Kiefer Sutherland says 24: Legacy script is “really cool”

Kiefer Sutherland appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael today to promote his new film Forsaken and was asked about the upcoming 24: Legacy pilot.

When Kiefer was asked about returning to 24 he replied “I’ve learned enough over the last few years to not say never. We were never going to do a season nine when we finished after the eighth season. I said we were done. So I’m going to just say we’ll see.”

“Howard Gordon and I have worked together for ten years and he showed me the script and we had conversations about it. It’s really cool. I’ll be the first person to watch it and I think it’s going to be a great show.”

“I think we’ve always talked about doing [a new series]. In fact, from the very first season that I was doing, I’ve always said that I thought the show itself was really the star, the idea is fantastic. So I think it could go on for a very long time and I think they’ve got an amazing cast and it’s really well written. I’m very excited to see it.”


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I doubt he’ll actually return, but hopefully we get some cool references and callbacks to Jack Bauer and the original 24 story arcs

Would be great if Jack Bauer appears in maybe one episode for the upcoming 24: Legacy.

I’d like to hear some his name or some reference of Tony Almeida. I loved his character both protagonist and antagonist!! Like Kiefer is Jack, Tony is definitely Carlos’ second identity.

Soul Patch game be strong in Solitary. He’s so back.

I’m thinking this is Kiefer trying to keep the hope alive and with that Jack’s fans would be more teased to watch 24:Legacy, hoping that Jack appears in some point. Honestly, I don’t think this is going to happen.

Really? The level of tease in these interviews lately is past Tony-return level.

I was thinking we might have to wait until Day 11/Legacy S2/Whatever We’re Calling It for Kiefer to reappear but after this week, I think he’s at least cameo-ing at the end.

He always does this though…remember when he said 24: Redemption was the best thing 24 had ever made? Or when he said Season 8 was the best season yet? Then when it was all done and he wasn’t promoting he said his favourite was actually Season 1

Except, if he’s not involved, why is he using his interview time to promote Legacy? He has his music, DS, and Forsaken he can be talking about during the time he’s giving over to talking about Legacy in interviews and he doesn’t have to be talking about it at all. If he’s not involved, he owes them nothing, and a polite wishing them luck and moving onto his own projects would be all he’d need to be do to be gracious about it. Instead, it’s part of all of his interviews lately in a big way.

Kiefer always seemed like the person to me who would be easily swayed. I think he will come back, because he knows himself that LAD was not conclusive and I think he would feel the need to wrap things up in the end. I would nearly go as far as saying the odds for Kiefer’s return at some point is 3:1!

Maybe he was convinced that LAD wasn’t conclusive and they need to close it properly. However, last year when FOX wanted more 24, he didn’t want to do – that’s the reason why they piloted 24:Legacy…

And, in my opinion, a minor appearance in 24:legacy won’t close the way I want. I want one more season focused on Jack as the season 1- LAD were.

They talked about doing a Jack-less or a light Jack season way back when they were first talking about Live Another Day in the press, then having Jack around a little more in the following season. It looks like that was kind of always part of the plan. They need to bench Jack a little bit to set up other characters for conflict with Jack when he returns and they kind of can’t do that if we’re watching Jack every week. (Not just new characters, either. To maximize future conflict, they’d have to have some Tony story before Jack comes back into Tony’s story.) Jack’ll be back at some point.

Jon Cassar was on Redit the other day..he seems to think that Jack might be back….

Since it seems Kiefer will not be returning to 24 can you comment or at least hint on the fate of his character Jack Bauer. Is he dead?? Endlessly being tortured by the Russians?? I feel like the closure we got with Season 8 was erased with Live Another Day.

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So to answer your question – I have no idea what the writers have planned for Jack Bauer, but I’m guessing his name if not the character himself will appear on the new re-boot.

When is it back

He’ll be back to keep the show a float.

I think there is a good chance we see Jack again. Its almost like Kiefer is relieved, since they announced Legacy he has been positive and upbeat about 24, more than even before season 9. Since 2014 he’s been saying “I’m done” and now that the pressure is off him, it seems like maybe he does want to stick his toes in the water again. Maybe he’s just talking because he’ll probably be an Executive Producer and wants it to succeed. Or maybe he never wanted to be back full time, wanted to move on in his career but still keep a foot in the door. Now he has his new show on ABC and 24 where he’s always welcome. Therefore, he keeps his own ’24 legacy’ in tact, no Jack in a wheelchair, while starting a new legacy with ABC. Its better than nothing and great for Kief

Or, he was done while his contracts were being negotiated and now that they’re paying him, he’s super-jazzed about Legacy lol.

Prediction … there WILL be references to classic characters and prior story arcs! After all, this is the 24 world. No doubt Jack Bauer will be mentioned, both w/ pictures and in conversation. Doubt Kiefer actually plays a role in Legacy but his presence will be indelible. Wouldn’t be surprised if Almeida returns in some form in similar fashion. Big caveat however … the pilot being shot next month MUST succeed first; no guarantee a season of 12 episodes occurs. Finally, Legacy is destined to shadow S1 in many respects as character development btw hero and wife, and the interaction w/ CTU take center stage. Hope everyone keeps an open mind!

I wish FOX would have just let 24 die after LAD as opposed to rebooting the same show with all new characters. 24, more than any other show of its kind, was about Kiefer playing Jack. Even Jon Voight and other actors who were in 24 said the same thing. Over 200 broadcast hours covering 9 seasons, it was all about Jack. It did not make a difference if the show took place in LA, Washington, NYC or London. It did not make a difference whether CTU was open or shut down. It did not make a difference whom lived or died. It did not make a difference who was president. It did not make a difference if a character we liked turned out to be a mole. It did not make a difference if the story was great or not so great. It did not make a difference if there were great twists and turns, or pitiful writing such as the Dana Walsh saga. When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama publicly referred to 24, they spoke about Jack Bauer. Not CTU, not the stories, not any other characters, but Jack Bauer. For that is what 24 was all about. I will fondly remember every minute of all 9 seasons. I will not watch one second of 24 without Kiefer playing Jack.

February 21, 2016 at 9:05 pm
thank you this is exactly how i feel. I like season 8, but the dana walsh stuff really annoyes me and makes me thing ”come on show some jack please” she was so annoying. When logan came back in to the picture it became great!.

February 21, 2016 at 9:06 pm
thing is suppose to be ”think” btw.

I can’t agree with you more !

no keifer no jack no 24

Can he really say otherwise?

Mash couldn’t survive cast changes, but it did. People love to piss and moan, but the show itself will determine it’s success.

The casting to date looks promising (7 hired thus far). It doesn’t look like a half measure, they seriously want to make this work.

Any fan wants another hour of Bauer, but Keifer wasn’t willing to be him anymore. Maybe it doesn’t work, but let’s quit the wailing and nashing of teeth until after we are what they do…

HOLDDDDDD on… Let’s all just take a GIANT step back here and look at the situation from a clean, 20/20 perspective… Now, I know a lot of people tend have varying opinions when talking about “best season of 24” “24 without jack is not 24” “they need to kill kiefer off” “he should be in legacy” ETC… At the end of the day guys and gals, FOX is not exactly out there to PLEASE everyone. They want to make a GOOD show that will attract not only a new audience but also hopefully entice the previous 24 fans to jump back into the world. No one has ruled anything out definitely YET. As of right now, Kief is filming DS and possibly working on other projects. He said it himself, he will not be returning as Jack Bauer (IN THAT SAME ROLE). He thinks that 24 is in and of itself, it’s own personae, and it CAN function WITHOUT him. To his credit, he’s right… IN THEORY, 24 legacy has the potential to be a very good show. That’s in the their court right now, there’s nothing we can do about it until we see the first season next year (which I’m pumped about, come on who isnt?”). Strap yourselves in… I’m going all out here, I want to get all my ideas out there and have some feedback.

–> YES, I am upset Kiefer is not returning and I am sort of upset there was not adequate closure at the end of LAD. BUT, at the same time, I am excited for the possibility of a possible mini-arc (I.E. 2-4 episodes) including Jack and/or Tony, Chloe, etc… where we DO get some closure on their characters. I would SO MUCH more prefer to have Jack go out during the show as opposed to a movie.
–> The movie idea sounded amazing to me at first around the conclusion of season 8, but now that I have thought about it, it won’t work as well as we think. Look at Redemption… it was mediocre at best (MY OPINION). It didn’t feel like 24, it felt like “JACK BAUER: ACTION HERO”. THAT’S FINE. IM OK WITH THAT. It’s just, the way it was framed and executed made it appear like they wanted it to be more than it actually was. It was a bridge (a longer prequel, if you will) between 6 and 7. Had they stuck with that, It may well have turned out better.
–> ALSO, I hate hearing people say “oh okay, so he’s basically the new Jack” orrrr “hes the new bill” orrr “shes the new chloe, she has to act exactly like her, orrrrr its gonna suck!” NO. NONONONONO. IF THEY WANTED TO GIVE US THE SAME THING, THEY’D BE HIRING MARY LYNN AND KIEFER AND CARLOS…. that’s the kicker… they aren’t! I fear that the show is gonna get a lot of crap because too many people are gonna go into it looking for close character parallels and “Sameness” when they SHOULD be looking for the new arcs and characteristics that make the new characters great!
^^^^When season 1 aired, all the quirks of jack (blinking, jaw line movment, etc…), tony (soul patch, “Yahhhh”, “Yeaaaah” and “yeaaaahps”.. you know what I’m talkin about… lol) etc… were not evident to people, they had nothing to go on and as the seasons progressed people picked up on them and fell in love with the characters.
… To conclude… In order for people to enjoy Legacy, WE ALL need to let the past go. NOT ENTIRELY. Marwan STILL evaded Jack for 24 hours, Nina STILL screwed with Jack for three seasons, President Logan is STILL the biggest f**ck boy of all time, AND SHERRY PALMER WILL ALWAYS BE A C***.
—> none of that changes people… it’s still 24… just remember that all those people that at one point worked at CTU are either dead, locked up, in hiding, or in captivity somewhere (until they eventually get out… hint hint JB). Pretty sure homeland would be smart enough to hire people in their absence…

I hope to god Legacy is good… I really miss monday nights chalked full of excitement… Waiting a week to see the strings unfold instead of re-watching my favorite seasons from 24 all the time. I hope they bring the ‘magic’ back… and if they don’t have a Jack Bauer reunion.. who cares? Personally, if kiefer never picked up a USP compact again, I’d be fine just imagining that he broke out of captivity after LAD and is on a beach somewhere chillin with audrey and kim.

ChiefKief24….I appreciate your remarks (except for the over use of capitals). First of all, after LAD Jack cannot be chillin on some beach with Audrey and Kim because Audrey is dead as dead as dead can be, and Kim is married with a few kids. Furthermore, I don’t want anything left to my imagination when a series ends, especially the saga of Jack Bauer. Unlike films and almost every other television show in history, 24 was 206 broadcast hours over a 13 year period, and was about a character named Jack Bauer played by KS.
Every other character, love them or hate them, was incidental compared to Jack. Jack was one of the most talked-about characters in the history of network television. Therefore, if the last hour of LAD was the last we will see of Jack, then, as I mentioned before, FOX should let that hour be the last we see of 24 and CTU . I don’t need to see Jack return in Legacy for one or 2 episodes just so FOX can supply some sort of closure. Without Jack, I don’t want to see a show called 24, I don’t want to see CTU, and I don’t want a show with the same real time format. FOX should take the new cast, come up with a new name and different format. 24 Legacy…count me out.

RonnieC6That’s totally fine, you are entitled to your own opinion, however… Kief said it himself, 24 is its own thing as they stated when season 1 aired, and if you go onto YouTube and look for the interview of kief live the week before the season 1 finale aired, you will hear him say that the idea is what is important not the FACT OF JACK BAUER. Saying that all the other characters are “incidental compared to Jack” is neither appreciative nor adequate to each respective character. Something the writers and creators of 24 excelled very well at was creating complimentary characters to Jack. To keep him in line, aid him when he went rogue , love him passionately, hate him with burning desire, and wish he never lived… all things the supporting characters did and did stupendously well at. Take out Tony, Palmer, Chloe, Kim, Audrey, heck, even take Curtis out (imposing physical presence and jack still took him out easily –season 5). And you are left with a bland character. Now, remove all the villains all the presidents that conspired and had him arrested, all the CTU directors(the late and great George mason) and Division leaders (shapel primarily) and now you don’t have a tv show. You just have a character with no dimension, parallels, precidence, or arc. Let me give you an example before I go off on a tangent here… *SPOILER ALERT* take away Nina Myers, who in my opinion should be in the top ten of tv and movie villains, and Jack is no where near the same man he was at the end of LAD. Shoot, take away Nina Myers and season 1 as we know it would drop a star and a half. The point is… all these supporting characters that we hate and love pushed Jack and provided some evolution in his character arc. You simply CAN NOT have Jack Bauer running around every season doing the same exact God dang thing every time. In theory, yes, Jack thwarts a terrorist (or twelve) every season in the grand scheme of things, but the plots are different and if you ask me, the only repetition that “stood out to me” was the fact that 24 was set in LA for 6 seasons (I could care less, I never really cared where it was shot, I knew it was for budget purposes since LA is the hub for all FOx and movie/tv really shoots.
——-> THERE IS NO JACK WITHOUT TONY NINA PALMER KIM AUDREY BILL CHLOE OR ANYONE ELSE. And there is none of them without Jack, that’s right, that’s what this fiction is all about.

Now, responding to your comment about legacy… You know what man, I’m not happy with the way you are thinking this through (not that you should care, really, I don’t care what you think but all this 24 talk is getting me excited again for some CTU action). No 24 without Jack is not the end of the world and it does not mean that it’s gonna suck. It will more than likely be weird without having him around to follow up every lead and turn over every stone regardless of the consequences, and I’m so sure that FOX will give us someone who will carry that mantle.

I am fine with either way at this point.

I can see Jack escaping from imprisonment and going into hiding somewhere for the rest of his days…. I can also see him being brought back for a 4 episode arc to close out the first season of 24 legacy in which he perishes… valiantly protecting his nation and his loved ones for the last time….

Now, I will close this tangent with one of my favorite JB quotes of all time:

“(after purposely crashing into a man’s car) Are you telling me I don’t know how to drive?! (“Day 6: 8:00am-9:00am”) -JB

tick tick tick tick tick…

Chiefkief24…you mention that all of the supporting characters make the show and it would not be what it was without them. However, with the exception of Chloe, who did not appear until day 3, every other character, love them or hate them, disappeared. The only character who was in more days than anyone other than Jack was Aaron Pierce, and he disappeared after season 7. Tony was gone after season 7 and was not in season 6. David Palmer, who everyone loved, was only in the first 4 seasons. (plus 2 minutes of season 5). Teri made it to the end of season 1. In an interview, Jon Voight, who was in season 7, said that Jack Bauer was THE show. The same statement was made by the actor that played Arlo in season 8. Therefor, if FOX wants do Legacy, Just come up with another name and format. And what would you expect KS to say in an interview…that he is the whole show? If anyone and/or everyone wants to watch 24 Legacy, that is fine with me. I am just not interested.

RonnieC6… Never said they were the entire show… I am saying that without those supporting characters.. Tony included … There is no jack Bauer and his character has no redemption what so ever and no depth to say the least. Teri s death changed jack, and morphed him into essentially a killing machine regardless of if he intends his close friends and relatives to die or be placed in harms way. And you can’t sit there and tell me that 24 as an idea can not function without jack. No shit Sherlock, kiefer probably doesn’t want to tell the world on an interview that he is the whole show… But this was DURING SEASON 1, way before the finale aired and before it had a large established fan base… Before tony became popular etc… Give that a chance and let it marinate before you respond with “without jack there is nothing”. There is something and it’s 24. At some point, jack will die or not be around and there is bound to be terror and terrorists causing mayhem in Los Angeles with or without Bauer.

They have bring Tony and others……

If kiefer said he was the the whole show it would make him sound irragont & a jerk. So of course he’s going to credit the idea over himself. Even his co stars get the idea aside from the format. That this is about a government agent trying to balence out his professional & personal life. Threw all 8 seasons never once had he put his doughter in danger. She managed to get caught up in it. Aside from the format jack’s story has been the idea kiefer has just always been curtious about the show. I think he doesn’t want to take credit for his work as Jack because he doesn’t see what the fans see when they watch 24. & his co stars have made similar comments. Mary Lynn raskub admitted that she doesn’t by the idea for lagecy say jack has to come in & some point. I will check out the trailers but if I don’t like what I see I probably won’t watch. Kiefer has always been curtious about the show & I think he’s afraid to say anything @ this point should jack return. I read some where that he is going to be a producer on the show but not sure if it’s true or not. I just really hope they don’t cheapin Jack’s closure. With a2 episode thing or cameo. It really needs it’s own thing.

please return Kifer. 24 will be so good with Jack and without him that was so bad.

Can’t leave jack in prison….perfect scenario would be Russian officials offer freedom if jack will help them track down a terrorist.

Sorry, ChiefKief24,but RonnieC6 is right…no Jack no24! Still, I am glad to see we’re all mature enough to NOT be wishing failure for Designated Survivor unlike others on other sites. Still, even if I didn’t want Jack back(and I DO) Legacy just doesn’t look interesting. And btw FOX IS in the business of pleasing us otherwise they LOSE viewers which is what may happen with Legacy. I won’t be watching and I know alot of others who won’t be either.