24: Deadline Q&A and Contest

24: Deadline by James Swallow
24: Deadline by James Swallow

24: Deadline is an upcoming novel written by New York Times bestselling author and BAFTA nominee James Swallow. It’s scheduled for release on August 5th and has a very interesting premise – it picks up directly after Jack Bauer went on the run at the end of the eighth season and bridges the gap with 24: Live Another Day. James was kind enough to answer questions from our readers.

So it picks up an hour after the eighth season and the entire story takes place over a single day? Just trying to get a sense of where exactly this fits into the timeline.
That’s correct, Deadline picks up one hour after the final scene of Day 8 and the story unfolds over a roughly 24 hour period. In terms of timeline, the “Chloe’s Arrest” DVD extra scene takes place around the same time, in the aftermath of Day 8. The story takes place against the fallout from President Taylor’s resignation, Hassan’s murder, and so on.

Any returning characters from the series?
You’ll see Kim and her family again, along with some old friends and enemies from previous seasons.

The press release mentions this is the first of three “24” tie-in novels. Are you writing all three or just this first one?
I’m writing Deadline, the first in the series; books #2 and #3 will be by other writers, and while it’s too early to announce who they are, I can tell you that they are both big 24 fans and great authors. As for myself, if the book series is a success, I’d certainly like to come back and tell more stories about Jack Bauer. He was off the grid for four years between the end of Day 8 and the start of Live Another Day, and that’s a lot of time to have a lot more bad days…

Acer4666 asked: “Can you ask if he has read the other 24: Declassified novels and what his opinion on those are?”
I’ve read all the 24: Declassified novels and for the most part, I enjoyed them. Just to add, I’ve also read the comics, played the videogame, watched the webcasts… If it’s 24-related, I’m interested!

“And if the 24 creators who license the “expanded universe” stuff ever express their views on it being “canonical” or not?”
I consulted directly with Manny Coto and Evan Katz on the story for Deadline. Everything in the novel has the Fox seal of approval and it connects directly to events in the show, from past series and present.

Trevor asked: “Will Jack take a nap?”
Felix Wong asked: “Will Stephen’s last name be revealed in the novel?”

The answer to both of those questions is yes!

Hmm asked: “Is the novel a sort of fan fiction or the story as described by the creators of 24?”
It’s neither of those things. Deadline is an officially licenced and approved tie-in novel from a professional author and editorial team, not a fan-work. It’s an all-new, original storyline, a sequel to Day 8 and a prequel to Live Another Day.

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i need season 10 ! ok?

hi hesam i agree by your idea!ineed too!

Does anyone know if this book will be translated into other languages?

The question is, is this fan fiction or is this something developed together with the 24 producers?

nevermind, it’s answered in the last question. thank you!

July 10, 2014 at 7:13 pm
It takes place in the 24 hours after Day 8? So Jack got up and went to the zoo with his granddaughter Teri, then Day 8 happened and ended at 4PM the following day. Then this novel happens. So he’s been up three whole days?

I know he said Jack takes a nap at some point, but still wow.

My one problem with this book. I think it should pick up AT LEAST 12 hours after season 8. Not right at 4 PM. Ridiculous even by 24’s standards.

That being said, can’t wait to read. I’m sure I’ll be more than able to ignore this fact once I actually start reading it. Sounds good. The author definitely seems like a big fan, so he would be very knowledgeable on all things 24!

$10 says Mandy is in it. Who’s with me?

I don’t consider it much different than Day 1 starting at midnight with the characters having already been awake a full day.

Besides, Jack had just become one of the most wanted fugitives with two countries hunting him down and the President of the United States telling him to “Leave the country while you still have a chance.” Not exactly the ideal time to head back to his apartment for a long nap.

It’s an interesting setup in my opinion, especially if his lack of sleep gets explored in the book. One of my favorite episodes of the series is the ninth episode of Day 1 where Jack takes the waitress hostage and then begins to doze off.

Great, great episode from one of television’s greatest seasons.

Yes! I think his lack of sleep should be shown in some cool way like that. Great moment of the series. That whole episode is pure gold.

“I’ve never been this scared in my whole life…”

“Yes, the bolt cutters.”

yes it the only show that i cant wait to see i really cried last night when they took audry off but life does go on you just cant leave us just hanging on please give us more

Don’t care to read the book. I just want 24 to continue on. Tv sucks without it. 24 fanatic here.

You want it to continue for the sake of continuing it? I really hope not.

Yeah & then before that he says I used to be in the CIA I’ve seen some bad things & been to some terrible places. Then she tries to escape he draws his weapon & then says I’ve killed to people sense midnight. I have not slept for over 24hrs. So maybe maybe you should be afraid of me more then you are right now. Great scene.

It is available In canada too

I kinda stopped considering books, comics and the game canon. Too much inconsistencies.

I agree, but this book shouldn’t have as many inconsistencies since the author has consulted directly with the showrunners and seems well-versed in 24.

Is Chase Edmunds dead? Something about the nuke in Valencia

Considering what Jack went through in Day 8 the first thing he needs is a doctor. He can’t run around stabbed, shot and beaten for another 24 hours.

…But then again, it’s Jack Bauer we are talking about ;-)
I can’t wait to read this book, hopefully it will be available in Germany too.

I remember Jack almost dozing off in that trailer when he took that waitress Lauren hostage in Season 1. He’s human but like all of us, a quick power-nap will suffice.