24: Live Another Day Episode 8 Ratings

24LAD Ep8 Ratings
Find out how 24: Live Another Day Episode 8 did in the ratings

Worth positive noting at Fox, meanwhile, was overnight growth of 15 percent for “24: Live Another Day” (#2: 4.5/ 7 at 9 p.m.) out of “MasterChef” (#2: 3.9/ 7 at 8 p.m.), which is always on the map in the key young adult demos. The two, on average, beat the year-ago combination of sitcoms “Raising Hope,” “The Goodwin Games,” “New Girl” and “Anger Management” (only “The Goodwin Games” was original) by a whopping 292 percent.

Half Hour Breakdowns:
9:00PM: 5.71 million (#2), A18-49: 1.5/ 5 (#2)
9:30PM: 5.62 million (#2), A18-49: 1.4/ 4 (#2)

Fox Statement

With originals of MASTERCHEF and 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, FOX won the night with Adults 18-49, Total Viewers, Teens and all adult men demos. This is the fourth consecutive Monday win for FOX this summer in Adults 18-49.

  • 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: 1.5/4, down one tenth from last week in Adults 18-49 but was still the highest-rated program of the night across all key male demos.
  • Projected Live + 3 Day Adults 18-49 Rtg: 2.2 to 2.4 (a +47% to +60% lift vs. L+SD)
  • Projected Live + 7 Day Adults 18-49 Rtg: 2.4 to 2.7 (a +60% to +80% lift vs. L+SD)
  • Projected 30-Day Multi-Platform Total Audience: 11.4 Mil to 12.6 Mil (a +100% to +121% lift vs. L+SD)

Ratings Analysis

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This post will eventually be updated with UK ratings, Live+3 and Live+7 ratings etc.


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I’ll never understand why the total viewers number goes DOWN for the second half hour. Who the hell starts watching a show like 24 for only the first half hour and then abruptly decides to skip the second half?

I believe those are mostly people who were watching the previous program (in this case MasterChef) that didn’t change the channel right away. They’d be counted as a viewer in the first half hour (even if they switched channels 2 or 3 minutes in) but not the next half hour.

I tottaly Agree!

I don’t understand these numbers. I don’t know how can they just chandge the channel?
And my only concern is: Is thiis series going on? I hope so. I love the way it works and the amazing chemistry and dynamic Kiefer Sutherland has with the series.
Long live to 24!

Is there a “FOX Statement” every week, or is this potentially a comment on the future of the show?

Yeah, it’s a regular occurrence where each network attempts to spin the ratings figures – not an important announcement or anything. I’ve just updated the post with that info.

Rating was just adjusted down to a 1.4. I think it’s safe to assume at this point that this will be it for the franchise. Since they are going for closure, I think these low ratings are a good thing because restarting the clock again wouldn’t feel like a natural progression to the story. Let’s thoroughly enjoy the last 4 episodes ever!

Yeah, I don’t think these ratings are what Fox had in mind for an “event” series unfortunately. This will probably hurt any chances of a movie, too.

I never expected 24 to be revived in the first place though, so I’m just glad this season happened and I hope the writers end things strongly.

The rating is fine……..it should go up for episode 9….

24 spoilers why would it hurt any chance for a movie if the movie studio is totally different from the network?

Also maybe they can revive it for 2 hour TV movies like 24 Redemption or even a 24 spinoff with Kate Morgan?!

I know they’re separate divisions, but the movie studio was hesitant to put a “24” film in production before. When they see weak demand for the television series, that’s just going to justify their decision rather than giving them incentive to greenlight a big budget film.

they were hesitant to put it in production when the ratings were strong. I don’t think there is a weak demand! DVR ratings are through the roof, People r watching it, just not live. 24 is a binge watching show that people wanna watch without commercials. 24 is still a hugely talked about show worldwide.

I agree. Live ratings can’t be the only thing that matters. I hope not anyways

All things considered, these ratings are fine. Compare these ratings to a similar type of show like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Go to the show’s Wikipedia page and you’ll see. For the last half of SHIELD’s first season, the live ratings are almost identical to those of this season of 24. It averaged between 5 and 6 million live viewers. And that’s with an ideal prime time slot (Tuesdays at 8 pm), the show being on in the fall/winter tv season when obviously more people watch tv and most importantly of all, being connected to the Marvel movie universe, films which make hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars each.

The viewing habits are much different nowadays and network television in general just isn’t that cool to a lot of people anymore. I’d imagine that Fox is fairly pleased with these ratings, especially being #1 with men.

I know the FOX TV network is the main financier of the show. But, the show sells really well internationally. 20th TV has to be making boat loads of money. I believe its one of the marquee shows right now on Sky 1 in England.

June 18, 2014 at 5:42 am
It’s such a shame that trashy TV shows like “Modern Family”, “Two And A Half Men”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Glee”, “How I Met Your Mother” and so many other junk TV shows have consistently gotten higher TV ratings than 24 since 24 first debuted on FOX in 2001. I think that these non impressive TV ratings for Season 9 make it highly unlikely that there will ever be a Season 10. 24 is still a very popular TV show, but there are many fans of 24 that don’t watch a new season of 24 at all until after the newest season of 24 gets released on Blu-Ray or DVD and there are so many fans of 24 that only watch the episodes online or on DVD-R playback instead of watching them on FOX television. If every fan of 24 would tune in to watch 24 on FOX on Monday nights, the TV ratings of this ninth season of 24 would be far higher than what they’ve been.

You really can’t compare 24 to all those comedies. 2 different genres and 2 different types of audiences.

The reality is that TV shows, especially dramas like 24, need good live overnight numbers to be considered a success. People watching it on Hulu, Fox.com, or recording the entire season to watch later aren’t helping for those who are Nielsen families. I’m not a Nielsen family, but I record the show and watch it 30 minutes into its airing. It’s must see TV for me every Monday.

I start watching 20 minutes in.

The fact is cable TV will soon be made primarily of reality shows and documentaries. You won’t see too any dramas on cable TV in the near future. Shows like 24 will end up being viewed digitally like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu exclusive shows. People are getting fed up with investing in dramas that have a story arc, because if no one else watches these shows, the networks cancel them, and these people end up being skeptical of future investment in those type of shows. I gave up cable years ago, my primary viewing habits are on these paid services like Netflix. And with services like Hulu, I just have to wait a day to watch an episode that was previously aired. It also allows me the luxury of determining if I want to invest in a show if it ends up being cancelled after a season. With “binge” watching, its like watching a 13 hour movie over several weeks (or days, depending on your viewing habits).

I doubt networks like FOX rely that heavily on ratings anymore. I’m sure the suits that determine the fate of these shows know that cable TV is losing its ground in the living room to services. I see more and more cancelled shows being picked up by these services, which means the audience is there, just not viewing the same way that we have been in the past. Seems like everyone I know no longer has cable, but watching shows on their computers, tablets, and game consoles. Most networks are addressing this by providing their shows digitally and joining in to the changing times. On my console I watch the show ‘Arrow’ through the CW app installed on it. With the new Xbox, one of the most sought after app is HBO GO. Why would anyone care for this if they are watching HBO live through their cable? It tells me (and I’m sure the powers that be in network television) that viewers respond more when they can set their own schedule on when to watch TV shows.

And let’s not forget that these shows are also downloadable via torrents not too long after a show has aired. You not only get to watch an HD copy of the show you like (especially tempting to those that can’t afford HD cable), but without the commercials as well.

Cable TV is becoming less and less relevant as we move forward with technology. I can’t imagine the networks ignoring this in lieu of Nielsen ratings. Cable TV requires the viewer to be committed to sit in front of their TV at a certain time on a certain day of the week to watch the show they want to watch. Nowadays that’s asking a lot. With the advent of digital streaming, viewers are able to view their shows on their own schedule, not the schedule dictated by a network. So what does this mean for 24? Because of these other various ways of viewing, I’m sure these networks are also polling torrent sites on download counts, and Hulu on view counts. If they don’t renew 24 for another season, it’ll mean the show wasn’t appealing to viewers on cable TV. But it would also make it prime for Netflix or Hulu to pick up to continue.

Like a lotttt!
I watch from Brasil but this episode was a total surprise. Can wait for the next one!
Love this series. Hope they going on with that.
Long live to 24!