24: Live Another Day Episode 12 (Finale) Sneak Peeks

We’ll be compiling all of the sneak peeks for the 24: Live Another Day event series finale here.

Only Friend Left

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

Jack picks up Chloe from the side of the road. She tells Jack that Adrian manipulated her and used her knowledge to create the override device, so she feels partly at fault. She wants to make things right by helping out. Jack prepares to go on a solo mission to capture Cheng alive.

Jack and Belcheck

Jack and Belcheck are stealthily taking out baddies on board a boat while searching for Cheng. Chloe is using infrared to point out terrorists. Belcheck and Jack are synchronizing their shots.

Jack picks up Chloe (US only)

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Chloe calls Jack and tells him about the Adrian and Cheng situation (which he already knows about). He tells Chloe if he can capture Cheng alive they might get China to back down from war. Belcheck is meeting Jack at the docks. Chloe asks Jack to pick her up and offers to help out with satellite and schematics. Jack is hesitant at first but quickly agrees and asks for her location.

Belcheck meets up with Jack, Chloe too (US only)

Cheng’s in Charge

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Can’t wait to see how 24 ends next Monday. Great to see Jack and Chloe back together but not for the very last time. Really hope Cheng Zhi gets killed off in next week’s “series” finale and the fate of Audrey whether or not she’ll survive to the end.

I believe there promo said season finale not series it’s going to miss lead people.

They better not kill Audrey!.. They better let her kill Cheng!

Hopefully since they said “season” finale, it means just that, the season.. not the series :(

JACK AND AUDREY FOREVER!!!!! Audrey can’t die bc she wouldn’t have a flag over her coffin. She was not in the military or anything.

No, but she’s the de facto First Lady of the U.S.. That said… that coffin is Heller.

I hope it’s not series finale

While the scene is appropriate, I really think Jack should be more happy or relieved to see Chloe alive, she’s been through a lot in the last two hours.

Yeh. Considering their relationship history, you think they’d be a lot warmer towards each other (especially Jack to Chloe, haha)

He treats her so terribly.



Vice President Keith Palmer becomes the new president after Heller’s death. Jack engages in a shoot-out with Cheng and his men after Chloe’s death. Mark is extradited to the US to face treason charges and someone from Jack’s past returns.

To become President of the U.S., one has to be 35 years old. Keith Palmer would not be this old. He’d be in his mid to late 20s. …and Chloe will not die.

Mid to late 20’s? That would make him like 2 years old during day 1, plus the actor is in his early 40s. Bollocks to it anyway, that episode description is completely made up and Keith is far too ugly to be president.

Actually, Keith would be in his early 40s by now. Day 1 was 18 years ago and Keith was a couple of years out of college on Day 1, so 23-25.

Chloe is directing and coordinating Jack’s and Belcheck’s assault on Cheng and his acolytes using infrared, so she could not have died prior to or during the assault…

Kate saves Audrey by taking out Cheng’s sniper; Pres Heller dies of a heart attack, perhaps after learning that Cheng had Audrey again. Mark’s heroics in episode 11 rehabilitates him; he and Audrey live happily ever after; Jack and Kate start a romantic relationship; they fly back together to the US (clock skips during flight, accounting for the much talked about time lapse…); in the last scene of the season (series), we see Jack (and Kate) reunited with Kim Bauer in LA.

Whether or not Mark ends up in jail, his marriage ain’t surviving beyond today.

What Phee said. They are as good as divorced already. Also, the actress playing Kate already said that Jack & Kate will not be romantically involved at all. That would just be horrible anyways. Jack clearly still has feelings for Audrey, and he just met Kate. PUH-LEASE….

Tony is back???


It has to be him.

I read this before last night aired and thought no way do we get to be that lucky for that to actually be true but it actually doesn’t seem that insane. We *know* we have to meet the Vice-President as they haven’t stopped talking about him all day and Heller has one foot in the grave. If the VP is only around for not much more beyond a cameo appearance because he’ll be in less than one hour of the day, then it really doesn’t make sense for him to be someone we’ve never seen before. We just wouldn’t care. That, in combination with the fact that they’ve gone out of their way to not give the VP a name yet kind of screams a familiar face. There was also this response to me before LAD aired from when I tweeted David Fury about Mike Novick: https://twitter.com/TheDavidFury/status/425881665991217152 He said it was ‘not impossible’ to see Novick on Day 9, despite Novick being connected to the Palmers. Which is kind of like saying there was a possibility of a Palmer resurgence on Day 9, which is really kind only fitting…

I thought the lynchpin of it all would be if Mark died last night so he wouldn’t be alive to be extradited in 9.12. But he didn’t so there’s really not any of the IMDB spoilers that are proven false by 9.11. Instead, 9.11 and the finale promo kind of reinforce some things that might lean towards them being true. Even Chloe speaking to Jack in possible daylight doesn’t necessarily affect the spoilers. Remember Jack getting revenge on Day 1 when he thought Kim was dead? If he thinks Chloe is dead and goes after Cheng and then it turns out Chloe is really alive, then maybe she survives the day and it’s Heller who is really dead. And possibly Audrey who might survive being benched because of Kate but gets to go back to a world where WW3 is beginning, her husband is a traitor, and her dad just died. Not a super day for Audrey’s mental health and maybe she just can’t take anymore. They bait and switch like they did on Day 1 with Kim and Teri– you think Kim is going to die because she’s the one in peril but she escapes and lives and it’s Teri, who was thought to be safe at CTU, who dies.

The VP is going to be Aaron Pierce. It has to be.

vice president Mike Novick!!!

I’d figure Keith’s legal issues (possibly murdering the man who raped his sister) would prevent him from ever seeking office of any kind…..but I figured Wayne Palmer’s role in the Alan Miliken/Sherry Palmer situation would have prevented him from ever becoming president, so what do I know!?!

Keith was exonerated after Day 1 and was doing public speaking tours afterwards so I think it all kind of worked itself out. Keith’s also more badass than his father and his uncle. Idealistic at heart but not naive, takes care of business, and still has time to fish. Plus, he’d help explain how the hell American elected a seventy-something year old man with a heart condition. :) I was hoping Keith was the President when Fury was tweeting it was a familiar face before we knew it was Heller. Looks like it may be possible I might have just, uh, jumped a season ahead…

He kind of fits symbolically really, really well. The last fallen President with the coffin and the characters meeting the plane was David Palmer, whose death was avenged by a group of characters including Heller who took out Logan. Now, Palmer’s son is the President and meets Heller’s coffin. That’s just perfect symmetry. Plus, there’s a subtle shift that’s been happening the last few seasons of 24 with Jack moving into the grandfather generation a little more. Heller’s death would mean the death of the last man of that generation on the show, really– Jack’s father is dead, his father figure now dies, and between those two deaths, he’s gotten grandchildren. If he does get to go home today, he’ll meet his grandson. On the same day, we learn that David Palmer’s son is the President and of course he is because now we have Kate Morgan. Keith Palmer will be to her what his father was to Jack. Plus, it’s just like… there really should be no other character who should be able to send Jack home but a Palmer. I’m sure Jack (as well as we, the long-suffering audience here) are longing for someone who remembers events of days when Jack wasn’t so distant and cold but was, like, that nice guy on Day 1 who pulled out a chair for an old lady in the middle of an undercover op. If Keith Palmer wants to show up and with his presence help to remind Jack of who he used to be while giving him a free pass home, that for sure would beat any other Vice-President possibilities we could come up with.

I believe Cheng will turn out to be Wo Fat, who will never die or even be captured, and it will be revealed that Chloe was actually Chin Ho in drag the whole time. Chin Ho is dead, therefore Chloe must also die. Geometric logic, my friends, geometric logic.

Brian Chicago
July 8, 2014 at 10:06 am
The clip of Jack & Chloe is phenomenal; so well written and powerfully acted.

That clip, for some reason, reminds me of Jack’s powerful final words on Day 8 “”When you first came to CTU, I never thought it was going to be you that was going to cover my back all those years…. Thank you.”

From the preview clip that aired on FOX we know that Chloe and Jack are together, outside in the daylight (post time jump) which leads us to believe that both survive; but what if they aren’t outside?

Regarding the casket: When President David Palmer’s casket was brought to the airfield for the flight to DC the pallbearers were from each branch of the US military. James Heller served in the US Army as a pilot. The servicemen pallbearers in the preview clip are all in US Air Force dress uniforms. It is protocol for the casket of a US President to have pallbearers from every branch of the US military; 24 writers are VERY detail oriented; it’s not President Heller in the casket.

And for those wondering, Jack served in the US Army so it is highly unlikely that he is in the casket.

it is unlikely that it is Audrey because I’d assume they would follow the protocol for Presidential family which represents every branch of the military.

I couldn’t find military background for Mark or Kate so I suspect it is one of them in the coffin.

1) Jack’s final Day 8 words to Chloe are perfection.

2) If they’re in a pinch on foreign soil and the only military close at hand are at the local Air Force Base, I could see them just using Air Force folks to carry the President’s coffin.

I agree with in a pinch they use the Air Force. Which actually would be kind of a great tie-in back to the early part of Day 9, in a way. And now that I’m thinking about it, the whole Heller forgetting the names of the soldiers who died is amazingly creepy in the wake of a deceased Heller being carried to/from Air Force One by Air Force soldiers.

Brian Chicago
July 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm
@Phee while I initially had the same thought about the pallbearers, the fact of the matter is that the staff of the top military officials that are already with Heller in London would be called into service to continue tradition and serve as pallbearers for the sendoff. I cannot stress enough how detail-oriented the writers are, especially regarding protocol matters like this; they certainly did for David Palmer. Also the US has members of every military branch stationed in England therefore
I guarantee President Heller is NOT in the coffin.

Brian Chicago
July 8, 2014 at 10:27 am
One question:
How in the world does Chloe get in touch with Jack?

She’s out in the middle of nowhere with no mobile phone; does Chloe use the Force to let Jack know where she is like Luke Skywalker did to let Princess Leia know where he was so she could save him in Empire Strikes Back?

Even if she is able to somehow find a person with a mobile, does she even know Jack’s number? I can’t imagine I’d remember it if I were in her shoes… unless it was 867-5309 like the Tommy Tutone song…

Simple, find someone with a phone, borrow it, and call for help. Glad I proved the obvious to you?

Brian Chicago
July 8, 2014 at 2:03 pm
No need to be a smug c*nt in your response.
Did you even watch episode 11? Aside from the one military vehicle that told the Chinese to move their truck, there was nothing going on in the area we left Chloe.

Watch it again bobby…. She had no phone and alone on a road by the woods. if someone stopped and helped, then surely they would of driven her to the nearest house,shop public area etc.
I reckon it was the Force! Good point Mr Chicago :-)

As someone who has enough trouble remembering their own number, nevermind anyone else’s, I’m always amazed when characters on TV have people’s numbers stored in their head. LOL If she doesn’t remember it, as long as she can talk to someone who can get her the CIA number, or even the US Embassy, they could get her directly in touch with Jack.

Anyone else think Jack looks a little… scary/cold/creepy… in the “It’s time you went home” moment? Chloe’s looking at him with the same look of who the f are you?! that she gave Adrian…

totally got that same vibe, i was thinking either a posthumous appearance for Jack (worst possible scenario), or some kind of trade off featuring Chloe for Jack. Pretty much the only two ways that could explain that look

I think president Heller dies and vice president Heller becomes president. (vice president RICHARD HELLER!) Okay…that was just a joke for Mary’s benefit. Next week is a 13 hour episode. (10 PM – 11 AM) I think that the first 45 minutes or so takes place in London, then there is a 12 hour plane ride to L.A., and the last 15 minutes or so takes place in L.A. Kate absolutely lives because Howard Gordon said publically that if the right script presented itself, there could be a new series (not a 24 spinoff) with Kate as the central character. Furthermore, the writers must leave the door very slightly open for the remote posibility (and I mean VERY remote) of some kind of future return of 24, so because of this, Jack and most likely Chloe live. So either Heller and/or Audrey does not make it. Since this is the last episode of the last show (forever), there has to be an event that causes a major impact, so, it makes sense to me that Audrey dies, for her death would be far more impactful (to the viewer) than would be Hellers.
I know that we (most of us) would love to see 24 continue with Kiefer, no one more so that I.
But the difference between 24 and almost every other show is that there have been 9 plus seasons equalling almost 140 hours not counting time for commercials. That equates to one hell of a lot of comming up with stories, and writing scripts. Think about that. Compare it to the 24 James Bond films that, over a 50 year period, consisted of about 50 hours of story and script!
I think that when Howard Gordon and Keifer say that this is it, odds are great that it is so. Hopefully we will enjoy the last episode next week and let Jack and the gang live on in our memories….and on DVD and downloads.

President Andrew Paige, dude. Get it right ;)

I think you’re right that Kate is safe.

I am kind of dissapointed by the sniper on Audrey twist. I think she decides to take the hit so jack can go full Bower.

I think the only way to get the Chineese to back down will be Chloe saving the day again by using the override device to take over thier shtuff and scare the heller out of them.

i think jack will die in the finale. no one is so important to make time jumps to the next 12 hours, just to show us the funeral, except jack.

You cant have a Russian focus without Logan the whole Russian influence in 24 came from Logan in office would be amazing if he showed up in the season final for day 9

In the coffin: Heller, in the same vain when Palmer had his funeral in Season 5

Unless someone kills jack in the USA then it’s Jack…but I don’t see this happening.

I do see a twist at the very end of ep 12 just like when Teri dies.

I actually think Kate dies for sure. Maybe I’m wrong, but go to around second 15-17, and pause exactly at the frame that Audrey gets up from her bench, while the sniper is on her. (I’m referring to the official 30 second promo, not the sneak peek) Kate, or someone who looks exactly like Kate, comes into view with her gun pointed at the sniper, but considering that she’s shooting with a pistol, she most likely won’t kill the sniper, and is instead used as a diversion to let Audrey escape. Maybe Audrey dies too, we’ll never know until the show, but it looks like Kate goes into the line of fire of the sniper. Either that or it’s a bad editing job, and the next clip in the promo, of Kate, is kinda blended with the clip of the sniper on Audrey, but I doubt it, because Kate looks like she’s right there with Audrey. Someone else probably dies for sure, it’s most likely Audrey or President Heller, but it may also be Kate, unless she manages to kill the sniper.

It’s clearly Kate that fire at the sniper, and before that you also see her locate him with the monocular. And no, it’s not a very good situation for her..
But is the sniper so devoted to his employer, that he will risk his own life, trying to take out his primary target, Audrey? It’s actually quite possible.

I’d like to know how Kate knew where Audry was, or how she found her – last I saw, Kate was with Jack
at the Russians residence.

I think Audrey has some kind of tracking device or secret service com link……in the promo Audrey has not been capture yet just a sniper pointing at her

SMS/pocket call?

I think Keifer coming back as Jack Bauer was called for. I hope this series continues as it’s one of the best. Chloe, what’s with the black make-up (yuk). Anyway, I don’t care who Jack ends up with, the show must go on!

I think Keifer coming back as Jack Bauer was called for. I hope this series continues as it’s one of the best. Chloe, what’s with the black make-up (yuk). Anyway, I don’t care who Jack ends up with, the show must go on!

Here is a spoiler for you…..
Very credible source, and you might not believe me but you will…..

When the writers said that episode 12 was a wrap-up…..closure, they meant it – literally. No other season of 24 was a warp-up / closure. SO…This will be a series finale. Ratings did not do too well enough and all notion of a new season or renewal has faded ….. So this is it – it IS the end of 24. If they bring the show back it would be a ratings suicide.

Seasons 4 and 6 had closure as in no cliffhangers. Jack goes to start a new life at the end of S4 and told Palmer goodbye. S6 wrapped up the Audrey arc with no hint of Jack getting a subpoena like he did in Redemption.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:57 pm
Also Season 8 was meant to be the series finale, with Jack having to leave the country and disappear after his revenge spree.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 2:07 am
What if Mark redeems himself in Audrey’s eyes, and she stays with him over go back to Jack. When jack looks devastating and is about to cry, it could also be Audrey saying she can’t be with him and not her dying.

I also don’t think Jack is going to surrender himself to the Russians anymore, not after its shown the Russians are behind this plot too to start a war.

Mark made it known that he’s got to get his hands dirty to keep the Presidents hands clean. When you think about it that’s how Jack works, I thought Jack respected that answer…After the fight with the Russian Jacks first question to Mark was “Are you alright” I don’t think Jack has any intentions of breaking up that relationship between Audrey and Mark.

I do think Jack appreciated the bit about having to get his hands dirty to keep the President’s clean, because he’s the ultimate dirty work doing guy and has lived to serve the President.

He’s also been in a position where he was all, “Screw the President, I’m going off on my own to hold those bastards accountable even if she won’t,” which is a similar mindset to Mark when he forged the signature.

He also knows what fueled his Day 8 rampage, and it was in no small part because of losing a woman, so you’d better believe that Jack knows that there’s a woman-related reason that was at least in part motivating Mark trying to get rid of him.

He also knows that sometimes doing that dirty work isn’t the greatest idea in hindsight, so he probably thought, “You poor bastard, this reality check sucks huh.”

Jack believes he should be held accountable for what he’s done, so he would also believe that Mark should be held accountable and doesn’t get off the hook because, “But I was just trying to do what had to be done.” So Jack puts Mark in the field, throws him into a dangerous situation with no other advice except, “duck if there are bullets,” and he has no qualms about it because Mark’s in this situation of his own making. Sure he’s glad Mark didn’t die in the process, but that’s probably more because of how Audrey would feel, rather than overwhelming concern for Mark’s wellbeing IMO. Audrey did tell him to do whatever was necessary, but if he can avoid having another one of her husbands die on his watch, that’s a win.

They’ve written it in such a way that Jack can simultaneously feel some empathy for Mark, but also be done with him, which is a clever thing, I like my TV to have layers like that.

I don’t think Jack wants to get in the middle of that marriage and break it up, (he told Mark that Audrey said she was happy with him and he hasn’t blurted out to Audrey that he still loves her even though he’s had the opportunity), but let’s be real, Jack’s ALWAYS been in the middle of that marriage, Audrey’s love for him and Mark’s hate for him. If the Latin American promo is what it appears to be, Jack’s not sticking around to romance Audrey (assuming she survives, which I think she will), so he doesn’t intend to sweep her away from her husband, but that marriage is still toast anyway, has been dysfunctional from the getgo, due to Jack’s existence.

How is it that Kate was able to find Audry in the park?

After watching the final previews several times – where did Kate go – she was with Jack and Mustaches residence (that we know), but in the preview, she is not with Jack in the car. Nor does she appear to be with Jack in the park scene when she “rescues” Audry. I also noticed that it’s only Jack with Benacheck in the firefight at the ship – no Kate.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:52 pm
Kate probably went to rescue Audrey while Jack and Belchek head to the port to stop Cheng from leaving. Its said they’re headed to the Port of Southampton, I don’t know how far that is from London but it said Cheng’s ship is scheduled to leave at 10:30 PM.

OK – But how did Kate know where Audry was?

Maybe Heller gets worried when he doesn’t hear from Audrey after her meeting, calls Jack, tells him where the meeting was gonna be, and Jack sends Kate to check on Audrey while he and Belchek go after Cheng.

I think Audry has the same type of transponder in her that Jack removed from Heller – I think all First Family members have them or the like.

The Port of South Hampton is at least a good hour or more from Central London – and, that is also just a bit strange – Cheng is attempting to make a fast get a way, so he goes by ship instead of plane?

plane would be easier to stop I think……they just send RAF to shoot it down…..while ship it might take time for the royal navy/coast guy to sent a ship right away before it reaches international water

Being that there trying to take Cheng to stop a WW3 from breaking out, I’m not sure that being in international water would be a problem. And with everything else that has been going
on in the last 11 hours I would think that the UK’s forces are at the ready to take what ever action is required.

planes can sink ships… with the right munitions…

Because it’s poetic to have the final Jack vs Cheng battle on a big boat. The last time they were on a big boat together, Cheng’s goons were beating Jack to a bloody pulp while he gleefully watched. This time Jack’s gonna take out Cheng’s goons until he finally has a face off of the man himself who won’t be quite so gleeful this time.

Yes – OK excellent point!

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:53 pm
It’s not true that Chloe’s the only friend Jack has left. At the very least, Audrey and Belchek are Jack’s friends. I doubt Belchek is just a mercenary hired by Jack.

Agreed, I think he is way to loyal to Jack not to also be his friend. Maybe I missed it, but has it been explained where Jack is getting his funding from for his support the last 4 years and to pay his people?

Belcheck might treat Jack like a friend but Jack treats Belcheck like the help. In front of the guy he said “I have no friends.” Kinda harsh, Jack. Maybe no one likes you except for your socially awkward little sis Chloe because you’re not exactly Mr. Personality…

Well, you really cant blame Jack – after all his own government went against him, and after saving sooooo many lives – I think I would be just a little bit pissed off – and very protective of myself.

Chloe’s line is more about Jack’s perception rather than fact. It’s like, “Sorry not sorry Jack, but whether you wanna admit it or not you’re not a complete loner in the world, there are people on your side who consider you a friend, and I call dibs on first place.”

The daylight bit in the promo could still be in the UK, because as it finishes at 11am GMT, the US would be between 3am and 6am. Night time?

Wouldn’t it be daylight on the East Coast of the U.S. by 6:am – Oh – do we know what time/period of the year it is? I’m thinking either late Fall or early Winter – or perhaps early Spring. This does matter just a little, as
the time change from Standard to Daylight Savings might come into play here.

New West Virginian
July 10, 2014 at 10:43 pm
To really get into this…….there’s no day the daylight scenes take place in the US because we saw that the sun had already completely set when Heller stands in the middle of the stadium at 7 PM. So this is NOT the time of year when the sun would be up at 6 AM. They actually had that as a glitch too in Season 6. When Jack arrived on Cheng’s plane it was pitch black until at least 6:15 but the sun was already rising when jack says goodbye to Audrey at 6 AM the next day.

The email that Anatol was sending Cheng in this most recent episode had a date of June 14th. I wouldn’t go by that though, as it’s probably just the date that scene was being filmed in real life.

I don’t think the writers/producers/continuity people pay much attention to this sort of thing.

After reading many of the posts here, where many state that the 24 writers are right on target/or on the ball –
that seems to vary a great deal – here are a few examples:

1) While I realize that the SS did not want to take a chance on moving President Heller to a safe (bunker type) location as long as the drone strike threat was still active. But, now that that threat has been eliminated, I would think that the SS would move the president to a safe location – much like what happened here in the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks.

2) I could not believe that the SS would permit Audry to have a meeting in a park like that, also as Audry is the presidents daughter, she should have had a great deal more SS with here then just two SS agents.
Also, being that there were only 2 SS agents with her in the park – that would leave another two – the driver
of her car as well as a Scott agent.

3) When that Chinese woman approached Audry in the park, I did not see either of the two SS agents go over to her to screen her before she got close to Audry.

4) It just seems that the writers have been a bit laxed with there use of SS Agents.

uuummm, were you not paying attention?

Yes, I was watching closely – that’s why I noticed the above!

Audrey has an e in it. Thanks.

OK, I misspelled – thank you for pointing it out!

In the official promo where Jack and Chloe seem to be facing each other, when Jack says “time to go home”, in a very quite whisper. Did anyone else get the feeling of sort of ghost like images of both of them.

Although I am almost positive Jack and Chloe do not die – I thought this was very creepy.

Repeat of 24 LAD on now on Fox on East Coast – they are showing the 8 to 9pm episode.

I guess the Friday repeats are going to be a week behind.

New sneak peek over at tvline.

That’s the same sneak peak that here – Trending Now, second one down – been there since yesterday!

No, it not the same clip. “Jack picks up Chloe” is just a phone call between them. http://tvline.com/2014/07/12/24-live-another-day-finale-jack-chloe/

My mistake, I stand corrected – apologies!

Im guessing Heller dies and Audrey is traumatized by her fathers death AND the events with Cheng that its impossible foe her and Jack to go off together happily at the end…again events push them apart but they end knowing that in time they will probably get together…Could see season 9 (IF there is one) opening with them married and living in California 2 years up the road before some type of hell starts up…..Hope Chloe goes to California with Jack to get her life back together..and finally may Cheng get blown to bits

It says Heller goes to a very very dark place – that is a very very ominous way of saying he dies – and it’s
almost as though there saying he does not dies, but, that he ends up in a coma or something where his mind
is just totally gone. But, as stated in a prior post – his condition does not work like that – unless hie alcohol
consumption causes some type of extreme adverse reaction.

Audrey has stockholm syndrome… she has been working for Cheng for some time now… Jack has to put a bullet in her brain! DAMNIT!!!!

July 13, 2014 at 8:59 am
It appears that Chloe O’Brian somehow successfully hid a cell phone from Cheng Zhi and his henchmen during Episodes #10 and #11. I don’t think that Chloe got this cell phone from a Chinese bad guy during the scene where she attacked some of the Chinese thugs with a steel pipe. It seems like Chloe is prepared for these type of dangerous situations ahead of time. It amazes me that her cell phone wasn’t destroyed during her painful, long and brutal fall in Episode #11. She probably hid the cell phone in one of her shoes or inside part of her clothing. But, one thing is for sure, she totally fooled Cheng and his idiotic henchmen.

Looks to me like there are shadows of people standing behind her (at 0:18), so she likely ran into someone and borrowed their phone.

If she had a cell phone on her, then why would she have waited so long to call Jack? In the sneak peak she is walking along the roadside and does not appear to be calling Jack until after those to folks with the car find her – and I’m guessing they give her a lift/ride somewhere.

Actually, at first I did think she was calling from a cell phone she hid on herself. But, then I’m thinking as I stated above – there is a timing problem with her call to Jack. I realize she had been unconscious for a while, but that would not explain why she hadn’t called Jack BEFORE, we see her walking/limping on the side of the road.

After re watching (several times) the sneak peak on the 24 web site – Chloe asks the two folks from the car that stop’s to use there phone – the shadow that is behind her is the man who is with the woman from the car. So, Chloe is standing there a few feet away from the man & woman when she calls Jack. Not sure how she was able to reach him – guess she was able to memorize his number, or perhaps she had it written down and it was in one of her pockets.

In the promo – where Jack is sitting on the floor very emotional – I think he has just heard/learned of Heller’s death – and he has just finished a firefight with Cheng – the news of Heller’s death has got Jack so emotional
that he goes for his gun and finishes off Cheng, whom he had just seriously wounded.

Audrey’s death was heartbreaking – I started to cry, when I saw that single tear.

I was hoping that an explanation would be given on how Cheng found out about Audrey’s park meeting.

William Devane was absolutely brilliant – BRAVO!!!!!!!

I thought the time jump was handled very well – the final with Jack & Chloe also had me melting.

For a moment – I really thought that Jack was going to give Belcheck a signal to take out those Russians.

Great set-up for a Day 10!