24: Legacy Cast Photos

Have a look at the official cast photos from 24: Legacy’s regular cast including Corey Hawkins, Anna Diop, Teddy Sears, Miranda Otto, and Jimmy Smits among others.


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“Coral Pena as Mariana Stiles”

anything to do with Edgar Stiles?

Yes, she is Edgar’s cousin.

It’s great that every season of 24 including Live Another Day and Legacy always have great cast photos.

Where’s the leading man? I’m just not seeing one.

Look again. He’s the ugliest one.

XAM – Give it a rest, we get it, you don’t like Legacy, no need to go on about it. I can’t wait, it looks excellent with lots of action and tense scenes.

Shaun, we also get it, you love Legacy, you can’t wait. Shut up.

I don’t see Veronica Cartwright and and Raphael Acloque on here, despite being what the news said that they are part of the main cast.

when is this going to start

dates for episode 1

Garbage, I hope this shit gets cancelled quick.

Wow all this hatred cuz Jack Bauer isnt coming back

Not mention they are shoving this supposed diversity narrative down the audiences throats something 24 was NEVER about. This season screams it…..

24 is not the same without Jack, but still Legacy needs a shot.