Dan Bucatinsky, Charlie Hofheimer, and Coral Pena cast in 24: Legacy

Dan Bucatinsky
Dan Bucatinsky

Scandal’s Dan Bucatinsky has been cast opposite Miranda Otto and Corey Hawkins in Fox pilot 24: Legacy, which reboots the 24 franchise with brand new characters and cast. Coral Pena (Blue Bloods) and Charlie Hofheimer (Mad Men) also have joined the cast as series regulars.

Bucatinsky will play Andy, a communication analyst at CTU who has enjoyed Rebecca’s (Otto) trust and is unhappily paired with bright, young, self-taught computer analyst Gia (Pena). Marcus (Hofheimer) is Eric’s (Hawkins) former partner in the Army Ranger unit, now suffering PTSD.

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no jack no keifer no 24!

If you don’t want to watch it then fair enough, as no one is going to force you, as of now, this new series is sounding like it’s going to be an awesome season with these great new casting!

I can’t wait, yes Jack Bauer is not returning but he could return at some point in the future.

yeah, we get your point mate, you don’t have to repeat yourself

I wasn’t going to be this pedantic but since you’re in every thread– i before e except after c, man. Kiefer. K-i-e-f-e-r.

Good thing Scandal got rid of Dan Bucatinsky’s character even though he won an Emmy for his guest staring role.

He’s so great. This is awesome casting.

This shit just keeps getting better and better now they have a nobody taking over from the greatness that is Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Hey don’t knock the new girl until we’ve seen what she can do. Excited for the new cast.

I suppose I should give her a chance at least but what would you rather see an unknown who may or may not be good or someone you have watched for years that you know is great?

Everyone starts off as an unknown at one point. But totally get you here.

Did you know who Mary Lynn Rajskub was in 3.01? Plus, a ton of people hated Chloe at first.

Sit tight. You’ll see your dreamboat MLR again at some point, you know you will. In the meantime, remember when you saw 24 for the first time? Chances are you didn’t know at least 15 of the actors in any given episode already, so newness is gooooood. Change is good. New characters for us to get to know and then to watch interact with old characters inevitably & eventually = very, very good.

Chloe & her dreamy eyes will still be there for you in the future. Give Coral Pena a chance.

Off topic but since these last couple of boring casting announcements don’t see to have gotten anyone talking I am starting a mini thread until the next one. The thread is what did you like most about Chloe’s new look in live another day. I will start her eyes were amazing.

Is this a joke?

I think you just found your next video upload topic lol.

I am just now learning of this reboot. I hope it’s good. I became a huge fan of the original after having missed the first few seasons. Never missed it and have since watched all the episodes. It’ll be a hard act to follow.