 6.24, I think he feels the loss of a relationship with Heller just as much as he feels the loss of Audrey.

I’ve always found the ending of Redemption and the use of the silent clock in that to be particularly powerful. Taylor is standing on the world stage professing the strength of American ideals while thousands of people in a far distant land are losing their lives, liberties, and happiness. Jack, too, is representative of that as he gets sent back to America in chains.

One of the best episodes of 24 ever. But perhaps Heller is not dead because there was no silent clock. Perhaps this is a ruse…maybe what Chloe said to Jack was code words that meant Chloe had successfully intercepted the drone feed so that Margo saw a fake explosion. Anyway I can only hope.

It would cease to be one of the best episodes ever if Heller were to still be alive next week. He’s dead. There have only ever been a handful of silent clocks– many major characters never got one.

That’s what I am thinking as well. We didn’t see Heller die; we saw a field explode. And then we didn’t see Jack react or anything. It seemed so rushed and unceremonious, and I don’t think they would intentionally leave it an open question and then have us find out next week that he is really dead. I feel like if he was dead they would have made it clear, with a silent clock and a scene of Jack reacting and probably breaking down crying.

Jack’s visible anguish was more than enough to convey the complicated mix of emotions he was feeling watching Heller walk to his death. A break down would have been thoroughly inappropriate.

I agree. Jack wouldn’t sob over Heller, not right then anyway.

Well that was the best episode…yet. I feel it will only get more intense with 4 episodes left. This is far from over. With Cross/Navarro we have the Chinese story line yet, and even though Heller pardoned Jack the Russians want him. Wonder how Mark will act now? Will he turn Jack over? Audrey is done with Mark now it seems. Other questions: did Jordan survive that stab wound? And who will the VP be?

Audrey is not only done with mark also done with jack. now she gonna turn evil and go dark. not because of “your theory” the chinese flipped her. it because she lost her father and jack and mark whome she trusted the most betrayed her ..atleast that what she think

Very possible. I think I like this version of a darker Audrey better than a Chinese spy version anyway.

I have been thinking the same thing. I could buy Audrey becoming militant and doing something stupid much more easily than I could buy her being a spy for a government that abducted and tortured her. If you go back to the scene in 5x19 where she and Jack secure Henderson after she thinks her father is dead, there is a brief moment when she shows a different, darker side of herself, telling Jack that “we are getting that recording back and exposing Logan. I don’t care how far I have to go or what I have to do, do you understand?” I don’t think we ever saw such a desperate, militant side of her before or since, but it could be a preview of things to come.

Oooh, I had forgotten about that scene. Very interesting now, too, since her father is really dead. I could see what you’re suggesting happening as well. Really, the whole spy idea I was proposing was coming out of trying to figure out how she could be an antagonist at the end of the day, which is still how I feel this is going to play out, just with different motivations.

Oddly, though, while I’m all ‘okay so Audrey’s just going to screw everyone now that her dad’s dead’, my best friend watched the same episode and was saying she now thinks Audrey’s a mole, which she wasn’t sure on before. So who the hell knows :)

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:18 pm
Ok so everyone calling it as a fake death- does that mean that he also tendered a fake resignation? How will this play out? Like Senator Palmer?

I think his resignation might still be effective even if he is not dead, though it will probably depend on whether the VP takes the oath before he revokes it. And he might not revoke it, since he was planning to resign anyway.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:46 pm
That is why we watch guys-to see how it will all play out… I have only a couple of times even remembered to watch for the clock to see if it was silent or not at the end. I get so into the story, split screens and music that I just don’t get into the technical/ symbolic stuff as much. I will say unlike the feedback directly after the season where Jack is standing by the ocean after leaving the Heller home which was mostly negative at the time that it was a weak ending; I thought just the opposite and still do. It was an extremely powerful ending because Jack was evolving yet again and allowing himself to do something he rarely did in the past-to FEEL his feelings.

Remember in season 1, they faked David Palmer’s death to the public after the cell phone explosion…maybe I can only hope.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:18 pm

That’s what I am thinking. At the very least, it is an open Question.

One correction for you – tonight’s episode was written by Robert Cochran, not Manny and Evan. I know because I screamed “YES!” when I saw Bob’s name. He’s my favorite 24 writer.

And all I can say is… Wow.

The music when Jack and Heller departed in the helicopter was the same music that played when Jack and Ryan departed from CTU in the helicopter heading to the train yard… Amazing musical throwback.

The music in the final 6 minutes was outstanding too.

I’m crying. A pardon for Jack. Heller dead. Wow. Incredible hour of television.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:50 pm
Trevor, Totally loved your comments. The music made it for me too-throughout the whole show but especially in the final 10 minutes. So cool to know that the music was the same as when Jack and Ryan departed from CTU in the helicopter to the train yard. How did you find that out? Great sleuthing…

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 10:19 pm
Yes it’s possible Chloe hacked into the drone feed, but then that would be against Heller’s orders but in any case the Vice President will be taking over. I hope the VP is Mike Novick. He and Heller have worked in the same administration before in the past and they would definitely know each other, though I don’t know if they ever appeared on screen together. The fact that there was no silent clock does make me wonder.

But if Jack saved Heller, then the drone attack would still be on.

Not if they can make it look like Heller is dead long enough for Margot to destroy the drones.

And you think Heller would go along with that? Captain Keeps His Word would be okay with faking out Margot? I don’t think that flies with what we’ve seen of Heller.

For the love of God… it’s possible, MAYBE, that Heller is alive, but not because “there was no silent clock.” That was just a bunch of BS the writers came up with in season 7 to add credibility to the notion that they had planned, “all along,” to leave Tony’s death “ambiguous” for a return.

They did, actually. He was coming back several times before Day 7, but he’s not the only character to never have one. And somehow Renee Walker got *two*, no one died for silent clocks on two different occasions, and George Mason got his before he was even technically dead. The clocks aren’t the be all and end all..

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:48 pm
I agree there is no infallible god of the clocks but the writers know how much fans invest in it and either play to or against the expectation.,, so now we need to figure out what it means in this context

Yeah, I was surprised there wasn’t one.

Actually, it was the fans who were convinced that the lack of a silent clock meant he was not dead. Let me ask – has there been a single significant character to die since Tony who did not get one? I can’t remember if Renee got one but I know Bill did, and I know President Hassan got one in season 8.

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:19 pm
Renee indeed got one, right after she dies in the hospital.

David Palmer and Michelle Dessler didn’t get silent clocks when they died. Milo also didn’t get one though he was not AS big a character as the others. I think with the beginning of Season 5, the pacing didn’t make sense with a silent clock. I forgot if there was a silent clock for Curtis, or for all the people who died in the nuclear explosion right after.

That makes sense. But every significant character (with the possible exception of Milo) who has died since Tony HAS gotten the silent clock, since the producers probably realized that the lack of a silent clock makes fans question whether the person really died.

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 12:33 am
If Heller indeed died, then I can’t believe he didn’t get a silent clock when Omar Hassan did. President Hassan died under similar circumstances, and he was the leader of a fictional foreign country. Heller was probably the most honorable character in 24 besides Jack, I remember how he was willing to sacrifice his own life twice before…..during his hostage taking and when Logan and Henderson sent people after him.

Renee had two silent clocks, one in each season (the first was the fakeout where she was buried alive).

President Palmer didn’t get a silent clock though. And I know that happened before Tony, but it shows that it’s not a sure thing (he was one of the most beloved and honorable characters on the show). Michelle Dessler too. And I’m not sure if I’d consider Curtis and Milo to be “significant” characters but they got snubbed on silent clocks as well.

It’s a dramatic grace note, nothing more. It would have been inappropriate to use it for Palmer and Michelle’s death since those were portrayed as “shock” moments, and of course its use with Mason’s departure from CTU in Season 2 signified neither a death nor even the end of an episode.

Fans seized on the silent clock as some authentication of a death or some metric of a character’s significance (which the idea of “snubbing” plays into), but that’s never been fed by the writers except for maybe that one point when they were desperately trying to fob off Tony’s contrived resurrection as something even remotely plausible.

(Not that I wasn’t entertained by what they did with Tony in Season 7, but in the context of the overall series it served to cheapen the impact of death on a show known for not pulling punches since Teri’s surprise murder. No way no how did they intend anything but Tony’s actual death in Season 5 at the time they wrote it.)

One other thing – I think they would have switched to a scene of Jack and his reaction to Heller dying.. but the only thing we seen was the drone feed.

Did anyone else laugh at the bit tonight about when Jack was cutting the transponder out of Heller? The way he said something about sticking to being a federal agent and not a surgeon (paraphrasing)

Heller had a bunch of great lines tonight. I liked “Apart from this being the worst day of my life, I’m doing great!”

Great performance by William Devane.

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 10:34 pm
I hope Jack REALLY uses his pardon wisely and doesn’t get back in the game. And even this pardon still won’t apply to the Russians wanting his head on a stick.

I don’t see how the pardon could be in effect as the new President could revoke it and put Jack in Jail…..

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 10:43 pm
Can’t do it once granted its irrevocable

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:21 pm
In that case Mark is probably off the hook since the pardon was of course signed several hours after he forged the rendition order so it would take precedence.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 7:45 am
Two different legal concepts.. A pardon applies to illegal acts for which a person can be prosecuted or has been prosecuted under US law. A rendition order is an order turning over someone you have in custody to face charges of illegal acts on someone else’s soil. To the extent that the Russian embassy is foreign soil the Russians may argue they have the right to seek justice for acts committed within their “boarders” so the pardon is not effective against Jack for acts committed in Russian territory a US president can’t pardon you for breaking the laws in another country he can give you absolution for US actions

I think it’s kind of ironic that Heller gave Jack a pardon he doesn’t want because he wants to eventually take responsibility for his actions on Day 8 (after he finishes whatever it is he’s been doing first?) but Mark forged Heller’s signature on a document that Jack might kind of just shrug at. Like… oh, you want to hand me over to the Russians? Yeah, that makes sense. I do belong there. Let me just finish cleaning up the messes I’ve left in my life and I’m all yours. :)

Did Jack commit any crimes at the Russian embassy in season 8? I thought it was at the UN complex. I can’t remember.

He did in Season 6, but that was a different situation entirely.

He murdered Mikhail Novakovich and all the members of Novakovich’s security team inside the Russian consulate in New York, which is Russian property, so the only thing keeping it from being an act of war was (ironically) that Taylor didn’t support Jack and was working against him at that time. It is considered an act of terrorism, though, because he targeted and assassinated diplomats and attempted to kill President Suvarov.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 4:59 pm
I so remember that scene. It was the only scene I have ever watched in the history of 24 where I truly thought Jack had flipped. He totally went on a shooting spree during that episode just knocking off everyone in his wake that he thought needed ‘justice.’

June 16, 2014 at 10:21 pm
“Get in the car, and let me do what I know how to do.”

Re-read the press release for episode 9. Under the cast listing it says “William Devane as James Heller”

They always do this. Since press releases come out two weeks or so before, the surprise would be given away before this episode even aired. That’s not out of the ordinary.

it common for press release to list the regulars for each episode even though they are no longer around

You can’t judge by the press releases, the regular cast part doesn’t always change.

If you look on this site for the season 7 press releases you’ll see that James Morrison continued to be listed in every single one of them even though Bill Buchanan was killed off halfway through. That’s just one of several examples I can think of.

I know it’s small potatoes compared to Heller but is Jordan dead?

Would be weird of the writers to let Jordan die without him contacting anyone about Navarro being dirty. If Jordan does die without telling him, I would think the way people find about the Navarro-Adrian thing is Chloe.

I am not 100% convinced that Chloe doesn’t know about the Cross-Navarro thing already. I am 99% sure she is legitimately trying to help Jack right now, but if Cross is selling info to the Chinese to finance the group’s operations Chloe might know and be on board with that. That might be the meaning of the scene in the second episode when she said to Adrian “let’s just help him so he’ll leave us alone.” The other reason I am not sure Chloe is in the dark is that we already have two situations where we know someone is going to find out about major betrayals: Kate finding out about Navarro’s involvement in framing her husband and Audrey finding out about Mark forging the rendition order. So it would seem kind of over the top to also have Chloe find out Adrian has been betraying her/lying to her. I think she knows more than she thinks she knows.

Hope not

I hope not, too. It would be hard to see how they could figure out about Navarro without Jordan but it also would be a real twist if Jordan died in the middle of trying to expose Navarro and they kind of rebooted that plot back to square one for a bit.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 5:03 pm
It sure looked like it at first, but I am betting not. He is the only one we really know besides Kate, and Navarro at the agency. I think he is a rookie that the producers are grooming for him to be someone that we root for like Tony in the old days.

I’d mark out hard if Novick was Veep.

That hope not is about I hope Jordan’s not dead, to Mary

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:22 pm
I sure hope the VP is not Richard Heller.

I laughed out loud at that!

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 12:34 am
Yeah we were never told about what happened to him, and Heller didn’t make a single reference to Richard in today’s episode. The picture showed Audrey and her mom but not RIchard. Maybe he really disowned him LOL.

maybe he took the picture haha

Would be kind of ironic if they did because Richard turned out to be the king of 24 foreshadowing. When we meet him on Day 4 and he’s telling his father he’s going to speak out against drones at that protest? What could be more dangerous than drones? Where’s that “sixth grade, Michael Moore logic” now, Heller, huh? :)

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 5:05 pm
Now that would be an interesting twist and pretty funny but I still hope it is either Aaron or Novick.

In the scene where Chloe is in the pub and that guy bumps into her…for a split second I thought may Chloe was going to use a Taser on him like she did to the guy who tried to get fresh with her in the bar in season 5 .

First thing I thought of too!

Same here haha!

Another great episode, the later half of this season has definitely delivered.

A few thoughts:
-William Devane has been great this season, but I do think Heller dead, based on the episode being a sad send-off and on the previews next week.
-GREAT scenes between Jack/Mark, Heller/Audrey, Mark/Audrey.
-Still not enough Chloe. Although, based on her chat with Cross, I am now even more concerned that she is going to bite the bullet this season.
-I think it will be Cheng behind all of this, which will make for some fantastic moments between him, Jack, and Audrey.

Not sure why that was sent as a reply….

Dammit Chloe.

Thought the same thing!

Outstanding episode. Here is what I am pondering:

1.) I think Heller is dead. They specifically showed shots that were separate from the drone feed (i.e., numerous shots that were in actual colours and not through a video screen), when the explosion went off. FOX won’t have an American president taken off the show, so the ‘no silent clock’ is probably how they got around it.

2.) Chloe really concerns me. She clearly said to Adrian that she still believes in what they are doing. Could this solely be hacking? Or, could it mean that she is connected to the Chinese? I give it that by the third/second-last episode, we’ll find out. Anyhow, the fact that Tzi Ma was photographed with the case members and the fact that one of the directors said that Audrey is important in the upcoming episodes makes me think that Cheng is behind all of this.

3.) Who the heck is the VP? My bets are Ethan Kanin, Tim Woods, or — if we stretch it — someone like Tom Lennox/Mike Novick. This should be interesting, as we know he will take charge.

4.) Anyone have any predictions as to who is behind it all?


Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 11:03 pm
I would add to your list
1. Where do the Russians fit in?
2. Is Mark evil or misunderstood?
3. Who benefitted by Navarro setting Adam Morgan up?

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:24 pm
IF Heller is really dead the lack of a silent clock won’t change that fact.

But IF he’s dead, the writers got around it by having him resign first so that he dies as a private citizen NOT as the President.

RE your second point about Chloe. I don’t believe that she knows the full extent of Adrian’s shenanigans, but by the end of the day she WILL, and that will potentially force her to reconsider what she believes in.

At the moment, she can still believe in what she believes Open Cell has being doing because she’s always believed that they were acting in the name of the greater good. But finding out that their leader, the guy whose ideals she completely bought into, the man she trusted to look after her, has been aiding the selling of secrets (even if he didn’t sell anything to them directly) to the freaking CHINESE of all people, surely that will have to shake her belief system.

I can’t see Chloe being tolerant of Adrian once she learns the whole truth. But Adrian still would have essentially been operating under the same set of morals that she and Open Cell believe in, he just pushed it a bit further and in a way that Chloe wouldn’t condone on a very personal level because of her previous knowledge of what the Chinese get up to and how they’ve treated people she cares about.

So if she can’t tolerate what Adrian’s done in that particular case with the Chinese, does that make her a hypocrite if she continues to believe that what Open Cell has been doing is fine? Is there an in between somewhere where she could still believe in the basic idea that there are some instances where information should be shared between governments and the public, but still draw that line that she believes shouldn’t be crossed? Or will she decide that some secrets are secrets for perfectly good reasons, and the Open Cell idealogy is fundamentally flawed and she wants no part in any of it any more? Either way, I think there’s the potential for them to show her being affected in a meaningful way by it before the day is over, and by then she’ll no longer be saying, “Nothing’s changed.”

I am still trying to figure out how Audrey will be “prominent” in the last episodes. My theory of her being a co-conspirator is somewhat thrown out the window, but we will see how this goes. She lost her father, but she might still work for the Chinese, after having been tortured and abused during her time in China. She might have come out psychologically affected. Who knows?

I don’t see Chloe working for the Chinese just because she is romantically involved with Adrian Cross. She is really working with Jack Bauer and I don’t see her going all “Tony Almeida” on us any time soon. It wouldn’t make sense, not after what she has been through, despite her having a new cause thanks to Open Cell.

As far as the Vice President’s identity goes, I have said it before, but I would really like Karen Hayes taking the role. Even though the sixth season was the weakest of the series, she definitely shined and showed how a National Security advisor is important during times of crisis. Therefore, I would like to see her back this season. But, Tim Woods, Ethan Kanin and even Tom Lennox can still take that role as well.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 5:15 pm
I love your idea of Karen Hayes as president with Heller out of the picture (and I think he is)-that would be really great to have her in 24 again. I so liked her character. I really like reading these comments because it gets me to thinking in directions I other-wise wouldn’t have. I wonder if the producers / writers read any of this stuff. My guess is if they do they are going to think that some of us way over-analyze certain things.

I know this will be construed as complaining, but I do wish Heller had come around and apologized to Jack for the things he said in season 6. Just some kind of nod in this final episode for Heller that he and Jack did have a long history together.

I felt the whole episode was a nod to their long history together…

As did I. I don’t think anything needed to be explicitly referenced. The pardon itself was enough of an apology to Jack.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 11:06 pm
I agree it was Heller’s way of making amends as best he could – I would have wanted some closure on Heller’s harsh treatment of Jack and some acknowledgment that Heller understood Jack was not to blame for what happened to Audrey but maybe Jack didn’t need that bec it’s clear how Audrey feels about it and that’s what matters more.

Yeah. I mean, I felt the weight of their long history throughout the episode because I’ve seen it on screen and remember it… but I bet you could’ve subbed in any other president for Heller with the identical lines and have it play out almost the exact same way. That’s not a complaint, because it was still VERY moving… but I would’ve liked to see a bit more said between the two characters. Explicitly. That’s all.

The pardon can sufficiently serve as an apology IMO. But one other thing I really liked about their interaction in this ep was when Heller called Jack, “son”. In that scene at the end of 6x24, Jack told Heller that he’d looked up to HIM like a father (after saying that his actual father had been dead to him for years). With that in mind, the “son” carries a lot of weight. It’s an indication of Heller’s remorse of how things went wrong between them, and his re-acceptance of Jack now, and I don’t think the significance of being addressed as “son” was lost on Jack.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 5:18 pm
I can see your point Clayton, however, in the beginning of the series Heller didn’t even want to listen to Jack and seemed to barely be able to sit in the same room with him. Then he went from that attitude to telling Jack, “Your the only one who came even close to getting Margot” as well as the presidential pardon of what Jack did to the Russians. I think with Heller (just as with Audrey)-his actions spoke louder than his words.

They are saving the silent clock for Jack’s death, just watch.
Still though, fantastic episode, amazing acting from all involved. RIP.

There is no limit on the silent clock. In season 8, they used the silent clock back to back for Pres Hassan and Renee

Maybe not for Jack’s death, but for the conclusion of the entire series, so there can be only one silent clock this season. But yeah, I get the feeling they’re saving it as well.

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 5:19 pm

Hated to see P Heller blown up :-( I thought Jack was gonna save him somehow but other than that I can’t get enough we love Jack Chloe Kate , sure was hoping Tony’d pop in somewhere. Guess not

The thing is Heller may not have been a president at the time but a private citizen.

So now Jack & Mark sorta like each other sorta but Audrey’s really gonna hate em when she found out what he did to Jack w/ the Russians!

When Mark said that Heller had “someone he trusts” with him, do you think Audrey knew he was talking about Jack? FWIW, I thought it was classy that Mark didn’t tell her it was Jack…I think that’s the first really classy thing he’s done today.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 6:20 am

I started typing a reply to this agreeing that Mark was a class act, but I think in typing it out, I might have talked myself out of it. Oops?

It’s a pretty safe bet that Audrey knew that he was talking about Jack. There’s an interesting dynamic between these guys.

Jack told Mark that Audrey said she was happy and he was a good man. And Mark totally knew he was lying, and Jack totally knew that Mark knew he was lying. And the fact that the truth went unspoken conveyed that Jack has a certain amount of respect for Mark and Audrey’s relationship, because it would have been so easy for him to say, “She seems pretty miserable with you, and I had to tell her to get outta the room because we were about to tear each other’s clothes off.” But instead he respected and even tried to protect their relationship.

Mark told Audrey that it was just someone Heller trusted that was helping him. We know he believes that Audrey will never forgive him for his role in her father’s death, and by not directly implicating Jack, he was kind of attempting to shield him from Audrey feeling the same way about him. He could have easily said, “Look, Jack decided it would be a great idea for him to take your father on a suicide mission, and he left me with no choice but to comply,” but he didn’t, which implies that he does actually have some respect for Jack and Heller’s relationship, and also Audrey and Jack’s relationship and didn’t want to make it even more complicated.

But does Mark really have any concern for trying to protect Jack? Or is it purely about not wanting to cause more angst for Audrey by blatantly stating that Jack took her dad to his death, because the situation is already hard enough for her? Is it really wrong of him if he’s NOT concerned about how Jack feels? It’s understandable that his priority would be Audrey’s feelings, and he’s not obligated to consider Jack’s feelings at all. But Jack clearly WAS considering Mark’s feelings in their earlier Audrey conversation. Basically: Jack > Mark.

Then you’ve gotta think that in the back of Mark’s mind he could be considering that if Heller’s dead, there’s no way for the Russians to prove that the signature was forged, and when this is all over, Jack’s gonna get handed over and Mark will be rid of him. By being perceived as trying to protect Jack now, it means there’s less suspicion on him later. If he threw Jack under the bus by naming him when Audrey asked, then when Jack gets handed over to the Russians, Audrey can throw, “You must be really happy about this huh,” at him, and maybe even a bit of, “I can’t believe my father would sign Jack over to the Russians, YOU must have had something to do with this.” But if, by not giving up Jack’s name, he’s created the perception that despite everything he does have a small soft spot and respect for Jack, then there will be far less risk of accusations against him when the Russians come to collect.

I suppose his motivations could swing either way, and maybe I’m being too hard on him, but I’m just too suspicious of him to give him a free pass and credit him with being classy at the moment.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 10:39 am
Clearly Mark is a terribly drawn character and well played by Donovan or we wouldn’t be having do much trouble/fun/difficulty figuring him out. It’s writers and actors at 24 doing what they do best!

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 10:40 am
Sorry I obviously meant to write ***terribly well drawn character

Yes, I believe the same, even though there are moments that, because of who wrote the episode, you feel Mark is a bastard, you can see In Tate Donovan’s acting that Mark is essentialy a missled good guy, he’s just trying to protect his dear wife and father in law, If it wasn’t for Mark, Heller wouldn’t have had a chance with the british Parlament, and what he’s done with this Jack situation since the first time he was wrong has showed that he is willing to take whatever blame he has, he is a good man that makes mistakes but he stands on the shoulder of them, he doesn’t try to avoid them.

Kiki Vanderway
June 18, 2014 at 8:50 pm
Its a little hard to get over the forged rendition order. That crosses a line from which its really hard to come back. Certainly if Audrey ever finds out coupled with her feeling like because he is her husband he owed her the truth I think he is a dead duck as far as salvaging his relationship with her.

I think that Mark didn’t rat Jack out to Audrey for *Audrey’s* sake.

Mark was certain that Audrey won’t forgive him for this and he’s learned today that she probably doesn’t love him but he loves her. By not ratting Jack out to Audrey, he’s protecting Jack’s identity as a co-conspirator and thereby giving Jack another chance with Audrey. Even if Audrey figures it out and it’s a bit of a farce, just Mark willing to make that gesture proves his intentions honorable. He’s come to realize since this morning that Jack might not be who Mark thought he was and I think he figures now that if he’s going to lose the girl, he can at least do it with some dignity.

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:15 pm
They didn’t mention Richard Heller and in that picture its only Audrey as a kid. I do wonder what happened to Richard.

I also don’t expect them to tell us what happens to Simone.

I’m guessing if she doesn’t die, she’ll go to prison forever. Maybe she will be part of Jack’s revenge spree..

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 11:23 pm
OMG so funny no wonder Richard grew up to be so resentful of his dad and sister

curious did anyone notice if Audrey looked nine in that picture? Older ? Younger?

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 12:35 am
I couldn’t help that Audrey’s mom in that picture looked so much like her! I wonder if that’s really Kim Raver in that picture as Audrey’s mom too, same hairstyle too. I feel so bad for Audrey. Her reaction here is so similar to her reaction at Paul’s death.

Richard’s mother was Heller’s second wife. Audrey’s mom died when she was nine and she was pretty little in that picture, so this was all before Heller married his second wife and Richard entered the picture.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 1:18 pm
How do you know that? Heller had the bad luck to be widowed twice?

I wrote an essay on paralleling stories involving the Hellers once and when you group together the details the show tells us about them you get this:

-Audrey’s mother’s name was Alicia and she died when Audrey was nine, probably not that long after that photograph at the beach from 9.08 was taken. Jack tells us this when he reminds Audrey of it on Day 6.
-Audrey had been married to Paul Raines for about 8 years and was probably in her early 30s on Day 4 but Richard Heller had dropped out of college not long prior to Day 4, putting him in his early 20s on Day 4. Audrey and Richard were about a decade apart in age, give or take, which is somewhat unusual for siblings, particularly when there are only two of them. It makes sense, though, if Alicia was not Richard’s mother and he was born sometime after she died. The 24Wiki took from what I think was an official guide or something that Richard is Audrey’s stepbrother. That also says that Alicia was not Richard’s mother.
-On Day 4, Heller told Driscoll the story of his second wife, Susan, who died of cancer a few years prior to Day 4. He loved her so much that he still wore his wedding ring on Day 4 and we know he was Richard’s predominant father figure for all of his formative years, so the implication there is that Richard was either Susan’s son from a previous relationship or Heller’s child with Susan. The latter option works if Heller and Alicia were actually divorced prior to Alicia’s death. The show seems to heavily suggest that Richard was Heller’s biological son and I kind of feel like if he wasn’t, it’s something that Richard would have thrown in Heller’s face an awful lot. So it’s not set in stone but it’s conceivable that Heller and Alicia divorced when Audrey was little sometime after happy family time at the beach, when Alicia died, custody of Audrey went entirely to Heller, who remarries either before or after Alicia’s death to Susan, whose son was Richard, who either was or wasn’t Heller’s biological son. Either way, he’s still also Audrey’s stepbrother but could also be her half-brother.

I think Audrey looked younger than 9 in that picture, more like five or six, which would also go along with the idea of the family breaking up at some point before Alicia’s death.

My best is Heller is still alive.

1. No silent clock.

2. As evidence in the episode 9 previews, Margo is still in control of at least 1 drone. Meaning, she didn’t destroy at least one of them. That would go against her word, which they really made a point of during the episode.

My bet is, based on Chloe saying she was close to hacking the drones, that she hacked all but one of them, including the one that ‘killed’ Heller. She probably looped footage or something making it look like Heller was still on the field and let Margo stay in control of the Drone to think they got Heller. Jack was mysteriously nowhere to be found in that last few minutes of the show. You would think they would show him yelling ‘noooooo!’ or something like that after the bomb goes off.

I bet him and Chloe pulled a fast one to fool Margo (and probably most everyone else for the time being, including the viewers of the show, leaving us guessing -or- completely surprised (if you’re a casual viewer) the following week in the sudden twist… classic 24 style.

One final note… Jack doesn’t die this season. He’ll ride off into the sunset either in another season, mini-series or film finally finding love again and being able to ‘retire’ to his family.

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:30 pm
I’ll have to rewatch the episode again tomorrow but I thought we actually saw the missile go into the stadium and destroy the entire area around Heller.

Maybe Ian takes control after deciding that killing Heller wasn’t enough.

Really good episode, maybe even the best one. And great nighttime shots of London too.

I’m thinking you are right. I feel like they wouldn’t have shown Jack talking to Chloe right then if that weren’t the case. And I feel like we would have seen Jack react to the explosion, not to mention the silent clock (which EVERY significant character to die since Tony has gotten, since the producers realized that the lack of it causes fans to question whether the character is actually dead).

Alicia Renkema
June 18, 2014 at 5:34 pm
That is the ending I am going with aka the season with he, Kim, her husband and baby. That was the first time he tried to retire. That is the life he wants and I believe one day he will get. Also, I thought that Kim was coming back for this mini series? The best surprise of all would be if we would find out that we were going to have back to back mini series with the success of this one and for once not have to wait so long…

New West Virginian
June 16, 2014 at 11:33 pm
Cheng may definitely be playing a role in both plotlines. It’s been mentioned that the Chinese really didn’t want the drone base renewed, and Kate’s husband was framed for selling secrets to the Chinese. Maybe these secrets included drone technology and software and maybe Cheng helped fund Margot and her operation knowing that if she succeeded, the British government would not renew the base.

I’m calling it now…Vice President Danny Dessler. Or is it Kim’s friend Lonnie?!

Lonnie? From season 3. Nice!

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 12:37 am
Vice President Behrooz Araz……

A bacon-dodger for a president? No thanks.

That was vile…

And if Heller didn’t get a silent clock…this means that Margot faked his death to use him against Jack in a later season by turning him (Heller) against the government. Turns out her plans fail and Heller is actually working undercover with Brad Hammond and Janis Gold to find the rest of the governments’ moles to justice.

Oh, man, remember Hammond? He was the best! I miss Division interruptions so much.

Lol young Heller looked like Tom Cruise in that photo Audrey showed him

What is all this crap about Fox “not allowing” them to kill a president?? It’s fiction, for crying out loud. Torture? Fine. Killing people willy-nilly? Fine. But a “sitting” President is off-limits? Ridiculous people are ridiculous.

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 12:38 am
Techncially they DID kill a sitting president. Remember that the resignation is effective at 7 PM. However he was actually killed by the missile a few seconds before 7.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 1:21 pm
Not ridiculous– its in response to an interview given by Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran (and Kiefer) on the Charlie Rose show during Season 4– Fox was in general very hands off for story line but on two occasions they requested a change — first was when it premiered and they asked them to drop the footage of the plane exploding when Mandy stole the ID card and parachuted out and the second time was when Air Force One went down in S4 and they requested that the President not be killed in the downing of the jet.

Is it possible that she show actually jumps BACK in time for a couple hours? Maybe it’s ridiculous, but what if there’s more story to tell about Jack and Belcheck, and Navarro, Chloe, and Cross. We could jump back to, say, eight in the morning for a couple hours and then ahead to 6:00AM the next day for the finale. Do you get what I mean? Maybe the Cheng/Navarro/Cross/Chloe story would be better told in real time BEFORE the drone threat really took off… I doubt this is the route they go, but it’s concievable that episode one wasn’t actually the “first” hour of the “day.”

I don’t know if they’d do this for this day but I would love for them to do this on some other day, if we get one in the future.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 5:46 pm
Cool idea!

Can somebody PLEASE tell me, are these photos (via link) from an episode that’s already been aired? If not, probably from a future episode? [Potential Spoiler, but possibly not]:



Those photos are from the second episode (already aired), the shootout at the apartment complex that Yates and Bashir were at.

First episode, maybe second.

Chloe pulls up in a Volvo straight after that.. after hesitating (wondering who’s driving the car), Jack Bauer hops in and Chloe said she hot-wired the car.

I think Jordon is ok but seriously wound but he really can’t return to the CIA since he know who try to kill him…….it either he call kate or someone else there

MARY — I am calling on you — what do you think happened to Heller? I think he’s a goner. Cheers!

I agree with you! Very flattered that you want to know my opinion. :) xx

42:44 into the episode after the missile is shot, look closely at the only image from the field directly, it is empty! The President is alive!

It looked empty to me too. I think the fact that they didn’t show Heller actually falling to the ground, didn’t show Jack reacting to the missile hitting, and didn’t do a silent clock all demonstrate that they at least intended it to be an open question whether or not he died.

Falling to the ground? He was obliterated. The whole area around him was obliterated. There was no image of an empty field.

Yeah, he’d be lucky to still be dust at this point.

You fail to comment what has been said that the feed margot was seeing was (maybe) a loop of when heller was standing there and in the 2 minutes Jack was able to pull him out before the drone attack… Nevertheless, I actually don’t want this to be the case, having a shocking event like this, would be the perfect celebration of the episode 200. Also there is the fact that she closed in to do the facial recognition, I don’t know if that could be done with a loop (most likely yes, nevertheless is a stretch).

Most likely he’s death but I’m saying that the window for him being alive is open still.

The part where the knife slowly stabs into Jordan Reed was horrible!!

Anyone see Saving Private Ryan—-same death private Mellish went through as a German stabbed him laying on top of him

Ahh that’s where I’ve seen it…

The best if not one of the best hours of 24 I’ve ever seen. Very sad to see President Heller bit the dust by a drone mastered by Margot and she’s definitely pay the price for it and I don’t know if Jordan Reed got killed off by either Navarro’s nor Adrian Cross’ goon. With only four episodes left, will Jack and Chloe make it through? Is the series going to have a plot line between the Chinese and the Russians? Is Jordan Reed really dead? Will Kate Morgan be the heroine of the series and will 24 be the end again if Fox not going to have more?

Amazing episode!

I loved the throwback music from the helicopter scene from Season 3 with Chappelle. It was so fitting, and it gave me goosebumps. That was always one of my favorite scores in the history of the show, and it was awesome to hear again.

I was a little thrown off by Heller’s quote that this is the worst day of his life…he and and his daughter were kidnapped by terrorists before the president was taken down in AF1. Or what about the day he found out about Audrey’s catatonic condition after getting taken by the Chinese? But then, I guess this day is pretty horrible too, especially after that final scene…

Or what about the day he found out Audrey was “dead” (a few months before season 6).

Lol, good point!

I’m curious if anyone knows…do US presidents actually have a tracker embedded in their skin?

I remember reading a New York Times piece several years ago that stated both the president and vice president have trackers on them so that the Secret Service can always locate/protect them in an emergency. I don’t know if it’s actually embedded in their skin, but it seems plausible.

Also if you remember the seventh season of 24 when General Juma attacked The White House, President Taylor was wearing a tracking bracelet on her arm. Buchanan removed it and ran around with it to throw them off her real location.

Can you answer this question for me regarding season 8.

Jack bauer had a recording between Charles Logan and the Russian President that implicates the russian involvement. was that recording covered up? all i remember was Charles Logan handing the “evidence” over to President Taylor which was Jacks explanations on what and why he did what he did. I think that will shut the russian up benefit of live another day

You could argue that even if Allison Taylor did exactly what she told Jack at the end of Day 8 that she would do, it might not have really mattered. Taylor told Jack that she would resign from office and expose the conspiracy as well as turn herself over to the UN. But look at how little that ultimately matters– if Allison turns herself over to the UN for war crimes, she’s telling everyone in the world that she had a period there where her word wasn’t exactly gospel. It’s nice that she wants to redeem herself but it means that no one has to take her word on any of it being true. She no longer has the moral ground to stand on because imagine how people react when they find out that the woman who was trying to solve *world peace* jumped in bed with Charles Logan and helped cover up the brutal death of her only true ally in the peace process? If she’s running around yelling “but but the Russians were trying all this other stuff all day and are really the bad guys!” everyone’s like yeah, probably true, Allie, but coming from a woman in handcuffs, there’s not really much we can do about all this…

Jack received his pardon. Now the fun begins. Jack is back!!!!!

It does not protect him against the Russian diplomat/people unfortunately

I love 24 fans! I agree that with 24’s twist plots – Chloe may have pumped in that live feed of the explosion to throw off Mama Terrorist! So Heller may still be alive, hence the lack of the time clock. She has no intention of releasing those drones and Jack will take her down! Will Kate figure out Navarro’s role in the frame up of her husband? That’s why I need 24 episodes…I don’t know if they will be able to answer all questions in the episodes that remain!

Clearly not gonna be dead. Chloe probably just put a delay on the drones video feed or something which gave him time to get out

Clearly? How premature of you.

I hope he is dead because they spent the entire episode building up to it, and it was a fitting end to Heller after everything we’ve seen him go through over the four seasons he was in.

This is still my personal favorite episode of all time…

I think he might have gone underground the explosion didn’t look real but who knows
that is my theory I may be wright and I maybe wrong

what if the VP is Karen Hayes?

I believe they referred to the VP as “he” at some point in the episode. So it can’t be her.

Loved the epsisode. It doesn’t hurt that Robert Cochran is my favorite 24 writer.

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 4:59 am
The explosion did look weird. They could have just had a huge fireball but something about the explosion just looked weird.

Only fair that Episode 200 was written by Robert Cochran, directed by Jon Cassar & edited by Scott Powell.

I couldn’t sleep, so I “reviewed the tactical feed” and I realized that we saw Heller walk out onto the field, and then the rest of the shots we saw of him were on Margot’s screen. So Chloe didn’t have to simulate an explosion. All she had to do was set it up to loop the footage of Heller standing there to make it look live when it wasn’t. Kind of the reverse of what the terrorists did with President Hassan in season 8.

I am still not sure if Heller is dead or not…I have heard persuasive arguments both ways. But I feel like the way they did the scene was at the very least designed to leave his fate an open question.

Also, do you think Audrey knew when Mark said that her father was with “someone he trusts, as he trusts me” that he was talking about Jack? I am thinking she did but it was classy of Mark not to say it. That should be interesting.

I’m positive she knew. It was a great moment.

I think she knew because she gave him that truly withering expression. Poor Mark was like argh, where do you get a drink around here?

btw, a resignation has to be accepted before it becomes effective.

William Devane is a big star and likely signed his contract for all 12 hours. Remember, they had him drive off a cliff in Season 5? He stayed dead for a couple of episodes. Chloe, the anti-government activist saved the POTUS.

Chloe was only trying to save Heller to stop impending deaths that could result if Margot didn’t keep her word, not because she’s a big Heller fan. Heller never died on Day 5 at all. He attempted suicide for the greater good but was rescued from the lake and spent the rest of the day in the ICU. Audrey was told on Day 5 that Heller was going to be fine. Just as the drone strike in the last episode is a bookend to how we met Heller on Day 4 (nearly killed by a drone strike ordered by President Keeler while being held hostage by jihadists), it also ties into Day 5 and the suicide-for-the-greater-good component. Heller’s own words about his impending death last night were as much meta as they were part of the story– “this is the way for me to go.” There is truly no other way for Heller to die in the story than how he did last night so there is no reason why he should still be alive. It would just cheapen all of it.

Guys. This is ridiculous. Everyones entitled to their own opinion and I think its great people are theorizing about the show but I don’t get how anyone can think Heller is still alive.

They couldn’t have made it anymore obvious. First, the entire episode is a giant goodbye to the character of Heller, second they showed him in center field and a minute later we see ACTUAL footage of the stadium blowing up, not just drone feed so Chloe did not simulate an explosion. They had the call to chloe prior to enforce that jack wasnt giving up till the very end and to maybe generate hope for fans. A lack of silent clock was unfortunate but I would never in a million years surmise that a sound effect would contradict 44 minutes of storytelling prior. And finally the writers full out said in an interview they have a new post team who isn’t up to speed on the silent clock thing. They also acknowledged he is for sure dead. Lol sorry I just can’t believe how much debate there is over this when (at least to me) it’s so blatantly obvious he’s dead.

If for some strange reason he wasn’t dead and Chloe actually did fake it, then that would all be the dumbest thing theyve ever done in the history of the show IMO.

ANYWAYS! I loved the episode! So intense and suspenseful even though on paper not too much happened plot/action wise.

I’m really hoping Jordan isn’t dead and alerts Kate to Navarro. Not just because I like the character, but because otherwise all his screentime this episode would’ve been completely irrelevant from a writing perspective. I loved that he outsmarted the assassin, but if he ends up dying than how would this change anything from him just dying in the water last episode.

Audrey scene was amazing and Sean callers score was beautiful.

Since when did the writers acknowledge that Heller is dead? What are you even talking about?

There’s an article on the homepage where they tall about it and its very clear he’s dead from the writers answers but here’s an excerpt:

You killed the president! Unless you want us to believe he might have survived that missile exploding…
Manny Coto: No, it’s pretty cut and dry.
So what is the fallout of President Heller’s death?
Katz: It informs the Audrey-Jack relationship in a big way, and the Audrey-Boudreau relationship. Because in Audrey’s mind, Jack and Boudreau led her father to his death — they let him give himself up. That’s going to be a huge emotional blow to have to get through.

I don’t think we can count on anything that the writers say while the season is still going. Obviously they are not going to say anything that spoils what may happen in future episodes.

True. I guess anything is possible. But in my opinion there’s way more evidence to suggest he’s dead

Agreed. If Heller is still alive it will be a big twist that they don’t want to reveal, although their comments do kind of cast doubt on my theory that it was supposed to be left open ended.

That said, if anyone had asked them between 7 PM and 10 PM in season 6 if Audrey was really dead, do you think they would have said anything designed to cast doubt? Ditto with Heller in season 5, or any other time they pretended to kill off a character (I am NOT talking about Tony in season 5, whom they clearly did intend to kill at the time).

They always left wiggle room about characters assumed to be dead. No one ever said Tony was dead after the faux-death on Day 5 and Audrey’s off-screen death on Day 6 screeeeeeamed “still alive”, to the point that they even later gave Chloe a meta line about it– that bit where she snarks “of course she’s still alive” to Jack.

I think Heller is absolutely, positively, unequivocally dead. I am less certain on Morris O’Brian. Killing off Prescott off-screen I could see, as he’s a child and you could maybe roll with it, but killing off a former main cast member off-screen in what, based on Chloe’s description, is the most suspicious-sounding car accident ever (it was dark! only one witness! chloe not even there!) makes me think the one who is going to pop up from the apparent dead here is really Mr. O’Brian.

Also. (Sorry just want to elaborate) a lot of people are saying “go back and watch and its obvious heller is alive because of Chloe’s call.) I believe this was just a way to generate false hope for jack and the fans but say we did entertain the idea that Chloe hacked the feed magically, here’s why that does not work at all and what I feel people aren’t realizing:

A. There was no footage of heller standing there for Chloe to loop until Margot pulled the drone over the stadium. So that would mean Chloe would’ve had to get enough footage and loop it all in the time span from when the drone first saw heller, to when they fire the missile. And even this doesn’t make any sense because they saw heller as the drone was flying into the stadium from far away AND zoomed in, which means there’s no way Chloe could’ve faked that.

B. Let’s say she somehow did have time to Photoshop a stick figure of heller in the stadium. Margot still saw an explosion on her screen from the missile she fired. Which would mean Chloe would’ve had to extremely precisely time the video to switch from loop footage, to actual explosion footage without Margot experiencing a glitch or seeing a split second of heller disappearing.

C. Everything I said in my last post.

Sorry guys but he’s dead. I apologize if I’m somehow wrong about this but if I am, than it would abandon any form of logic whatsoever.

I’m not sure all the dialogue rang perfectly true. For one, Jack referring to Simone as “the bitch” seemed entirely out of character for the way he relates to both women AND terrorists. I don’t even think that is something heroin-withdrawal Jack would have said. It made me actually not like him for a minute.

Also, one of the first things Audrey screams to Mark when she finds her father’s note is something like, “I’ll never trust you again.” Fine, it’s what we all want, but it’s not something you’d likely shout at someone in a fit of grief and rage.

Sloppy character continuity and weird emotional dialogue would be easy to overlook if I actually thought Heller were dead, which I don’t for one second.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 9:07 am
I can’t remember off hand whether he had ever before used a pejorative term when referring to women –not even sure he did when bringing Nina down….any of those three times….

You are, IMO wrong, though about Audrey– those lines, the sentiments expressed, the tears, hiccups, sighs, snot …slap, whack & tug on lapels–all of it was classic Audrey Raines. (welcome back, baby!)

so well written so.specific to.her dynamic and so well acted–very satisfying and kudos to Tate Donnovan because he also was so good in the scene.

It reminded me of Jack cursing at Erin Driscoll in the Day 4 Prequel, which I never liked. I like Angry!Jack as much as the next person and I think “wake the bitch up” is more appropriate for the character now than the Erin comment was for Jack back then, but yeah, it’s unappealing.

Audrey reacted to Mark more or less about the same way she reacted to Jack when she found out about Paul on Day 4. But I did think it was weird that her comments were so specifically focused on Mark– like how she wouldn’t be able to trust him, etc.. It was like it didn’t truly bother her that her dad was dead as much as that Mark had betrayed her, which I thought was… kind of odd and not as classy as Mark then still trying to be good to her by not naming Jack. But that seemed pretty Audrey to me, all in all.

New West Virginian
June 18, 2014 at 11:37 pm
I don’t see how it’s unappealing after everything that happened because of Simone.

Let me first say that though I think there’s a slight chance Heller is still alive, I’m skeptical that he is. However, I just rewatched the last 10 minutes or so of the episode, and I found something that could have significance.

In the final splitscreen, Chloe is seen working on her computer. They camera shows Chloe looking at her screen, then pans to her shooting a quick look at something/someone in the room (almost defensive, as if she didn’t want someone seeing what she was doing), and then the camera pans back over to her working on the computer.

But then, their camerawork becomes particularly interesting, as it pans slightly down so that you can just see her computer screen. Making up part of the screen, is a green section, that very much resembles the grass of Wembley Stadium.

Really? I did not catch that. That is interesting. At the very least, it indicates that she knew what Heller was planning to do, even though we never saw Jack explicitly tell her. That does give me some hope.

To be honest I thought this ep was just average. It’s the same problem I’ve had all season – this has all been done before.

The structure, score, scenario, etc were all too reminiscent of 3x18 (Chappelle’s death). That episode was FAR better.

The allusions to what’s come before is the point. It’s all cumulative. It was in the previous seasons as well…

Liam I just picked up on the exact same thing. I also picked up on Chloe trying to get jacks attention on the phone…saying “jack, jack.” in brutal situations chloe wouldnt want jacks attention just for the sake of it, i think she was on to something.

When was that? I didn’t catch that, and I rewatched the end three times.

I must add, i was a little surprised that we never saw Jacks reaction to the drone bombing on Heller. in many cases we see jacks emotional reactions in these situations…maybe we never saw it this time because Heller could possibly be alive…

I thought the same thing…not that it means Heller could possibly be alive, but that I really would have preferred the episode to end on Jack’s reaction like after the nuclear bomb went off in S6. Still an incredible episode nonetheless.

You saw his look as Heller walked to certain death.

Did anyone else find it interesting that Jack’s response to Heller giving him a pardon was kind of…subdued? I’m still wondering what’s at stake for Jack in all of this and his behavior is kind of…erratic. In the premiere he said he ‘owed’ Heller and Audrey but now Heller’s almost certainly dead.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 10:44 am
That was classic Jack he didn’t want it or expect it he wanted as he said in his call to Heller from the embassy the right to explain his side of the story – a right, which by the way, he felt he earned. A pardon damns the recipient by implying they are guilty but no further consequences need be visited upon the party but also he won’t get his opportunity to clarify what happened

I think you’re right. I also think he wants to take responsibility for what he did. I think part of his Batman-ing around has been to clean up messes of his past life with the idea of eventually going out on his own terms. If he turns himself into the Russians after explaining his side of the story to the world, there is a high likelihood that the Russians would just kill him instead of putting him in prison. I think Jack’s trying to make right before he does that. Similar in a lot of ways to what Heller just did. Heller knew he was dying and didn’t have a lot of time left in the world, so he took responsibility for the drone program, spent a little time saying what he needed to say to his family, and went out in a way that he hoped would save lives. Jack sounds like he’s doing something similar.

Classic 24 once again.

Heller is dead reminiscent of Mason, Chappelle and Palmer’s deaths. This is total shock 24 as it’s always been.

Would love to see Jack take on Margot next week and even better yet Kate figuring out where Jordan is and taking matters into her own hands.

and the whole Open Cell thing will open up a whole can of worms for what I think will be a twisty, emotional and shocking finale.

Excellent work !

There’s a photo on the internet of Heller inside a car and Jack handing him over to Belcheck in the next episode. Heller is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 11:21 am
Shit!!! Wish I hadn’t read this–/-/Well it ain’t called. 24 spoilers for nothing!

Where is this image?

Where the bloody hell is this picture?!!

Dunno about the original source, but here’s a link where someone posted it to tumblr: http://tonysmyhomiejacksgotmyback.tumblr.com/post/89065114642/warning-spoilers-below-looky-what-i

That doesn’t look like Heller lol

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 1:32 pm
No mistaking that profile– the irony here is that if they hadn’t done the product placement deal for Chrysler for the 200th then they could have used Mercedes as the one brand of car throughout the series and then we could have been fooled a little longer into thinking it was an earlier shot and maybe ended up on the cutting room floor.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 1:33 pm
PS webmasters perhaps you will want to remove this entire thread and re-post on a new page with a spoiler alert?

Maybe they shot this to throw us off since paparazzi were taking pictures the night they shot the Wembley stuff, or for an alternate ending if they initially couldn’t get killing Heller past Fox. I mean, uh, at one point? This was also shot: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080624202023/24_/images/thumb/4/4a/Sf1-alternate.jpg/250px-Sf1-alternate.jpg

That’s a good point. It could have been an alternate direction to take the story if Fox would not let them kill Heller. But they do shoot 2 episodes at once, so that could have been part of the filming for next week’s episode.

Very true, could be. I really hope it’s not. It would completely destroy one of the series’ very best episodes if Heller is still alive.

Let’s hope they don’t take that route, please God…

I found this article which appears to have more pictures with Jack and Heller of scenes that I don’t think we have seen: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2615719/Kiefer-Sutherland-shoots-high-octane-scene-24-Live-Another-Day.html

That said, I am thinking they might have been shot as an alternative ending in the event that Fox didn’t go for killing Heller off. Otherwise, they would have kept these photos under wraps and not allowed them to be released back in April, as they would be a huge spoiler. Plus, they shoot two episodes at a time and last night was #8, meaning it would have been shot with scenes from episode 7, not episode 9.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 5:49 pm
Yeah I think its a stretch to try and explain this as saying maybe they filmed alternate endings in advance near E8 they have a specific way of working and that would throw the production way way off

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 6:14 pm
Ok I am going to retract the earlier statement below– I think it is possible that its not an alternate ending but possibly an editing issue. Its plausible that when they first shot the Wembley Stadium scenes that there was some Belchek involvement that — for whatever the reason– they deleted because it was not needed or detracted from the emotional impact or what have you and that at the time it was filmed they had not inked the sponsor deal with Chrysler so they used a car that they figured the Pres would be riding around in.

Cut to the final edits– the Belchek lines get dropped, they re-shoot the arrival to the helicopter with the other car and thus we have what we had– it makes no sense to have all those pictures also at the stadium (unless we get more of a story on getting Heller out of there without Margo seeing it post-drone explosion)

I kind of thought that myself, and I hope that’s what happened.

Seriously, if these writers make this mistake, I don’t think the rest of the season can recover from it.

Did anyone notice the captions on the pictures here?


The caption to one of the pictures of William Devane in the car says,

“Making his arrival: William Devane was seen arriving to the set in a smart estate car”

Maybe Devane used this car to drive to the set? But then it begs the question why was Branko Tomovic at the stadium?

I’m seriously in denial about Heller still being alive, (because it would ruin the rest of the season) so I’m trying to find every possible explanation as to why these pictures exist. C;

I think Heller is probably alive. Take a look at these two pictures. Looks like he was filming to me but Cassar was smart enough not to include him in the picture.

24fan24– Exactly. If you look at that group of photos, all of them are from stuff we saw in the last episode but for anything to do with Belcheck but the ones with Belcheck? Are not stuff being filmed. They’re the actors standing around having a chat between takes and Devane behind the wheel of the car he drove to the set in.

Maybe Branko Tomovic was at the stadium because they film two episodes at once and Belcheck is Jack’s lift to his next destination/backup for next part of plan? They would have had to film all of the Wembley stuff at one time and Jack still needs to leave there at the start of the next episode.

“Otherwise, they would have kept these photos under wraps and not allowed them to be released back in April, as they would be a huge spoiler.”

The release of these photos isn’t a thing that anyone involved in the show would have had control over. The guy who took these pics is essentially a pap. When filming outdoors, in a public space, they can only keep the public a certain distance away, but they can’t stop people from being nearby and snapping pics with a zoom lens, and those pics are the property of the person who took them, not the property of the people making the show. Then the guy who took them just sold them to the Daily Mail.

Bleep…what you said makes total sense. Everything taken into consideration including the previews of hour 9, Heller is quite dead. Unfortunately too many fans create possible senarios in their minds based upon what they wish would be true, such as Tony showing up out of the blue. I am a big Heller fan, but he is dead. ITony isoneof my favorites, but logically, he isstillin prison somewhere in the states. But we don’t, at this point know, if Jordan and Simone are alive or dead, soit may be funto speculate on their possible future. As far as the VP is concerned, I beleive it is a woman, and Mary most likely knows of whom I speak!

The VP is *not* a woman. Heller said ‘he’ on multiple occasions.

RonnieTheC~~ Come now, you know Mrs. Styles couldn’t have had a sex change in her condition…

Just get in the car Kate!

Can’t wait till next weeks episode! Jack will be on a mission!!!

CHLOE doesn’t have a pardon and is likely going to Jail, now that CTUboy knows about her.

I wasn’t shocked that President Heller would face his demise, but I was really hoping it wouldn’t happen… and it did anyway. R.I.P. James Heller.

The episode was great overall and the scene between Mark and Audrey was intense. Short, but riveting.

I think it would be better if they ended the episode with Audrey getting the photo that Heller left it on the table while crying and the camera closing up on Audrey as she looks at the photo. *Silent Clock*
Not with Margot…

I agree. With an ending like that I would be more convinced that he is really dead. It really felt like it was designed to be left open-ended, although what the producers said in the interview makes me rethink that.

P.S. Whether you are an Audrey fan or not, how can anyone not feel sorry for her right now? Mary?

I feel sorry for her. Absolutely. What a totally terrible situation she’s in. Her dad is dead and her husband and ex-lover helped kill him! Because Audrey clearly hadn’t already been through enough… *laughs* The scene with the picture of her family was one of the best scenes of the show, IMO.

She gets cut slack for grieving and everything but I did think it was just plain awful to say “you know he’s unwell” to Mark, after everything. Like, oh now his mental health is a factor, Audrey? Now that it yields results you don’t like? It didn’t matter when he was the leader of the free world but now that he’s made a choice you don’t agree with he was sick and Mark wasn’t helping him? Ick. I wasn’t a fan of that moment. I’m not saying people should react perfectly to terrible news but I felt she could have been more focused on Heller than on Mark in that moment. I didn’t like that she managed to undercut both her father and Mark’s honor in like two sentences but it was worth it just for Mark then responding by not ratting out Jack.

This scenario is great for the last few hours. Mark and Jack more on the same page and Audrey something of an antagonist to both of them because of all of this. Very interested to see how this plays out.

Like you said, she deserves some slack because she was grieving and probably in shock. I think when she has time to think it through she will understand why her father made the decision he did, but I don’t blame her for being angry at Mark for not telling her. She deserved to hear her father explain himself as he did to Jack and Mark and to say goodbye. I don’t know why Heller, who is usually such a protective father, thought it was a good idea to keep her out of the loop and put her husband in the position of doing something she might never forgive him for.

I think Heller being a protective father meant he did just what he did so that Audrey’s memories of her last moments with her dad won’t have to be her yelling at him to change his mind and trying to stop him from doing what he needed to do. They *all* protected Audrey, not just Heller– neither Mark nor Jack chose to tell Audrey what was happening. They know that it’s better for her in the long run to look back on that moment with the family picture than to have gone through it any other way. As for Heller putting Mark in that position– some things are more important than family and when you’re the First Family and it’s a potential greater good decision, that was more important than how Audrey was going to feel. It was a tough position to put Mark in but he knew Mark’s loyalties ultimately lay more with Heller himself and a greater good than they did with his wife, just like Jack.

Mary… I have re-thought my position and you are correct. The VP can’t be mama Styles. It must be a man. Someone who we have seen in the past, who is younger, who is willing to sacrafice for others, someone who is tough, and someone who knows something about Jack. I’ve got it!!!!
And I will give you a hint….he cannot walk because he does not have legs!

OMG VP Miguel NoLastName?! *hopes and prays*

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 5:54 pm
Such a nice young man such a bummer about the leg…..

But why not Derek Huxley? Or John Mason?

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 5:55 pm
Holy shit what about Chase???

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 6:06 pm
…after the nuke in Valencia….cause hey– you never know….

New West Virginian
June 18, 2014 at 11:42 pm
It could be Behrooz Araz or Josh Bauer.

Kiki Vanderway
June 19, 2014 at 10:22 am
I think if you do the math neither is 35 and Behrooz isn’t US born

You all should read this, as it really toys with the idea of Jack’s fate [last part of the article]. Personally, I think there is a chance that the writers will get rid of him…possibly by handing him over to the Russians…or perhaps he will get out of this at the last second. The fact that they mentioned that the Jack/Boudreau/Russia relationship becomes further misconstrued and plays out like an emotional rollercoaster furthers my reasoning for this. Please all, lets see what you think :)


re: Jack/Boudreau/Russia situation

I think the ironic thing is that Jack would be okay with being handed over to the Russians, so long as he can do it on his terms. He did murder those diplomats. His own sense of honor says he should be held responsible. He left after Day 8 because he couldn’t find a way for justice to be served. Jack is willing to take responsibility for what he did on Day 8 but he had to run because the Russians were not willing to take responsibility for the deaths of Hassan and Renee. Justice would go unserved and then Jack’s death would be meaningless if he couldn’t first right the wrongs of the situation.

I think Jack’s whole plan today and in his recent year or so of Batman-ing around is to fix the injustices of his life and have his say about Day 8 before he turns himself into the Russians. This makes the whole idea of the rendition order versus Presidential pardon thing sort of ironic. Heller grants Jack what he doesn’t want– forgiveness for crimes he’s committed instead of the opportunity to atone for them and to have his say about the injustices committed by the people he murdered. Boudreau forges Heller’s name (steals his identity and power illegally) but gives Jack exactly what he does, ultimately, want– to be handed over to the Russians so that the Russians can seek whatever justice they ultimately see fit over Jack having murdered their people. What Boudreau did wasn’t right by a long shot but it ultimately achieves a goal Jack approves of more than Heller’s, which grants Jack an easier path in life.

The Russians aren’t ultimately going to care who signed what form when– they’re just waiting to get their hands on Jack and if the VP upholds Heller’s pardon, then the Russians now have issue with Boudreau. Audrey could potentially be in trouble and that would be the height of irony– Mark did all this to try to protect her and she could wind up the “emotionally devastating” result of all of it.

I have had that same thought, Mary. Ironically, Mark’s best play might be to tell Jack about the forged rendition order. Jack might actually be willing to turn himself over to them for Audrey’s sake and to prevent a diplomatic crisis between the US and Russia if he is allowed to go free.

So appropriate it happens at Wembley, right when the World Cup is taking place.

The timing of everything this season has been really impeccable! The drones, the leaking of confidential information, and the policy of negotiating with terrorists.

Heller is dead.watch the trailer for episode 9 and the first few clips . The pm face, jack wanting payback, Kate telling Navarro this is real. A silent clock when he surrendered is not appropriate. He died a hero . A silent clock means he will be mourned and I don’t think that is what heller wanted.remeber he was going to resign in less than 6 months.Let’s focus on the last 4 episodes:

Who is vp. I think it has to be a new vp or someone very small. I.e the vp who would not let larry enter the whitehouse in s7 e10

Jack kills Ian and arrests Margo- she implements the chinses maybe.to b honest not sure if I think xeng me come back. The only reason we think he is back is because of a photos and I’m sure they would keep it quiet.i think to have problems wih the Chinese and jack being wanted by the Russians is 2 big storyline to cover at the same time
I don’t think xeng ma or tony comes back.

Russians still want jack. For me this is the most interesting how this plays out.does mark destroy the pardon? Does mark get caught forging heller signature. Do the Russians find out jack has a pardon and threaten mark . Do they then just take jack out the same way the chinses did in s5e24 . Do the Russians put pressure on the British to help.

Personally I think Jordan is alive but either way. Kate must get onto Jordan to find him.Chloe said to Adrian I still believe and he asks her to go to a new home. They clearly were having sex . I think after stopping Margo Chloe goes to cross and then either she clocks that he was working under cover wih Navarro or jack and Kate ask her to act normal and see if she he can get his phone and evidence. I think if maybe Jordan is dead and then maybe cross takes a few calls and Chloe gets suspicious and looks and finds something and then has to deal with it herself.


Please guys less of the heller talk. I’m sure he is dead. Let’s focus on what will happen with the Russians and the cross story and who the vp will be. Also I’m certain there is a big STROY /twist to either come from Eric or marks assistant…….

“They clearly were having sex .”

Ahh, that explains everything. Thanks!!

Let’s discuss the time jump…. Surely it won’t happen until episode 12 as they have so much going on for episode 9-11. I think it will be 12 hours in 1 episode. I.e the beginning will be 12.03 them 3″45 am then 645 and them 925 and then 10.59.59

I’m sure they wil have it all tied up and this episode will be solely around Navarro cross being bought to justice.kate Morgan being re instated. And jack and the Russians.

Also where is the press release for episode 10…. Are they hiding something’s they don’t want us to know yet before episode 9

William Devane is still listed but that probably doesn’t mean anything. Someone said James Morrison was listed for all of season 7. But I think I remember Carlos no longer being listed at some point in season 5.

Wow, last night’s episode left me speechless. I can’t believe Heller is dead. William Devane deserves to be TV Line’s Performer of the Week. Hope he is remembered a year from now at Emmy time.

Chlojack what are your thoughts on my above 3 posts
Would live to hear how u think it will play out?


I really liked your idea about the time jumps during the finale. It would be a great way to cover the remaining 12 hours of the day.

I want just add something (everything have been said on the episode ): I like very much the aerial views of London by night, that remembers me season 1, they didn’t do much of that views in other seasons.

MAry what do u think about the vp and the Jordan situation.

I haven’t read all the comments so maybe it has been said…I think Heller walked out then Chloe got through, delayed Margo’s visual, and Jack had pulled Heller out of the way…Things were much to tidy and obvious last night.

I go back and forth on it, but right now I am agreeing with you. I feel like if he is dead they could have done it so much better by having Jack watch the explosion with a devastated look, then using a silent clock. Or having Chloe tell Jack she found a way to hack in right as the missile hit, meaning if she had gotten there one minute earlier she could have saved him. If he is dead, they really weakened the impact of the moment by doing it in such a way that left so many questions. If Chloe failed to hack in in time it would have been much more impactful if they had shown that, rather than leaving us wondering if she did.

Yeah, if Heller is indeed confirmed dead next episode then the way they shot the last minute or so of the 200th episode is VERY sly, underhand and cunty to make it so ambivalent like that. The writers KNOW how fucking stupid the audience is when it comes to silent clocks, so to omit it was just asking for trouble.

Like people have said, if Heller is truly dead they should’ve done the scene in a more dignified manner. i.e. Jack’s reaction, silence, Heller’s charred body, silent clock.

Whether he’s dead or alive, the 200th ep was still one of the best eps of all time, better than every single hour of days 6-8 and up there with the best of 1-5.

I thought they did it in a manner that fit the death. The silence during the explosion, the swiftness and anonymous nature of it emphasizing how impersonal a drone death is which is kind of interesting considering how personal this all was for Margot and then just her sigh at the end of it. Relief? Disappointment? Satisfaction? A little of all of it on her face. It was perfect. You didn’t need the soaring, dramatic horns and Jack throwing himself sobbing atop what little dust was left from Heller’s obliterated corpse and all that stuff to make a poetic death. The entire hour up until it was full of all the teary, heart-tugging stuff that led to a just-right finish, IMO.

What do you mean? Was Chloe saying about two minutes before the drone attack she couldnt possibly defeat the protection in the next few minutes enough?

Heller is dead! Come on!

Here’s one other thing that has been bugging me: how exactly do they plan to “keep this quiet” as Mark suggested last night? Regardless of anything Chloe might have done to manipulate Margot’s feed, we know for certain that a drone went off in the middle of a large stadium, creating a huge and probably loud explosion and doing massive damage to the field. And how are they going to explain the president’s death to the American people? They have to give some reason that the vice president is being sworn in. Also, was the Al Harazi tape threatening to bomb London if Heller didn’t hand himself over leaked to the public? If so, everyone will know what he did.

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 7:15 pm
I took that as we need to keep it quiet until the drone attack happens– all bets are off after Heller is killed.

Exactly. Also take notice that neither Jack, Heller nor Mark knew how Heller would be killed. Of course, once dead, is just a matter of very short time to the news to be spread.

I agree with you. If he is dead, then the ending of the episode was poorly executed in a way that lessened its impact by giving us so many reasons to doubt whether he is actually dead. They could have shown Jack observing the drone hit, shown Chloe trying but failing to hack in, showed Heller seeing the missile coming at him, or just showed the explosion on the field in closer range so it was clear he was there.

Kiki Vanderway
June 18, 2014 at 8:55 pm
I feel like the ambiguity was on purpose– since its such a short season they have to build in tension and cliff hangers where ever they can and the next episode is all about the afterward of his death being announced

Could it be possible that the Americans blame mark and jack for abducting and clouding with heller and want them both arrested for treason and being complicit in his death…..

When I say Americans I mean vp. Remember all he wil hear is me and Bauer tuned him over to Margot and help him escape secret service. Can’t imagine the vp or the justice department being happy. Maybe even the Russians find out and use this to manipulate the vp to give them jack

Kiki Vanderway
June 17, 2014 at 7:22 pm
I was thinking that might be possible– actually wondered if Mark would try to frame Jack for the whole thing especially after Jack decks the secret serviceable on the stairs and drags him to the bathroom….. but that is not going to work because Ron Clark meets them at the helicopter and Heller says “let’s keep this between us” and was clearly not under duress so they have a witness and also Jack told Kate which might help or not depending on how people view her credibility.

BTW, what’s with Erik Ritter’s disappearance? Is he still recovering from the explosion at the end of episode 5? He really hasn’t had much to do this season.

Erik Ritter had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance about halfway through the seventh episode when all of the CIA staff were watching Prime Minister Davies on television. It was right before Navarro called Jordan into his office and sent him into the field.

I assume he’ll be given more to do now that Jordan has found out about Navarro.

I did a frame by frame earlier & seen Erik Ritter with Kate Morgan in some sort of gun battle: http://i.imgur.com/t3ZSTFk.jpg

I also thought this one looked a bit like Tony lol: http://i.imgur.com/681MdHf.png
But I don’t think it is

I am pretty sure it will be Jack, Erik and Kate in one scene where they have located margot location

Guys, that screencapped guy Jack has there doesn’t look a thing like Tony…

I think Tony’s coming back but that guy is just not Tony. Trust me. My ovaries do a little happy dance at even the slightest hint of potential cubsmuggery but no such luck here.

Haha! I do hope we see Tony (and Cubby) in the finale.

Ah thanks. I wonder if Erik will be joining Jack and Kate in the field, or if this is a separate scene with just Erik and Kate.

Never question a good thing ;)

The 9x08 episode would have been better with a silent clock. There was no silent clock. Finally, Heller is not dead. Ask Tony about it.

My guess: Heller will be back in episode 11:


Quote: “The writers are so good that they create moments where it’s still a page turner.”

Oh, one more thing. Of this is true, there will be no need to show who the VP is.

Two more things: If Heller is dead:

– Kim Raver should have gasped reading episode 8.
– We have to watch a “final” clip with William Devane talking about the filming of his awesome performance in this episode.

-Kim Raver gasped during 9.09 because according to press releases, that’s when “key players true colors are revealed”. So, whoever those players are, there be some twisty stuff going down in the next episode that surprised her. Probably things that are, ultimately, more surprising than that the show killed off the senior citizen President who was already dying and had an opportunity to go out on his own terms.
-If Heller is not really dead, why wait over two hours to tell us?
-Actually, yeah, you’d still have to introduce the VP if Heller wasn’t really dead and took a nap until Hour 11 because someone has to run the country.
-You got an interview with William Devane from USA Today that came out just prior to the episode and talked a lot about his feelings on Heller’s arc. No need for a final clip.

2- Simple. So we can be shocked when we see him again.
3-“The country” now is the United Kingdom, and the PM is still alive. I woudn’t worry about not seeing the VP. We are in London.
4-The Final Clip would be exclusively about Heller’s final destination and his facing toward that final ending.

This would kind of confirm that the VP is in the UK.. would it not?

Heller to Boudreau:
“I wrote a letter to the Vice President. I want you to deliver it to him when I’m dead. The transition should be smooth and if he asks you, I am sure.. that you will serve him faithfully as you have me”

Don’t think so. Heller went to London to discuss the terms about the dron base. The writers never mentioned that the VP was also there to talk to the PM.

I think that the whole point about introducing the VP is not to show him/her as someone that we already know. Rather to make a point about Heller’s confidence on Mark.

Seba~~ I think not mentioning the VP by name is not just to show confidence in Mark (the rest of the scene as well as several others to day have shown that Heller had this) but to keep his identity a surprise. I think we’re up to three different scenes now that mention the VP but no one says his name. One scene is throwaway, two is suspicious, three is a surprise on deck, IMO.

Just because the show is set in the UK and we have Davies still doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to know who the American president is. There is still the rendition order and presidential pardon stuff to deal with with Jack and two-thirds at least of the main characters are American. It would be absurd for them to never show us who then became the President. Where do Kate and Navarro go for ultimate orders? Who do Mark and Audrey transition power to? Someone’s got to get the new President on Skype here at some point.

The VP likely wouldn’t be in London because Heller was there. I think there’s some kind of rule that they try not to be in the same place at the same time in case of an attack and when situations make it so that they have to be, there always has to be someone else from the order of succession list not in the same location. Like how there’s always someone who sits out the State of the Union address in case of an attack. Considering we’re getting a time jump at some point, the VP/NewPresident won’t have to remain sort of plot-isolated in the States or wherever he is because he could always have a final scene with other characters after the time jump and be video chatting with them for the rest of the day.

Kiki Vanderway
June 18, 2014 at 8:57 pm
Jump on a fast jet and you are in London no time at all– and we have time jumps so I think the Veep is not in London —

Maybe Kim Raver gasped for something Audrey does in the episode (example: stabbing Mark out of anger). Or it could be something not even related to the Audrey storyline.

Just re-watched the episode and I think Heller is still alive. Just by the way it ended. If they wanted him clearly dead they should have ended it with Jack observing the drone hit, and then a silent clock. Also, has anyone found any info on who will be playing the VP? I can’t see it being a big name actor unless they have really been good at keeping it sealed tight.

Just my opinion, but I think President Heller is still alive. Chloe may have found a way to divert the drone’s targeting system at the last minute. Remember, Jack faked his own death at the end of Season Four. I’m willing to bet he saw a way to do it with President Heller. My real hope is that Jack himself lives to fight another day.

New West Virginian
June 18, 2014 at 1:04 am
Just a minor thing, but I think they’re trying to be more politically correct this season. Jack and Kate haven’t seriously tortured anyone yet, Jack hurting Simone was shown to not be working. Also the Islamic aspect of the al-Harazi family isn’t mentioned much. In the last scene, Margot could have said “Allah Akbar” as she fires the missile that would have been very realistic. I guess the PC folks wouldn’t like that too much.

Please tell me you’re joking.

This whole alleged ’24’-has-gone-PC idiom is old hat, they’ve been saying that since Season 7; the hard left says ’24’ is a reckless neo-con fantasy whilst the hard right says ’24’ has gone all politically correct… and the truth is both are complete bunkum. There’s both liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, on the writing staff. ’24’ is and always has been apolitical. period.

It also bypasses the fact(s) that in Season 7, Renee made a choice that torturing Alan Wilson was the only way to get both information about the cabal and get justice for Larry, plus in Season 8, Jack went on a bloody rampage and quite literally tortured someone to death. In addition to all that, Season 7 had black African villains whilst Season 8 had Middle Eastern terrorists.

PC? Get outta here.

You’re my hero. :) Your post just totally helped my blood pressure.

Margot might be a bacon-dodger, but her actions today are in no way religiously motivated. Do you expect Christian characters to whip out the rosary beads and say “praise The Lord” after every kill?

I thought Cloe was going to decode the disc and take control of the drones just in time for Jack to save the Prez. ;(. Wasn’t liking the plot that Prez Heller had Alzheimer’s, and wasn’t looking forward to the whole season watching him become less strong, so…….

When Heller died, why didn’t he get the silent clock as the episode ended? All the major characters in the history of the show do. Did he deserve it?

He isn’t dead. its 24, I’m convinced of it now that I think about it. They are too good to make a big mistake like that

Keeping him alive would be the big mistake.

June 18, 2014 at 4:20 am
Episode 8 was spectacular and had a shocking ending. I’m not 100% sure if President James Heller is dead or alive because the writers of 24 have surprised me on numerous times in past seasons and they could be playing tricks on us right now. I would be convinced that Heller had died if there was a silent clock to end the episode. I originally thought that Heller had died in Season 5 when he drove his car off of the cliff and into the lake to avoid being shot off the road by the helicopter and I originally had thought that Tony Almeida had died in Season 5 too. The writers of 24 have also surprised me on so many other occasions too. I think that it would be a huge mistake by FOX or the writers of 24 if Heller is revealed later in the season to still be alive. A possible upcoming twist revealing Heller to still being alive would make the ending of Episode 8 pointless and it would ruin the episode’s reputation for a huge amount of fans of 24 and it would also confirm that FOX or the writers of 24 were too scared to kill off Heller. A good amount of fans of 24 have Episode 8 of this season as their all time favorite episode of 24.

June 18, 2014 at 4:38 am
I’m so glad that Jordan Reed killed the hitman in Episode 8, but it’s so unfortunate that Jordan put himself in the position to get severely stabbed by the hitman. Jordan should have shot the hitman immediately to force him to tell the truth, Jordan shouldn’t have hesitated. I guarantee that Jordan is still alive and that he’ll call Kate Morgan during Episode 9 to let her know that Steve Navarro hired a hitman to kill him and that Navarro is the one that framed her husband Adam. It certainly does look like Simone Al-Harazi is going to be written off the show for the remainder of the season since there seems to be no real need for the Simone character to get any more screen time. Thanks to Episode 8, I now know exactly who it was that alerted Chloe O’Brian via text message to get out of the abandoned building in Episode 7, it was Adrian Cross who sent her that message in Episode 7. I originally had thought it was Belcheck who sent her that message. Adrian Cross is such a magnificent villain and this villain turn makes this 24 character far more interesting and far more entertaining. I hope that Adrian is working for Cheng Zhi.

June 18, 2014 at 5:02 am
I want there to be a scene that closes out this ninth season of 24 where Heller’s casket is about to board a plane to be flown back to the United States and I want the silent clock to makes its return immediately following that scene. Heller deserves a silent clock. It would be great for 24 if Heller went out making the ultimate sacrifice and that would give Heller an everlasting legacy in the 24 universe as a true hero who sacrificed his own life to save thousands and thousands of other lives. William Devane’s portrayal of Heller has always been masterful and convincing. He was always the perfect casting choice for the role of Heller.

New West Virginian
June 20, 2014 at 12:00 am
The hitman works for Adrian. I rewatched the episode and Navarro tells Adrian to send someone to take care of Jordan for him.

How would you rank 24’s top 5 death scenes including factors such as being heartbreaking, shocking, dramatic, heroic, touching,etc.?

Here’s mine:

1. George Mason – George taking down the plane was ’24’ at its best; heroic and touching. Xander Berkeley (Mason) did such an amazing acting job in those final moments.

2. Edgar – I wasn’t a huge fan of Edgar like most ’24’ fans were but seeing Chloe’s reaction to his death was heartbreaking.

3. David Palmer – It was completely shocking that ’24’ killed off his character in general and even more shocking that they did it in the opening moments of a season.

4. Chappelle – It didn’t bother me that he was killed off because I found him to be annoying but no one expected for Jack to go through with it. Utter shock.

5. Terri – It set the tone for ’24’ that no character was safe and the ‘happily ever after’ concept that most action shows/movies end with doesn’t apply to ’24’.

New West Virginian
June 20, 2014 at 12:02 am
I was very shocked by Debbie’s death after Dina Araz poisoned her tea. That was completely unexpected, I had expected Behrooz to escape with her.

I was also very troubled by the possible death of Evelyn’s young daughter. We’re simply not told if they lived or died but I think Henderson would have killed them both.

In 24, when someone is dead, you see the dead body.

Have we seen Heller’s?

Of course, Mason IS dead. He’s got his silent clock.

I’m analysing the logic behind the Silent Clock reading this article, specially I’m focusing on “Background sounds”.

So far:

– The “dead” breathing, means that he/she is still alive. (Palmer, Renee in S7)
– Music means sacrifice. (Mason, Jack in Sangala, Bill, Renee in S8. This last one, I have to think a little more over it)
– Crying means execution. (Teri, Omar Hassan, Renee in S8)

– Train whistle. (Jack killing Chappelle)
– Waves. (Jack leaving Audrey)

WHAT body?! The guy was just obliterated.

So we must have a silent clock. Sorry, simple maths.

Hey guys, question….I’m confused. I thought each hour was suppose to cover 2 hours in order to total 24 hours in a 12 episode series? So far through 8 episodes they’ve reached covered 1 hour in real time. Is this still only going to be 12 episodes? If so how are they going to catch up the remaining hours? Maybe I just misunderstood something. Thanks in advance.

They are going to cover 24 hours total. Sometime before the end of the day there will be a time jump that covers a whole bunch of hours so that the day will end 24 hours after it began. We don’t yet know when in the day but it is looking like it might be in the finale.

Ok. Thanks Mary. So who do you think the VP is? Mike Novick? Aaron Pierce? (Very doubtful Im sure).

Ethan Kanin

I don’t understand people who want to fake out Heller’s death. The guy went out as a total badass instead of shriveling slowly from Alzheimers. If you want to fake out deaths, do it for characters who died for absolutely nothing, not for someone who has gone out in his own terms.

So very true.

I agree with you that it (mostly) would not make sense in terms of the story to fake out his death. But I just don’t understand why, if he is really dead, they would detract from the impact of his death by doing it in such a way that felt like a fake-out. The ending of 9x08 would have been so much more powerful if they had made it clear that he was dead, shown Jack watching the missile hit him, and used a silent clock. I don’t see why they would leave so many open ends if he is actually dead, because it really detracted from the episode and its impact. So that’s what makes me think he could be alive, although in terms of the story, I agree that it probably doesn’t make sense.

I completley believe that Heller is history. However, there remains the possibility that
he is still alive. If this is the case, logically, Jack has plans to get Heller out of sight and no one (short of Chloe) will know he is alive. Jack will take the posture that Heller is dead andthis givehim reason, in everyones eyes, to seek revenge. Jack’s plan is for Heller to reappear once the terror threat is over and margot is killed. As I mentioned before, this scenario is unlikely, and Heller is dead. But with 24, you never know. Who would have thought that Tony was alive, or that he would have taken such a bad turn that he would murder a federal agent. The bottom line is…who knows? But no matter what they do, it’s okay with me because it’s just fantasy…a fantasy which I happen to love.

Keller had less than a year before his whole memory went to mush. I knew early on in the episode that they would kill him off. If he had been saved, what quality of life would he have in store? It would have been a heartbreaking slow transition where he would die confused and probably forget his own daughter and his own principles. This way- he died with dignity, fully lucid, and clinging on tightly to the morals he felt as well as a clear memory of his country, his daughter, and his dedication to his country. I thought the ending was sad, of course, but powerful, heroic and necessary- as well as inspiring



With only three episodes remaining, Jack Bauer’s harrowing day crescendos as he pursues final leads at all costs. The emotional toll of the day’s events escalates when Kate Morgan learns the truth about her husband and Audrey confronts Boudreau about his duplicity. Making matters incredibly worse, the scope of the terror threat widens and the potential devastation reaches new heights in the all-new “Day 9: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM” episode of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY on Monday, June 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-910) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer; Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan; Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian; Kim Raver as Audrey Boudreau; William Devane as James Heller; Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro; Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau; Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross; Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erik Ritter and Giles Matthey as Jordan Reed


They always do that.. that’s already been discussed.

I don’t think that matters re. Heller and Reed being listed. In season 7, James Morrison was listed the entire season even though he was killed off midseason. And in season 8, they did remove Annie Wersching from the press releases but not until 3 episodes after her death. Reed’s fate I am sure we will know definitively next week, and if William Devane is still listed in the press release for episode 11 it could be but might not be significant. Although I am guessing we will know that for sure next week too.

my fellow 24 fans..
President James Heller i still alive, that because he is listed at imdb.com for playing 12 episodes! So the person that commented that he were so sure that James Heller was dead can send the ownership paper of his house to my address :)

Best regards from Sweden,

IMDb is a community-driven website. When cast members are announced, people usually list them there for the entire season.. so that is also not an indicator of who stays and who goes.

Trefor Edwards
June 18, 2014 at 6:33 pm
What happend to heller’s silent clock? When a hero dies in 24 the get the silent clock. So is he still alive?

The real jack
June 18, 2014 at 6:48 pm
He is ALIVE. Im from Argentina and the promo of the next episode starts with Bauer saying “President, get in the car, they think you are dead”. Im really mad because i dont want to know that but the promo here shows diferent things than the promo from EEUU

We had a promo in the UK for the DVD release of Day 5.

Narrator “Jack is Back!” bla bla bla

*action montage*

Logan “He must be stopped”

Jack “We’re talking about taking down the president of the united states”

*sigh* so yeah! Any other ukers remember that? The Logan reveal was spoiled on massive billboards saying “The President wants him dead”. Whoever put that campaign together needs to be battered to death with bits of wood.

I’m starting to believe these theories about Heller being alive now, and I’m not sure I like the idea of this being a fakeout twist because it makes absolutely zero sense to me. I’ve rewatched it numerous times and analyzed it and cannot figure out a way to make it work.

There was only a span of 2 minutes and 20 seconds from when Heller started walking onto the field until Margot pulled the trigger and the drone fired. Now to break it down some more:

It took Heller roughly 45 seconds to reach the middle of the field – during this time we see Chloe in the top left split-screen and she’s just typing away on her laptop and glancing over her shoulder. She was NOT talking to Jack during this time.

Now the split-screen window closes and we don’t see Chloe or Jack anymore. Heller reaches the middle of the field and stands there for about twenty seconds (of those 20 seconds, half of it was spent taking off his hat and glasses and zipping up his coat – footage that we never saw on Margot’s drone). Then it cuts to Ian and Margot with the drone overhead Wembley Stadium.

There’s just one minute and nine seconds from the last time we physically see Heller standing in the center of Wembley Stadium until Margot pulls the trigger and the drone missile fires. (The split-screen of Chloe disappeared maybe twenty or thirty seconds before, so let’s say at most there’s 1:30-1:40 of time to pull off this plan).

In that time, Chloe would have to do the following:

1) Somehow find a way to record Heller standing there in the field (what is her video footage source?)

2) Successfully hack into Margot’s drone (and we know Chloe was nowhere close just a minute before)

3) Loop that ten seconds of Heller footage in a convincing way. Remember that this isn’t simply a static security camera where you could easily loop footage, it’s an aerial drone that Ian was piloting and moving around constantly. Chloe would have to get footage from multiple different angles at the EXACT location of Margot’s drone for it to fool them.

4) Chloe would need to tell Jack about what she’s doing, so he can quickly run to the middle of the field and get Heller out of blast radius in time. Let’s say it takes several seconds for Chloe to explain things to Jack and about 25 seconds for Jack to sprint to the middle of the field. Jack would then need to spend several seconds explaining the situation to Heller, who would have to agree immediately without any hesitation or questioning. This very old man would then have to sprint out of there Sonic the Hedgehog-style to make it out of the drones blast radius in time.

5) Chloe would then have to trick Margot’s drone into facial recognition AND somehow trick the drone into “locking on” to a non-existent target. Surely these drones use heat signatures to lock onto targets? How do you fake that when it’s an empty field and nobody is standing there?

6) She’d also need to fake the footage of the camera on the drone missile that we see falling from the sky onto fake Heller (again, where is Chloe getting this kind of footage from?).

7) Chloe would need to switch Margot’s drone video feed back to the real one at the exact moment of impact so that the explosion would actually show up on Margot’s end (otherwise it would just be the looping field of fake Heller standing there). Margot and Ian were closely staring at the screen without blinking, so Chloe would have to have perfect timing when switching between all of this faked footage.

8) And lastly, she’d need to display a “Target Destroyed” screen on Margot’s drone.

That is such an elaborate plan to execute within the extremely short time frame they had. Chloe is good, but is she that good? I just don’t see how it’s humanly possible. If you really analyze the scene there’s no way to possibly make it work IMO.

Kiki Vanderway
June 18, 2014 at 9:07 pm
How can you not love the amount of conversation this has generated?

24 is masterful at keeping us guessing and looking for clues, finding meaning in the obvious (no silent clock) versus most far fetched data (analysis of what was on Chloe’s screen).

This is exactly why the show is so good and why there is nothing else like it on TV. They toy with us and we drop in hook, line and sinker– inside baseball at its finest.

in Chile, Fox latino has shown a promo with a huge SPOILER… beware

*******************SPOILER ALERT**********************************

Fox latino has shown a promo with spoilers, where the president appears ALIVE with Jack being escorted by a car with Belcheck

The video is not available on the web, appears occasionally on television, I’ll try to record it


That is not a very good spoiler alert. Anyone who scrolls to the bottom of the page for the latest comments will see it.

It’s better than some of the other spoiler alerts we’ve had here.

Dying to see a video of this! Even though I’m the one that’s saying that I’m sick of the sneak peeks showing too much.

Jack Bauer has more lives than a cat. James Heller has more lives than Jack Bauer.

i will post the video… im sorry about the spoiler!

Saw it on twitter too:

@Gannicus8 4h
@24fox heller is alive i see in the latín América trailer

Crazy stuff! Can’t wait to see how they explain this one. Maybe Heller escaped into an underground bunker via a trap door underneath the stadium.

How do you see this video?? I don’t see it at https://twitter.com/Gannicus8

He didn’t post a video, I just meant he confirmed tweeted about seeing the preview. I wish he did post it though.

She’s just quoting a tweet from a Latin American to @24fox saying that she sees Heller is alive.

Another tweet also confirms this, saying: “Como Heller se salva, el otro tema ahora es quien esta ayudando a navarro a vender secretos de estado a china?”

or in English if you want it:

“As Heller is saved, the other issue now is who is helping navarro selling state secrets to China?”.

June 18, 2014 at 9:45 pm
Is it possible that they have filmed two endings: one where Heller reappears near the end of the season and one where he does not reappear (i.e. he was actually killed by the drone in episode 8). However, in both cases in episode 9-11 everyone proceeds and take actions as if he is dead. In other words, perhaps there is no need to reveal whether he lived or died until a much later time.

No silent clock por President Heller? =(

ATTENTION. This is the latinamerican promo of the next episode (S09E09) with the BIG SPOILER. BEWARE


Wow, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to find out how they pulled it off.

OH WOW!!! There’s some people on this site that are deserving of apologies and some that should rightly feel vindicated that they called it correctly.

Do not – I repeat, DO NOT – watch that link unless you want to have a whopping great clanger of a spoiler dropped on you like… well, like a drone missile fired into Wembley Stadium!

This is going to be either the single best or the single worst plot twist in ’24’ history… if they pull this off, it will automatically make this season the greatest of them all, and I’m not kidding!

Thanks for recording this. I’m going to make a new spoiler post in a few minutes and I’d like if we keep all the Episode 9 discussion there instead.

New West Virginian
June 19, 2014 at 4:03 am
Well they shouldn’t have ruined it for Latin American audiences they must be pissed off.

Anyone notice the terrorist’s monitor? it shows the movement that heller took off his glasses and put his hands into pokect, twice!! In fact, even one time, it’s enough to indicate that chloe hacked the video stream, because heller’s movement is PAST TIME.

If Heller has survived as has been speculated. This will be his THIRD failed suicide attempt.

Heller is not dead, I think Chloe was able to hack the dr8ne and plant the video, that was wh5 she was calling on Jack as the Heller was walking to the pitch. Remember it took about 1 minute befor the drone arrived while Hiller was waiting so there must have been a goog time for Jack to run in and save Hiller.
2) Heller told Jack that he has a presidential pardon , but this will only take effect about an hour when Mark must have sent it to the VP, now, Mark will not like Jack to be alive so he will take the pardon out and discard it as soon as he hears that Hiller was killed. This will help him stay away from the Russian and the presidential signature that was forged will not be held againt him, and I believe that was one of the main reasons he even facilitated for Hiller to die.
3) remember 24 is not a love story so if you try to build up one it will be visited by a horrible crash, that then leads to the twist. When Hiller is later confirmed alibe and the pardon was not upheld, Audrey will get mad with Mark and the married will come to an end but the pres may not allow Jack near her also Jack may start having some things with Kate, so before Kate will know that her husband is innocent she might have gone far with Jack so Jack will be in between the two.
4) Adrian will later be the centre of the terror and he might convince chloe to come with him against Jack.

How much do people think Chloe knows about what Adrian Cross is doing with Navarro? I think most people are assuming that she does not know about the darker side of what he is doing, but I am not sure that’s the case. For one thing, we already have two big betrayal reveal situations coming up: Kate finding out about Navarro framing her husband, and Audrey finding out that Mark forged the rendition order. Would it really make sense to have Chloe also find out that someone she trusted isn’t who she thinks he is at the same time? Also, when she said to Adrian in the second episode “let’s just help Jack so he’ll leave us alone,” that might have been code for wanting to prevent Jack from finding out about the group’s involvement with selling secrets to the Chinese. I don’t think Chloe (or Cross or Navarro, for that matter) has anything to do with Margot’s plot or that she isn’t genuinely helping Jack right now, but I do wonder if she knows more about what Adrian is doing than we have been lead to believe. Thoughts?

Heller’s not dead. Chloe must have broken through the firewall. Margo and son were being fed a video replay when they launched the missile. If you go to the 42:15, 16 and 42:38, 39 marks and watch them in very slow motion, you can see, albeit faintly, Heller zipping up his jacket (again) and putting his hands in his pockets (again), which is what he had done when he first walked out onto the field. It is definitely a replay that Margo was watching.

It was the shizzzznit!! Awesome

roger lecouteur
June 30, 2014 at 4:21 am
what happens after episode 12 as there will be 12 hours left in the day