Actor Ashley Thomas
Actor Ashley Thomas

Ashley Thomas cast in 24: Legacy as Isaac Carter

Ashley Thomas is set as a lead opposite Corey Hawkins in 24: Legacy, Fox’s pilot that reboots the 24 franchise with new characters.

Thomas will play Isaac Carter, Eric’s older brother. Isaac is angry at Eric regarding their bitter past (which includes Eric now married to Isaac’s former girlfriend, Nicole (Anna Diop).

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Ohh boy, i really hope Miranda does a good job in it because with all the PC casting going on this “thing” it sure looks like it’s going to flop.

March 9, 2016 at 8:24 pm
PC casting? Surprise, surprise: A black guy has a black girlfriend and black brother.

If having lots of black actors triggers you, never make the mistake of watching Season 1 then.

Except the main cast from Season 1 was the Bauer’s family, Nina and David Palmer (yeah just 1 black guy) and don’t try to turn this on me, you know they are trying to get black ratings at all cost (not that is a bad thing) but still it FEELS forced, notice the caps because i’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, yeah i will be more than greatful to eat my words when it i watch the first episode, till then i can comment whatever comes out of my mind.

when i watch*

March 9, 2016 at 9:30 pm
Of course you can comment.
I’m just saying Season 1 had David Palmer, Sherry, Keith, Nicole, Maureen Kingsley – all involved in the major subplot of Keith killing Nicole’s rapist all season long. It was a huge part of the show. As well as the main plot of David’s election and Sherry undermining his authority and wishes. Accept it or not, Season 1 was about the Bauers AND Palmers. They shared about equal screentime.

It just feels wrong man, atleast for me, i want to be wrong, 24 has been a great ride, the best series i’ve ever seen, but i tend to go full pessimistic into things that i like cause i have been let down a lot, it’s just my way to cope with dissapointment, anyways sorry if i offended someone, i didn’t intend to cause any harm with my comment. I hope i’m wrong.

March 9, 2016 at 10:46 pm
I understand. Personally, I’m more worried about the writers repeating plotlines that we’ve already seen 9 times before, as opposed to “pc casting.” :)

Yeah, the writers do have a history of repeating storylines each season. I’d rather see something new with returning characters, than a recycled storyline with new characters (which was one of the main complaints about the last few seasons). Hope they can at least have one season without a mole. :D

I want a mole. There’s no dramatic tension without a mole because everyone working happily along and all having the same goal = no story = boring. A twist on the mole would be nice, though. (Or just Jack, who is a super mole at this point…)

Morningstar, 24 has always been an ensemble show. It might be Jack on the posters but the supporting stories have never really been supporting– they all weave together into one, main narrative and the major supporting characters were always as equally important to the story as Jack was. David Palmer was every bit as major a character on Day 1 as Jack was and you might have noticed that it wasn’t just Jack’s family the show covered– it was also David’s family. Hell, Sherry was a more integral character to the show when it came to plot than Teri Bauer was.

I’m not sure why you think 24 casting inclusively is a new thing, either. Did you know that 24 is one of the only network tv series to have an Asian-American lead actress– ever? (That’d be Reiko Aylesworth’s Michelle.) At the time, it was also one of the only shows to have interracial & interethnic relationships on tv, which is insane when you consider that we’re talking in the 2000s here. (Palmer & Anne; Tony & Michelle.) One of the only series with a multiseason hispanic series regular, back in the day? (Carlos.) One of the only network shows (*still*, somehow) to show a pair of men in bed? You’d better be prepared for that, too, Morningstar, because Dan Bucatinsky’s character, Andy, is gay, so now there will be gays and black people in 24, just like…. there has always been. *rolls eyes*

The fact that you specifically said that you were hanging your hopes on the white Miranda Otto to carry the show because they had cast– gasp– more than one black person for this season illustrates your racist views and they are small-minded and not fitting for someone who is a fan of this show. Jack Bauer would kick your ass for such idiocy. (Sigh. If only he were real.)

PC Casting? Have you ever seen 24 before? If your racism was specifically geared towards black people then…

Dennis Haysbert, D.B. Woodside, Regina King, Penny Johnson Jerald, Vicellous Shannon, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Isaach de Bankole, Tonya Pinkins, Mykelti Williamson, Gina Torres, Tamara Tunie, Devika Parikh, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Roger Cross, Aisha Tyler, Tony Todd, Harry Lennix, Enuka Okuma, Hakeem Kae Kazim… and that’s off the top of my head.

I can’t believe a show that began with a plot about the first black President of the United States could have racist fans but I guess there’s always some bad apples in every bushel.

Justin Urciuoli
March 9, 2016 at 8:33 pm
24 Legacy is shaping up to be the best season yet! I am excited! The new cast is exciting and fresh!

this….let’s remain positive! unlike some of the negative nancy-pancie’s on here

You are delusional this will flop sorry but it will.

This will not flop! I am excited for it. Jack Bauer will be back at some point too. This will also lead to a 24 movie!

Nope, not with this cast and the steady wave of interest it’s building. Sorry but it won’t.

Did he say anything about the possibility of returning characters? I don’t have time to watch the video right now.

Once you go black, the more you’ll want Jack back.

You’re funny when you’re subversive and snarky in a way that’s not revolting and racist, XAM.

Laughing my cock off at the thought of Le Kief’s singing voice.

It’s hot as hell, so he has the last laugh there, XAM.

Shit! He’s actually really good. Just listened to his whiskey song.

I’m going to the Boston show. :) Anyone else on here from around there?

They just ruined 24 thanks alot fox this will fail .


I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS CRAP.24 is kiefer sutherland rather watch the orginal a milleion times over then watch this bullcrap.


So why post 4 comments?

John lol– thanks to you, this is what I think when I read racist comments about Legacy:
I motion we post this as a response to every one as they come in ;)

Does anybody know when the pilot will start filming? I thought it was supposed to start in early Spring but have not seen anything concrete.

Sheila Vand is part of the cast

And also someone called “Kathryn”, not sure who that is tho

Good GOD!! What a fucking ugly cunt this new guy is,

Which one are you talking about?

Eric Carter. It’s almost like making the main character black wasn’t enough, they had to make him transgender too.

At least Curtis, and Ritter LOOKED like soldiers/field agents.

Wow. Just… wow. Also, I’m going to be ridiculously patient here and ignore your racism and transphobia and actually give you something to look at that might help you to see beyond just what the pictures of the *actor* (not even the character) look like. Do you watch The Walking Dead at all, XAM? Here’s Corey Hawkins playing Heath on there, firing a gun and bear in mind that this is what he looks like when he’s playing a character who is firing said gun for only maybe the second or so time and has never killed anybody before:

Now, imagine him playing a character who does that but knows even more what he’s doing. Feeling it a little more?

@XAM you troll. Grow up. Maybe go see a psychiatrist. Just stop it.

So expressing something you disapprove of is trolling is it? Should I just agree with everything the producers and writers decide and call everything they do amazing? Yeah, well fuck that! If you want to go troll hunting there’s one right above you called FORMER24FAN.

You can express it in a way that’s not bashing how people look, XAM. C’mon, you’re smarter than that and I refuse to believe your penis is really that small. ;)

When the “thing you disapprove of” is black and transgender people, then yes, it is.

I wouldn’t have minded a black lead IF he just happened to be the absolute best for the role, but no, this was just PC stunt casting and that’s a fact – they insisted on a black lead because “it’s twenty-thixteen” and “fuck huwhite pee-pahl”. There were countless more talented, more charismatic, more athletic white and black actors for the job, but they opted for this… thing instead. Furthermore, anything wrong with a Chinese-American lead? Nobody is calling for more representation for them are they?

As for the transgender thing. I’ll wear my bigotry on my sleeve and say so what? What kind of degenerate would want a transgender leading an action/thriller series anyway?

XAM, you’ve seen 24. You know that inclusive casting has *always* been a part of the show so don’t bitch about having a black guy main cast member now because it’s always been the case. Furthermore, this guy is good. He’s really good. I doubt you’ve actually seen Straight Outta Compton but I have and he’ll do just fine. Lastly? They’ve made it pretty clear that they’re not even pretending 24 is about one character anymore. 24’s always been an ensemble that centered around one character’s story but that one character didn’t have a story without at least 8 other main characters every season. Now, they’ve already said that they’re emphasizing that Corey Hawkins is a co-lead with Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits being Jimmy Bleeping Smits, I’m going to say that his story is more than a tad important as well. It means they’re treating Legacy as an ensemble and Carter isn’t *the* main character, he’s *a* main character, so even if you hate him, there will be plenty of other show for you to watch.

Also, Corey Hawkins is apparently half-Asian, so there’s your half-Asian lead. I’d also love a story about a transgender person in an action series and with the thematic elements of 24 and the ridiculously slow but steady social progress we’re making, I’d estimate that character will be the lead of Day 33. Until then, I’ll just have to amuse myself watching you foam at the mouth over the fact that you don’t want to screw Corey Hawkins through a wall.

Wow! Hilarious yet, great response