Kiefer Sutherland in Esquire July 2014 issue
Kiefer Sutherland in Esquire July 2014 issue

Kiefer Sutherland allegedly says “I’m missing Jack already”

Irish entertainment and celebrity gossip website Xposé has some alleged quotes from Kiefer Sutherland saying he’d be down for more 24.

Quite honestly though, this article seems like fabricated click bait designed to get traffic from excited 24 fans by telling them exactly what they want to hear. There’s no mention of when or where Kiefer made these comments, there was a typo in the quote, the article text directly refutes the headline, and it also quotes unnamed sources. So take the following with a very large grain of salt:

Kiefer Sutherland would consider making another series of ’24’.

The 47-year-old star reprised his role as Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer in TV mini-series ’24: Live Another Day’ earlier this year after the original series came to an end in 2010 and he’s now revealed he would be happy to return to the character again.

He confessed: ”I’m missing Jack already, I love playing him. I can never say never, the role is in my blood.

”My biggest fear about bringing Jack back was, can we produce the standard that the fans have been used to?

”I still feel there are more stories to tell and lots of directions we can take.”

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This is BS !
Kiefer would never say they have so many stories to tell . They barely squeezed this one and if anything they only have one more story to tell by bringing back some of the old favorites like Kim, Tony, etc.

Agree on the “so many stories to tell” bit – that quote verbatim came from the FOX executive, which makes this report suspicious in that it was cobbled together from different past soundbytes.

Guess he didn’t mention whether 24 is coming back for “one more bad day” or the end of the series. If 24 does come back, it should get one final year and let Jack Bauer have a “happy ending”.

Hmm, it sounds a little suspect to be frank, but without evidence that’s a fabricated quote, whatever… although a certain left-wing website fabricated an entire INTERVIEW with HoGo a while back, for which HoGo himself had to publicly repudiate on his Twitter feed (although not by name), so it does happen, believe it or not.

If there is another series (13 episodes this time), do something bold and unexpected; have it take place five years after the events in London with Jack living back in L.A. having served about four years in a Russian prison, and it looks like he’s finally got his happy ending with Kim and family… until everything goes to hell again and Jack is thrust back into the fray one last time. They could even use the reason why the Russians released Jack as a plot point, a mystery to be unveiled over the course of the season, just a thought.

Why L.A. again? Well, it’s ’24’s spiritual home, it’s where it began and where it should end… but the real reason is if it’s in L.A. again then we can bring back Mandy!!!

Mandy’s return NEEDS to happen because the writers have mentioned it often, so now’s the time to finally deliver. They could also bring back Aaron, Mike, Tony, Kim and Karen if they went back to LA. To see how Chloe is getting on after her tragedy / betrayal suffered would be very interesting. I think it should be set quite soon after the end of LAD… which would be something different, but set it in Moscow for the first act. That way you could see what Jack is up to with the Russians… and have him fly back home after a 12-hour time jump. Keep it at 12 episodes because that way the visuals look the same when you see the 12-hour clock after the commercial break, which I liked about LAD. It would be an epic, action-packed opening and get viewers sucked in right from the start, but the feelings about Audrey and Heller would still be raw for Jack so there’s that emotional intensity as well.

Assuming that Jack is supposed to be the same age as Kiefer, I don’t think adding another 5 years (making Jack 52) would be a smart move. Plus, if there’s another series, I think everyone wants to see how Jack resolves the Russian situation rather than just have it posthumously referenced as a thing of the past (look how frustrated everyone is with the unclear resolutions of the S7 conspiracy and S8’s end with Logan/Taylor). And it’s hard to believe that the Russians undercurrent that wants revenge would just let Jack serve time and call it even.

P.S. I have no idea why there’s this obsession some fans have with the Mandy character……

I would be a bit skeptical but I bought the ‘Daily Star’ newspaper a few days ago and this story was definitely in it.

Similar story appeared in London paper daily mirror last week

Yes! Cassar we want season 10 with Kiefer Sutherland.

Season 10 without Cassar would be wonderful!

Implying it was Cassar who messed up the script.

I like to think of Live Another Day as a 24 movie, 24-style. So if season 10 happens, it is basically a long-form sequel to the long-form movie. And sequels are always worthwhile! But third movies are often disappointing… look at The Matrix, Spiderman, The Hangover, The Expendables etc. Announce season 10 as the conclusion to the 24 franchise… and I will be so excited for it!

“I like to think of Live Another Day as a 24 movie, 24-style” You can think of it that way but it’s technically not.

There’s a lot more story to tell! #BringBackAudrey!!

Over a month ago I rewatched the whole series and I must say that the most interesting and intense episodes of 24 is personal stories of characters, not just killing another terrorists with another nuclear bomb.

All they need to do is to make story about Jack, not about Murrica killing some terrorists. At the end of my marathon I was tired of cartoonish villains with stupid undeveloped motivations. Jack needs enemy that will be equal to him for real conflict. If producers will continue to develop “russian” storyline, the best ;possible thing is to make new antogonist “russian Jack Bauer” – tough, experienced and with his own morals. That would be great.